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There is a plethora of blogs about blogging. It’s difficult to find blogs on blogging that are worth reading. Most of the webmasters are in a dilemma. Because of the different views of different blogs, it has become difficult to analyze which of the SEO strategies works, and which does not.

As a blogger, you definitely have a dozen of bookmarks on blogs about blogging. But the job of this post is NOT to add another few dozens of blogs about blogging and to mess up the list. This blog post contains a list of top 100 blogs on blogging that are listed according to rank and trend.

I spent over 5 hours and used my experience to compile this list. I listed top 100 blogs on several factors like:

  1. My experience on reading the blog posts.
  2. The frequency of update.
  3. Brand recognition.
  4. The uniqueness of content.
  5. Simple language and great readability.
  6. Insightfulness
  7. Google PageRank.
  8. RSS subscribers.
  9. Twitter followers.
  10. Alexa Rank.

Of course, I considered quality over quantity.

Here is a whopping list:

List of Best 100 Blogs About Blogging.

  1. MOZ blog
  3. CopyBlogger
  4. Search Engine Land
  5. Search Engine Journal
  6. QuickSprout Blog
  7. HubSpot Blog
  8. John Chow
  9. CrazyEgg Blog
  10. Matt Cutts
  11. Bruce Clay
  12. Search Engine Watch
  13. Search Engine Roundtable
  14. Daily Blog Tips
  15. SEOBook
  16. SEO by the Sea
  17. SEO Theory
  18. Yoast
  19. Backlinko
  20. Social Media Examiner
  21. ShoutMeLoud
  22. Quick Online Tips
  23. Basic Blog Tips
  24. Blogging Tips
  26. Blogussion
  27. BloggingBasics101
  28. Spice Up Your Blog
  29. Fuel Your Blogging
  30. SitePoint
  31. Smart Passive Income
  32. BloggingPro
  33. Sprout Insights
  34. Income Diary
  35. Traffic Generation Café
  36. Hot Blog Tips
  37. Anil Dash’s Blog
  38. Seth’s Blog
  39. ViperChill
  40. ClickZ
  41. ShoeMoney
  42. Social Media Today
  43. SocialTriggers
  44. SEOPedia
  45. WebmasterWorld
  46. SiteProNews
  47. The Blog Herald
  48. Blogging with Amy
  49. Entrepreneurs Journey
  51. iAcquire
  52. Daily SEO Tip
  53. Kaiser the Sage
  54. SEO Nick
  55. Blogtrepreneur
  56. BloggingCage
  57. The Future Buzz
  58. Marketing Pilgrim
  59. WeBlogBetter
  60. SEO Smarty
  61. Daily SEO Blog
  62. The Sales Lion
  63. Write to Done
  64. HellBound Bloggers
  65. SocialMouths
  66. Social Barrel
  67. SEO Chat
  69. AllBloggingTips
  70. Greywolf SEO Blog
  71. ProBloggingSuccess
  72. BloggersPassion
  73. Blog Tyrant
  75. ZacJohnson
  76. YoungPrePro
  77. Online Income Teacher
  78. Michelle Shaeffer
  79. Blog Marketing Academy
  80. Leaving Work Behind
  81. MattsMarketingBlog
  82. Tyler Cruz
  83. Higher Visibility
  84. JohnPaulAguiar
  85. Successful Blogging
  86. Itechcode
  87. Blogging without a blog
  88. Blind Five Year Old
  89. Social Fresh
  90. ReelSEO
  91. Search Insider
  92. SEM News Daily
  93. Search Cowboys
  94. Brick Marketing Blog
  95. For Bloggers by Bloggers
  96. Kim Garst
  97. Rob Cubbon
  98. No Passive Income
  99. Michelle Shaeffer
  100. Your Online Biz

Final words
Of course, I may have missed a few of popular blogs. There are many prevailing blogs. But I’ve not included them.

If I have missed any popular blog, do mention in the comments. I will add them with your credits.

As I have said earlier, I spent nearly 5 hours compiling this list of blogs about blogging. If this list has helped you, do share and comment.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

14 thoughts on “Top 100 Blogs About Blogging and SEO”

  1. Hey Akshay,

    You said this list is compiled by rank and trend. Which list or program are you referring to if you don’t mind me asking since I’m on this list. Is it by Alexa ranking because it’s definitely not by page rank. Just curious how you came up with this list although I appreciate being included.

    I see some familiar names here of course and I agree, one more list of “top blogs” but I just like to know the sources.

    Appreciate you taking the time to put this one together.


    1. Adrienne, thanks for commenting.
      This list is not compiled solely on the basis of PageRank and Alexa Rank. It’s also based on my experience and quality of the blog’s updation. I absolutely loved reading your blog posts and interaction in your blog. You do care reader’s comments. So I think it’s fair to include you in the list.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi Akshay,

    What a tremendous resource!

    Thanks so much for the awesome share. I’ve been searching for a list of blogging blogs outside of the usual big time ones – Problogger, etc – and though I appreciate the biggies, and comment on them, and build bonds, I needed some new blood.

    I found it here.

    If we can work off of lists this these, and build bonds, and help out fellow pro bloggers, the sky really is the limit. It’s that easy.

    Simply give freely, network, and you’re golden.

    Thanks again for sharing. I found some dear friends like Adrienne on the list and of course, so many new, fun, interesting people to meet here.

    Tweeting through Triberr.

    Have a fun weekend Akshay 🙂


  3. Hi Akshay,

    It’s a great resource for blogger’s like me and other’s. Even there are blogging communities in blogosphere, it’s very hard to find out which one is best and having good ranking.

    Here you listed out the list of top blogs. Thanks for sharing and i appreciate you for this great job. Keep doing and coming up with innovative idea.

  4. Great list. Really an inspirational article. I know some blogs about blogging. Here is a big list of blogging blogs. Thanks for sharing such an impressive list. I hope we learn a lot of new tips about blogging, SEO and other related issues from these excellent blogs.

  5. Dheeraj Singh

    Thanks for Sharing this awesome Blogging & SEO Sites. It will definitely help me in my blogging career.

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