Twitter Analytics: Increase Twitter Engagement by 200%

Twitter Analytics

The recent announcement of Twitter Analytics is a boon for bloggers and Internet marketers. It is a tool like Google Analytics for Twitter. It helps you to measure your Tweets’ statistics including impressions, clicks and retweets.

Here are some of the advantages of Twitter Analytics:

  1. You can determine the best content to share based on conversion rates.
  2. Measuring user engagement.
  3. Determining what’s the best time to Tweet to your followers?
  4. For advertisers, it is helpful for targeting Twitter users.
  5. You can also measure accurately how much traffic you get from Twitter.

This is the post to help you leverage Twitter Analytics to its fullest.

Getting ideas for topics to blog upon using Twitter Analytics

Well, if you’re not aware of engagement rate in Twitter Analytics, then, “If a Tweet gets thousand impressions and hundred retweets and favorites, then the engagement rate will be 10%.”

Twitter Analytics impressions

Impressions are nothing but the number of people who have come across your Tweet. They may convert or not.

As a regular Twitter user, you definitely have tweeted the best stuff you come across while browsing. Most of them are related to your niche.

Using Twitter Analytics, you can determine which of these Tweets got more engagement rate. If there is more engagement rate on a particular Tweet then it is clear that your followers love that Tweet. By determining what sort of content gets more engagement rate, you can produce the content similar to that on your blog.

The content that has already got much appreciation will definitely get much more appreciation when published on your blog.

You may be thinking what’s the use of Twitter Analytics when you can manually do it.

Having tons of Tweets may be difficult to manually analyze. Using Twitter Analytics, you can sort the Tweets according to the engagement rates, or impressions. By this, you can easily get Tweets that got more engagement on top.

As of now to turn does not support sorting of metrics. However, it supports export of data. Exporting the Twitter Analytics data and sorting it in spreadsheet software like Excel or Google sheets, would be a better idea.

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Determining the best time to Tweet

I know there’s a tool called Tweriod, which lets you do this thing. However, who knows about this tool’s accuracy?

In Twitter Analytics, you can get graphs, which shows at what time impressions for your Tweets are more.
If impressions on your Tweets are more at a particular time, then it is the best time to Tweet in the future.

Twitter Analytics impressions

However, it is worthwhile to note that, by seeing the impression rate of only one Tweet we cannot determine the best time. We have to track it daily, and compare it with other days and time.

You can also overview the overall impressions over time. This is far more effective than monitoring individual Tweets.

Determining the niche or micro niche of your followers

Well, you may be certain of the niche of your followers. But I bet most of you are not aware of a micro niche of your followers.

For example, I thought most of my followers are interested in SEO and blogging. But to my surprise, see the figures:

Twitter Analytics followers interests

I concluded that most of my followers are interested in marketing, technology, entrepreneurship and SEO.
For me, Tweeting Tweets regarding marketing and technology are effective.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that including hashtags, for technology, marketing and SEO helps me a lot.

So, with Twitter Analytics you can easily find out the niche in which your followers are interested in. And then Tweet accordingly to increase engagement rate.

Determining what hashtags get more involvement

If your followers are more interested in marketing, then it’s great to use #Marketing as hashtags in your marketing related Tweets.

It can also determine the number of clicks you got on hashtags of your Tweets. By this, you can easily determine how effective your hashtags strategy on Twitter is.

If a particular hashtag is not performing well on your Tweets, then it’s a perfect time to hunt for other effective and potential hashtags that let your Tweet reach a wider Twitter audience.

If your hashtags are not getting enough clicks, then most probably it may mean that the particular hashtag is not getting clicks all through the Twitter. So it’s better to reconsider it.

For finding effective hashtags in your niche you can make use of | Organizing the world’s hashtags

Final words
Undoubtedly, the announcement of Twitter Analytics is a great move by Twitter. It’s a boon for bloggers and Internet marketers. It helps you understand the interests and mindset of your followers and drive traffic and profit from it.

If you’re serious about your blogging and your services, then you should not definitely ignore Twitter and Twitter Analytics. Examine the activity on your tweets carefully. Implementing the above ideas will surely increase your Twitter engagement by 200 to 400%.

Here’s the YouTube video to help you get started with Twitter Analytics.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Analytics: Increase Twitter Engagement by 200%”

  1. Hey Akshay,

    Carolyn introduced this to me recently and I had a blast actually diving into my own stats for Twitter. I’m SO glad they implemented this and everything you just shared here about how to find what is spot on.

    We oftentimes think we know what our followers are after until we look at our stats and they don’t lie.

    I already tweet out when my followers are online mostly so that I’ve been doing for a very long time now but seeing the results of what you’ve been sharing can truly be a real eye opener.

    I’m glad you found some great stuff through yours and I hope everyone else is familiar with this new addition now. If not, I’ll be sure to share this post with them just in case.

    Thank you for sharing and do enjoy your weekend.


    1. Hey Adrienne, first of all, I would would like you to thank you for commenting.

      Well, many of the bloggers are unaware of Twitter Analytics, even after it is around 5 months old.

      I was astonished to see that my followers are interested in marketing and leadership. BAM! I thought blogging and SEO.

      I would also thank Carolyn for the referral.

      Have a great weekend ahead.

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