5 Writing Mistakes That Ruin Your Content Everytime

Mistakes while writing


Whatever the quality of the content may be. Let us keep the quality of the content aside.

Sometimes a single dumb writing mistake may make your reader to say that your content sucks!

Nobody cares about typos. But what about grammar? Yeah, it matters. Meaning? Way Damn IMPORTANT!

Some of the writing mistakes can make your entire content collapse down. It will drive you crazy further if you’re not aware of it.

1. You are what you are

Once you establish yourself as a Webmaster of a popular blog, then you have to be more careful with your sayings. You need to be honest and transparent. Your honesty adds to credibility.

A little mistake will later lead to a highly awkward feeling.

2. It’s vs. Its

Using its instead of it’s or vice versa, irritates me.

For a blogger, it’s important to know the difference between these two variations.

It’s: Contraction form of it is
Its: Possessive form adjective

Missing the little apostrophe makes a lot of difference. It can sometimes even alter the meaning of what you want to convey.

3. Don’t mix up conversational and generic approach

I always highlight in all my writing-related blog posts that conversational approach is very effective while writing a blog post.

However, if you’re trying to adopt conversational approach lately, then you may have come across the problem of mixing up conversational approach of writing with the generic approach.

In some places, you refer to your readers as “you” and in some other places, you may accidentally refer to them as “reader”. You may not do it intentionally. Mixing up these two approaches is like, talking to a person dearly at one day and talking to the same person as a stranger another day!

Now I need not say how awkward it feels as a reader.

Adopt a style to address the readers; stick to it.

4. Writing to fulfil the word count

Writing to fulfil the word count tempts you to use filler words.

Many of the bloggers
Many bloggers

These filler words make content thin, and they make the meaning of the post less impactful.

Straightforwardness in the way you convey your idea helps a lot. Always remember that quality wins over quantity.

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5. Conveying the message again and again

I agree that this is my bad habit.

Web readers have the provision to read the text repeatedly so you need not say it repeatedly.

Sometimes you may feel that the points you mentioned in the article are not stressed.  It tempts you to again present the point. By saying the same stuff repeatedly, you lose your value. Advice is welcome only a single time.

Final words
There are many mistakes that you might be aware of, like mixing up with the present, past, and future tenses. Or singulars and plurals.

Commonly committed grammatical mistakes like usage of fewer and less, bought or brought, etc.

These kinds of silly writing mistakes can ruin the content of your blog.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something from it. Do like and comment.

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  1. Hi Akshay,
    Nice to be here after a while.
    Good alert to the writers,
    simple but common mistakes
    I did it with its and it’s several times LOL
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a good day.
    I am here via Harleena Singh’s tweet.
    Good day
    ~ Philip

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