Beat Writer’s Block using these Unique Strategies

Well, let me start to write a blog post. “Oh boy, I’m out of the mood. I’m at a loss for words. What to write?.”

Why irrelevant thoughts are haunting my mind?

Damn it!


It’s the worst feeling ever a writer can get. And yeah it’s writer’s block, with which you are broke.

No mood or no ideas to write new blog posts.

Every writer faces this kind of a situation. Some overcome that block, others struggle there. If you are one of the writers, who are struggling to break writer’s block, then follow this blog post.


There are a plethora of posts that give you tips to beat writer’s block.


This blog post is different.

I will present you some of my truly unique tips to overcome writer’s block.

The block witnessed by bloggers is often referred to as “Blogger’s block”. Hey, that’s OK. A blogger is also a writer. Right?

I will help you overcome your writer’s block.

Overcome cabin fever

Writer’s block happens most of the times for writers who are cabin bound. They barely can explore their surroundings.

Rarely going outside, living in a four-sided-wall all the time.

Symptoms are irritability, isolation.

  • If you are one of them who are cabin bound, then take a break from your desk schedule. Explore your surroundings, go for a long walk. Enjoy the nature.
  • Mingle with your friends, family. Talk with them heartily, opening your mind.

When you go out for a walk or travel, you’ll explore new things, it makes way for more creative ideas. Experiences help in getting ideas to include in your blog posts.

You witness new situations, from which you learn new things. It will be helpful for your writing career.

Practice meditation

Meditation is a proven way to attain peace and concentration in your daily life. It helps you calm down your nerves. It helps you tap the creative side of your brain.

Almost every day as a blogger, you read many blog posts of others. Right? Meditation helps you to analyze the stuff better and quicker. It widens your thinking ability. You can do more in less time.

“Meditation of 5-10 minutes is worth even in a hectic day”.

Meditation helps you and you will never run out of ideas for your future blog posts.

It helps you write what you REALLY know and reproduce your full knowledge effectively.

Sit in a peaceful place with a peaceful mind, close your eyes, and simply feel the air entering your nose, through the trachea, and then coming out.

Practice this for about 5-10 minutes twice a day.

Start writing immediately after the meditation if possible. It helps you beat writer’s block.

After the meditation, you can also try reading other articles. It helps you read and understand the content GREATLY.

You will start to analyze the content in a whole different way.

START writing

What many of us do? When we run out of ideas, we keep staring at the screen.

We blink our eyes along with the cursor on the blank document. It worsens writer’s block!

Start writing something. Maybe something about your dog, your life, or about what you did the day long?

Just let that initial traction build up. You keep on flowing.

Yeah, you are writing! Now you have beaten the writer’s block!

While writing pointlessly, you may come across a topic idea. You may think about it deeply. That’s where your success over writer’s block begins.

Do the same. Write something about your niche. Carry on the process.

Still struggling?

Switch to an unstressed creative activity. This gonna definitely help you.

Writer’s block, most of the times is caused due to the stress on your brain. Now it’s time to make your brain calm down.

What do you love other than writing? Listening to music? Then grab your music player, listen to your favourite song. Close your eyes and enjoy.

Switch to lyrics mode, enjoy and interpret the subliminal messages hidden in the songs. Did you get that?

It gives rise to ideas for creative writing.

Listening to music is an unstressed creative activity. You can’t deny that.

Like this, there are many creative activities. Involve in them. Let the stress come down. Make a way for creative thoughts in your mind.

Stop being perfectionist

Believe me. You are not a superhuman. You are a mere human being, who commit dumb mistakes more often.

You are not meant to be perfect.

Have you ever been stressed very much while trying to be perfect? Obsessive perfectionism?

If you tend to be over perfect while writing a single blog post, you resist writing another blog post.


While writing blog posts, don’t worry about the mistakes. Keep it flowing. You are WRITING. You should not correct mistakes here. Because PROOFREADING is a whole different job than writing.

When you mix writing and proofreading process, it will lead to boredom. Later, you begin resisting writing new posts, hence writer’s block.

A typo? That’s OK. Your reader understands that and Google understands that.

Read this: 7 Free Online Proofreading Tools for Better Blogging. Put your proofreading job to automation.

Read some quotes

Good quotes convey you a page of information.They express what the mere words can’t express.

You have the topic in your hands. But don’t know what to write. Seems familiar. Right?

Take THIS blog post as an example.

Consider the below quotes on writer’s block.

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all”
― Charles Bukowski

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Now I can write about 4-5 paragraphs of content on the above quotes.

While writing blog posts, when you are out of content (even if it’s not writer’s block), search for some quotes related the keyword on which you are writing. Read and analyze those quotes.

You will get more and more content to write. More and more ideas!

Get that link

LINK your experiences, situations you faced to that of the topic you write about.

Ever played a link game?

In this game.

There will be about 5 participants. A common theme topic will be given, say blogging.

Then dice will be rolled out, and a person is selected.

That person is given another topic, say monkey. Now that person should somehow link monkey to blogging. That person has to link monkey and blogging in say, 3 levels.

Link it, monkeys jump, spiders also jump. Inspired by this search engines, crawlers came into existence. Search engine optimization is good for bloggers.

I came from monkey to blogging.

This is how the game is.

Take a situation in your daily life, link it CREATIVELY to the topic on which you write.

It may be hard for you in the beginning.

Practice the technique. It gradually helps you beat the writer’s block effectively.

Still struggling?

Then, let me try it in a different way.

Here is a list of ideas to beat writer’s block.

  • Reread your old blog posts. You’ll get some idea.
  • Grab your laptop, tablet or mobile, try a different place to write.
  • Get some blogging ideas, with the help of this blog post.
  • Chat with or call your blogging friend.
  • Participate in forums related to your niche. Actively involve in discussions.
  • Involve in Google Plus communities or LinkedIn groups.
  • Analyze what are the common questions. Use Quora and other forums.
  • Read some research papers related to your niche.

Now what?
Here I’ve offered some of the unique tips to beat writer’s block.
In spite of following these tips, if you’re unable to come out of it, do comment or contact me. I will help you with some personalized tips.

If you did like the post, share it and comment.

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12 thoughts on “Beat Writer’s Block using these Unique Strategies”

  1. Great share, These tips are really helpful for bloggers to deal with writers block. Meditation is a good way to beat writers block.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Satbir, procrastination is one of the most common problem faced by many of the people.
      It may be due to laziness.
      Beating procrastination is the first step towards beating writer’s block.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Akshay,

    This is the first time I’m here on your blog. I liked the writing style much. The tips to over come writer’s block are really good.

    Every writer has to go through this at some point of time. so, its highly important to be able to get over it.

    I totally agree with you. Meditation can help a lot. And another thing that I’ve found useful over the time, is talking to people. The more you talk to people, the more ideas you get.

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Your are right Nisha. Every writer goes through this situation sometime in their life.

      Meditation and workouts helps a lot. It boosts the release of feel good hormone.

      Yeah. Talking to other fellow bloggers, give you some more ideas. That’s the power of discussion.


  3. Hi Akshay,

    Magic is the only thing that I say after reading any of your posts..
    This post is awesome as introducing us, some of the precious content on the web…

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