50 Killer Expert Case Studies on Getting Traffic


Traffic case studies

Everyone loves case studies. That too, case Studies on getting traffic.

Case studies are not just theory, they are facts driven by experiments and observations. They often include proofs for the facts. Before publishing a case study, the Webmaster should have thoroughly researched the topic and driven a conclusion from it.

So people love to read such true facts with proofs.

And case studies are also one of the types of content that gets more shares and appreciation. I can say that people love reading and publishing Case studies.

The main thing that is important for a new blogger is traffic; traffic is the heart and soul of a site or a blog. How about some case studies which drive massive traffic to a blog or a website?

Sounds cool.

In this post, I will share with you about 70 Case studies on getting traffic to blogs.

SEO and Organic traffic case studies

Organic traffic is the superior most type of traffic. For any popular blog, the mainstream  traffic is undoubtedly the organic traffic. One cannot simply ignore organic traffic.

Here are some of the case studies, published on how to get more organic traffic to a site or blog.

  1. Increasing Organic SEO Traffic by 400,000 Unique Visitors
  2. White Hat SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days
  3. How To Increase Website Traffic to Over 100,000 Visitors Per Month
  4. How To Triple Your Startup’s Organic Traffic with Zero Link Building – A Case Study
  5. How We Skyrocketed Website Traffic 2200% in 1 Year [case study]
  6. How to Drive Organic Search Traffic to an Affiliate Site in No Time [Case Study]
  7. How We Increased Organic Blog Traffic by 203.5% in Less Than 3 Months – And You Can Too
  8. How I Grew Quick Sprout From 121,311 to 244,923 Readers In 30 Days
  9. How to get more than 100,000 visits from Google per month (Case study)
  10. The Case for Content: 620% Organic Growth

Link building Case studies

Link building is important for showing Google that your blog or site deserves a position in SERPS. If more and more sites link to your blog via backlinks, then it is a quality and relevancy signal to your blog.

Link building should be one of your strategies for promoting and driving traffic to your blog. Establishing links in other reputable blogs in your niche helps you and your blog to gain exposure and reputation.

The audience of the blog from which you are linked in, are also likely to be readers of your blog.

There are many ways for Link building. One of such effective ways is guest blogging. It helps in increasing your reputation and exposure as a blogger.

Here are some of the Link building Case studies, which you should not miss:

  1. Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days
  2. Case Study: $5 Link Building – Search Engine Journal
  3. How I Got My 10 Best Links
  4. Using Contests To Build Links
  5. What is natural link building? Examples and case study
  6. The Zero Link Building Experiment – How To Rank A Site Without Building Links
  7. Case Study: Using Infographics for Link Building
  8. Link Building Case Study – Vertical Measures
  9. Niche Site Duel 2.0 – Effective & Long-term Link Building
  10. A Case Study for better Ranking and Link Building

Twitter traffic case studies

Twitter is one of the great referral traffic sources. When used in the right way, it can drive you massive traffic. There are some Twitter strategies, from which you can get more followers and get massive exposure for your site or blog.

Driving traffic from Twitter includes catchy headlines, proper use of trendy hashtags. Tweeting when most of your followers are active.
Following are Twitter users in your niche, who are more active and likely to retweet your content.

  1. Twitter: 5 Business Case Studies – Jeffbullas’s Blog
  2. Case Study: Can You Launch a New Site With Twitter Alone?
  3. A’s Effect On Rankings – An Unexpected Case Study
  4. How Twitter Traffic Generation Became My Largest Source
  5. How I Attracted 10,000 Twitter Followers in a Year (My 5 Step Process)
  6. [Case Study] The Headline News Twitter Integrated Cup Sleeve
  7. How to increase traffic on your blog using Twitter?
  8. Superdry Tweet Fuel – Converting Your Tweets To Fuel [Twitter Case Study]
  9. Does Twitter Drive Traffic to Your Blog?
  10. Twitter Case Study: When I Decided To Tweet Every 30 Minutes?

Facebook traffic case studies

70% of the online people spend their time on Facebook. We simply can’t ignore Facebook as one of our traffic sources. Facebook strategies when implemented properly have the capacity to drive tons of traffic to your site or blog.

Getting likes from loyal readers matters a lot. You may have noticed that many Facebook pages have tons of likes, but the audience is not involving in it. By this, we can say that the owner of the page has followed some strategies that force visitors of his blog to like his Facebook page.

Here are some Facebook case studies, which you should not definitely miss.

  1. Facebook Case Study: From 517 to 33,000 fans in two weeks
  2. 5 Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns – Case Studies
  3. Case study: do Facebook promoted posts work?
  4. CASE STUDY: How To Get 22,440 Facebook Fans In 10 Weeks
  5. 105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies
  6. 253% ROI Facebook Ads Case Study
  7. Facebook Advertising Case Study
  8. Facebook Advertising for Lead Acquisition Case Study
  9. Case Study – How I Made $400 With Facebook Ads In One Week
  10. How to get your first 10,000 fans on Facebook (case study)

Other killer case studies that you should not definitely miss

  1. White Hat SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic
  2. How to Write an eBook That Goes Viral and Gets You Tons of Traffic
  3. ProBlogger Case Study Series : @ProBlogger
  4. Seventeen Ways To Improve Your Blog – Case Study
  5. More Blogging Equals More Sales: A Case Study Roundup

Only for you…

  1. How and Why You Should be Guest Blogging [With Case study]
  2. Email Marketing Case Study: How I Generated $40,000
  3. Case Study: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience
  4. 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic Even If You Abandon Your Blog for Fifty Days [Case Study]
  5. How I Increased My Blog Traffic by 30%

Final words
These type of case studies are very useful for both readers and bloggers. Bloggers get immense traffic by writing Case studies and it can also build their links effectively. In fact rating case studies is also a great strategy to get more traffic to your blog.

There may be more Case studies around the web. But I have found the above Case studies as effective in driving traffic to your blog.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, do share and comment.

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  4. I only tried SEO to get visitors for my website,Never tried other social medias.. because I don’t have much information about them.. You wrote all social tips in one page.. That will help me lot.. hope your tips can help me to get more traffic for my website..

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