Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Coupon Code 20% OFF with Review

I’m here with a new WordPress plugin. Zero Bounce Rate Plugin is one of the smartest plugin, that I’ve ever seen. I’ll offer you a coupon code to avail 20% discount and honest review of this plugin in this post.

With the great stress of Google on, on page user interaction, decreasing bounce rate of your site is crucial. If many of the visitors bounce off your blog without exploring further, it’s a clear sign for Google that your site has low-quality content.

Zero Bounce Rate PluginSometimes, even if you have high-quality content, you witness very high bounce rate.

Am I right? This is because of many reasons. Like pop-ups, bad typography, design much more.

Every lost Reader accounts to lost sale.

How people bounce off your blog?

  • Clicking on the back button in their browser.
  • Closing the tab.

Most of the organic visitors leave your blog by clicking back button. Why not redirect them to one of the pages in your site?

The page, to which you redirect your visitors, maybe a sales page or an affiliate page.




You may be thinking – “Will Google penalize me for using this plugin?”

To be direct, it’s one of the Grey Hat SEO tactics. Redirecting visitors, where they are not supposed to be!

But the impact on user experience is negligible.

Absolutely no problem.

Walk through the below configuration options. You will come to know how to laser target redirections to particular visitors.

How to install and activate the plugin?

Like any other WordPress plugins, it also comes as a zip file.

Go to Plugins, and upload the Zero Bounce Rate Plugin file.

Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Install

After the upload is complete, press Activate.

Zero Bounce Rate Plugin Activate

After the activation, go to Zero Bounce Rate plugin configuration page under settings.

In here, you will be asked to enter the license key. Enter the license key, save and then activate the license.


Now go to plugin options and enable the plugin.


Basic configurations

Under the list of global URLs, you can specify a list of URLs. These URLs are where you need to redirect your users, when they hit back button on their browser. The plugin will choose random URLs every time to redirect your visitors. Sounds cool?

You can disable the functionality based on whether it is the homepage, posts or pages.

Basic Configurations

Listing some URLs and random redirection! Sounds goalless nah?

Here is where the conditions come into action.

You can target your visitors who come from a specific referer. If you want to only target the redirection for Facebook visitors, then you can check the check box under referrers section.

You can also set the plugin to deactivate for that specific visitor, once he is more than ‘x” seconds on your site’s page.


You can also redirect only your mobile visitors, desktop or both.

If you don’t want to irritate your readers by redirecting them repeatedly, you can check the option, Redirect visitor only once.

Another smart option is, if the plugin detects that the visitor is about to leave the page, it will redirect them. It means when the visitor’s mouse pointer leaves the browser window!

Advanced configurations

The advanced section adds much more filters like country based redirect and custom redirects for each referrer.

Advanced Configurations


Custom Settings for post/page

Sometimes you don’t want to enable redirection for all the posts, pages of your blog. You may want to activate redirection only for specific posts.

If that’s the case, there will per post/page settings section present on your post editor.

Per post settings

With this you can,

  • Disable the plugin for specific post/page.
  • Redirect to a link on per post/page basis.
  • Force enable, overrides the universal plugin configurations.

If you are writing a blog post on AdSense friendly themes, then you can redirect visitors to the affiliate page of a theme that is AdSense friendly. Sounds cool!

How to buy this plugin?

To buy the plugin,

Go to ForceSpark


Now select the plan, you want. If you are running many niche and affiliate sites, you may want to go to any of the three plans that support multiple domains.

If you need license for only one domain, that can be transferred, you can grab a one-domain license for $19.

For all the plans, you will get lifetime updates and support.

The plugin will surely evolve as days roll on. Because the developer is hungry for new ideas.
You can suggest the developer of the plugin the functionality, he needs to implement in the plugin here.



One the checkout page, you will be offered to enter the coupon code. You can only avail the discount by clicking on the below links.


You will avail 20% discount from the above coupon code.


Now after you click Purchase, there are several options for you to pay. You can pay via PayPal, credit or debit cards.

Up to you.

This plugin has great benefits.

  • Reduced bounce rate.
  • Increased sales.
  • Increased conversions, redirect them to your squeeze page and build your list.
  • Redirect them to AdSense for Search and make money.
  • Helps you get lower CPC for AdWords ads.



Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin benefits

If you need any support regarding this plugin, you may submit a support ticket. They will respond to your messages quickly. (they responded to all my messages on an average time of 30 minutes).

Realizing all the benefits, if you think the plugin is worth the investment, go ahead and buy it.

Order now


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    1. Hey Enstine, welcome on your first comment. Yeah. Zero Bounce Rate plugin so the great plugin when used wisely. You have to use it wisely or else you will lose readers.

      Using this plugin, a Blogger can definitely increase his sales.

      Thank you.

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