TweetAdder Coupon Code and Review: Boost Twitter Followers

I’ve used TweetAdder. It is the best Twitter automation tool. I’m providing a coupon code (max possible 20% discount) and also publishing an honest review on it.

Let me get started.

Bloggers and web marketers work hard to enhance their Twitter presence. They want to be everywhere on Twitter. They want everyone in their niche to follow them.

They want their content to be reached by a wider audience.

In order to achieve the above, these things are essential.

  • Tweeting more often
  • Retweeting more often
  • Following people who are interested in your site or product
  • Send messages and reach out
  • Promote other awesome content and products around the web

Doing all these things might be hard.

You have to tweet every 30 minutes to get exposure. Or like, you have to tweet at 3 a.m this night to get more exposure. It’s impossible to do manually.

That’s where the need for a great Twitter automation tool comes to your mind.

Tweetadder review

So here’s the TweetAdder review along with coupon code.

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With the coupon code, you get 20% discount.

Now let’s head over to the review.


After you download and purchase TweetAdder tool, you install it.

Now you need to enter the registration code. Now you need to enter your Twitter username and integrate it with the registration code.

Registration code TweetAdder

Now click on add user.

Authorization with Twiiter

Now you need to login to your Twitter account. It will ask for the password. Later you have to authenticate TweetAdder with Twitter.

Authorization PIN

Now after the authorization code is entered, click Submit.

Now the Twitter account is integrated with TweetAdder.

Now you need to turn on your account.

Open user Twitter account

After this click on “open user”.

That’s all. You are now all set up.

TweetAdder – Most important features

Here I am listing only the most important features of TweetAdder, and how it can help you.

Remember that while using all these features, the results can be sorted or displayed in many ways.
The results can be sorted by name, last tweet date, followers, friends, location, etc. It comes in handy.

You can also randomize the actions so that they appear natural.

Tweets search

You can use this search feature to search for tweets in your niche.

You can search tweets based on keyword, location, language, and type.

Tweetadder search tweets

The ways in which this feature can be used.

  • Search what people are tweeting in your niche.
  • Search what are all the tweets that are mentioning your brand.
  • Search for the Twitter users who are all interested in the product you are promoting.
  • Find similar content for your content.

Follow back

In this, TweetAdder returns all your Twitter followers, that you are not following.

Follow back users

You are offered an opportunity to follow them back. Following is like give and take policy.

Following back reduces the chances of them unfollowing you. It also encourages other people to follow you. When they notice that, you follow people back.

Profile data search

With this, you can search for tweet and users based on their profile data.

Profile data search


Suppose, if you are targeting investors only in a certain location, this feature helps.

Followers by a user

If you want to easily find out who are all the people that a particular user of interest is following, you can use this feature.

Find followers by a user

It helps in competitor analysis.

You can find out what are all the users your competitor is following to get more exposure to their tweets.

Followed by a user

Helps to find out, who are all the people your competitor follows.

Followers of a user

Again, in this case also, you can get insights about your competitor. What kind of people they follow? Why do they follow?

Is your competitor following and interacting with an influencer, that you can also target?

Twitter lists

It will return all the users who are there on a particular list.

Search Twitter lists

Now you too can join the list, by building relations with the list members.

Not following back

I saw many people who have “follow count” twice that of followers count.

Find user not following back

It seems like they are following as many people as possible to get followers back. This feature helps those people to unfollow all those who are following them back.

You may end up unfollowing famous bloggers or celebrities, whom you necessarily follow. Be careful about this.

Unfollowed me

Here you can find all the Twitter users who unfollowed you.

User who unfollowed me

Some people may follow many people, in the hope they will be followed back. Once they get a lot of followers, they start unfollowing them.

You can hunt for this sort of people and unfollow them.

Unfollow inactive people

If you wish that the people whom you follow should be active, then you can unfollow inactive people.

Inactive people

Twitter users, who have not tweeted since a long time are considered inactive.

I recommend you to sort them by “last tweet date”.

  1. Talkative

Are you getting annoyed seeing your Twitter home cluttered with the tweets from the same person? Well, you can unfollow all the people who are talkative.

Talkative people

By this, you can allow your Twitter home to display diverse tweets for you.

Most useful features


You can schedule many numbers of tweets, over time, with this feature.

Set up Tweets

You can also make use of URL shortening services to automatically shorten the long URLs in your tweets.

Url shortening

There are many options like randomize, maximum tweets per day, the delay between individual tweets.

RSS tweets

Do you love posts on a particular blog so much so that you wish to tweet every blog post of them? Are you targeting a particular influencer in your niche? Then this feature is for you.

Tweet RSS feed

It lets you tweet about the new posts on your favourite blogs.

You can import or enter the feed URLs.

You can also add suffix or prefix for the tweets. It is useful in mentioning the author of the content. By this, you can capture the author’s attention.

You can set RSS tweet limit and delay time.

Retweet user

You can use this feature if you want to retweet every tweet made by a particular Twitter user. This helps in getting the attention of a user.


If you wish to retweet all the tweets by a user, that have a particular keyword in it, you can set that keyword.

You can use randomization option, to keep things natural.

Also read: How to Get More Twitter Retweets for Sure

Thank you messages

This feature enables you to send thank you messages for all the people who followed you.

TweetAdder thank you messages

In order to keep the things natural, you have to keep, “check for new followers” time period, somewhat long.

Send direct messages

You can send messages to many of your followers at once.

Send direct messages

This is helpful when you’re about to make an announcement. Or want to convey an urgent message to all of your followers.

  1. Trends

You can view all the things that are in buzz, within TweetAdder software.

TweetAdder trends

You can then set a tweet mentioning the hashtag.

  1. Others

There are many more features like location search, high ratio users search, follow later list, blacklist, whitelist and others.

You can also set automated tasks to run between selected timings. With this, you can hide the fact that you are using  an automated tool.

It also has the feature toad proxies. But however, I’ve never come across the situation to use proxies for TweetAdder.

You can combine all these above features, to boost your Twitter presence with little effort.


Pricing and support

Honestly speaking TweetAdder is a little bit cheaper when compared to other similar automated tools.

Tweetadder pricing

It comes in with three plans, personal, professional and agent.

If you have only one Twitter account to automate tasks, you have personal subscription. If you are looking for handling up to 10 Twitter accounts, professional plan is something to go with. For most of the people, this plan is more than enough.

If you are looking for something in large scale. Or if you want to start your own Twitter automation service, agent subscription is something to go with.

All these subscriptions start with a 7-day trial.

You can contact the TweetAdder team by submitting a ticket. They will reply to you within 24 hours. In most of the cases, their support page is enough.

Over to you
If you found this tool helpful, do buy this. If you are an avid Twitter marketer or user, you can save lots of time using TweetAdder.

You have to be extremely careful about automation. It can hurt your brand when not used carefully. It can annoy users when gone bad.

Get TweetAdder

Above is my affiliate link button. If you would like to sign up for the service kindly do it through the link. Use “GBT” as the coupon code to avail 20% discount.

While using Twitter Adder, you can monitor your Twitter effetiveness with the help of Twitter Analytics.

Hope you loved this review on TweetAdder. Let me know in comments.

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