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I am happy!

It’s a special day.

You made up your mind to write for GBT. I will walk you through the process of getting your post published live on my blog.

Keep rolling.

You may contribute to GoBloggingTips by providing us with unique articles on blogging, writing, SEO and WordPress. Your content should be unique and original.

Note: I’m receiving a lot of free guest post requests in my inbox. So, I’ve started charging $70 for every guest post published on my blog. The guest posts are only allowed. I’m not talking about sponsored posts here.

Why should I write?

  • By writing to our Website, you will get a clean backlink to your site, in the “about the author” line.
  • Your article enjoys great exposure to the audience of GBT.
  • I will spread a word about you across my community.
  • Your article exists as long as my blog exists.
  • You get a backlink to your site in the ‘author bio’ section’ or within the post.

Are there any conditions?

Yes, there are some conditions to follow to maintain standards and interest.

  1. As mentioned above, your article should be unique and should not be copied from anywhere else.
  2. You should provide proper attribution links to images that you use (if it’s not yours).
  3. You should provide your details, your resourceful post (along with pictures).
  4. We deserve rights to edit your content, check for grammars, remove any unwanted, unnatural backlinks and republish the modified post.
  5. The post should be above 1500+ words in length.

What should I write about?

This blog is an internet marketing blog. So I would expect my guest bloggers to write about,

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Writing
  • Traffic generation
  • Link building
  • Case studies
  • Social media
  • Making money
  • Life hacks

If your blog does not fall within the above topics, it will not be published

While writing choose a topic, such that you’ll be able to write about it at least 1500+ words. Just go through my blog. Analyze what kind of content get published on my blog.

Here are the two resources that help you decide the topic that suits well for my blog.

What should I do now?

If you wish to write to GoBloggingTips, then register yourself at GoBloggingTips – Registration. Fill in your profile details and start posting. Once your post is approved, it will be proofread and published.

Upload the copyright-free images, that are optimized for the web, preferably 640px wide.


Just mail me your post (Doc, Docx or Pages) with images, your short bio-data at akshayinnovator@gmail.com. To speed up the approval, you may consider including links to some of your recent guest posting around the web. Once your guest post gets approved you have to pay me $70 to get it published.

Once I go through the post that you’ve written, I may consider publishing your post on my blog.

Will you help me?

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