Powerful Tips to Build Authority as a Blogger

Build authority as a blogger

Best advice you ever hear about blogging is, “Establish authority”.

What is the authority? How do you define authority in blogging?

“Once readers trust your words, your blog and you gain control over your niche, then it is said that you have got authority”

How to gain authority in blogging?

Authority is the one you need to build in your niche. Not in all the niche.

Choose a niche, that is/has,

  • your passion
  • easy to master
  • wide audience
  • less competition, so that you can easily establish yourself as an authority

While choosing a niche, another thing to keep in mind is future.

Analyze, what trend your niche holds in future.

Take an example of a niche like, “psychological problems”. This is one of the burning niche. Mental health condition is deteriorating day by day. Due to individualism, and technology, people are now prone to more anxiety and stress globally.

Great idea to start a blog on. It’s the sweet spot to hit and master upon. A particular mental problem.

Take a niche that’s narrow, where you can build authority. Drive value to your readers. Help them easily solve their problems.

While mastering any niche,

  • have a wide view
  • do cause-effect analysis
  • read other authoritative blogs in your niche
  • analyze what the future holds
  • master the art of solving the common problems you face regarding your niche, in your daily life


How to create content that builds your authority?

The main essence of a blog is content.

Without it. You are broke.

Here are some the powerful tips to help you create content that builds authority for you!

  • Blogging frequency no more matters. Drive massive value even if you publish a single article a month.
  • Spend more time proofreading and improving your existing content.
  • Keep it simple. Make sure your idea reaches the vast niche audience.
  • Keep it unique.
  • Be the first news bringer.
    This is the main formula for success behind SearchEngineJournal. They bring out the latest SEO news earlier than anyone. When you bring out the latest news in your niche, earlier, people treat you as authority. More people link to you.
  • Respond to all the comments you receive on your blog. It helps you create a bond with your readers. Meanwhile, it also increases your comment count.

Another powerful method for establishing authority is your about page.

When people come across your awesome content, they are keen on knowing who you are.

The readers who come to your about page after reading your epic blog posts see you as an authoritative figure in your niche.

In your post, be transparent, be open, be personalistic.

Include links to your social media handlers, on your about page.

Read this: How to Write Effective About Page to Showcase your Persona

Promotion matters

Why blogs with great content fail? It’s because they are content-bots.

Most bloggers think, “If I publish HQ blog posts, I will get traffic”.

It’s like saying, “If I arrange a great seminar in this hall, the audience will come”. Sounds dry…

You have to put advertisements and banners, to let people know about the details of your seminar, in which hall the seminar is conducted.

Likewise, in blogging, promotion is important. Without letting interested people know about your content, how come you expect them to visit and appreciate your blog posts?

After you publish your blog post, you must yell out about your content. Share it with your audience.

If your content is read-worthy, you will gain traction. It results in virality, driving exponential visitors to your blog. More people start linking to you.

Create a community. Engage with the audience. Solve their newbie problems. Interact with them.


Join some of the communities and websites. Establish yourself as an authority in that particular group of members.

Here are some of the places where you can establish your authority, easily.

  • Quora – The best Q&A site, covering all the topics in this world. Narrow down to some topics. Help people with burning questions. Showcase your expertise. Build authority and bring back traffic.
  • Google + communities – You can either build your own community or join an active community in your niche. Unlike most of the Facebook groups, Google+ communities are active. Interact with the posts. Comment on them. Share them. Drive value to the community.
  • LinkedIn groups – Some of the niche groups on LinkedIn are hyperactive. It’s the best place for your potential audience to reside.
  • Concentrate solely on a single network. Work until you gain attention in the community. If you are concentrating on Quora, forget G+ or LinkedIn. Stop not till you leverage the potential of Quora to build your authority and reputation.

Wrapping up

Building authority overnight is not possible. If so, it’s called BUZZ.

It’s a blog-long process. It has to be done with utmost care, avoiding all the factors that affect your reputation and authority.

While building authority, focus on delivering massive value to small audience base. Rather than trying to deliver crappy content to a vast audience, deliver great value and be choosy in targeting.

As far as traffic is concerned, focus on returning visitors and subscribers. The number of subscribers quantifies the authority you have. Because it’s not that easy to get email subscribers these days.

Once you establish an authority in your niche, whether it be micro-niche, your sales spike all way up, once you release your product that benefits your readers. Your audience is likely to promote your product. It’s-all-viral-holic.

Be strategic, unique and patient in the process.

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  2. i was in search of such article which can help to increase my authority as blogger and i found everything which i need in this post. thank you so much for sharing it with us

  3. Hello Akshay

    Excellent and very informative post!

    Well yes, it’s important to create authority for all inner pages too and optimizing each page to rank well. And indeed, quality content is most important factor to rank higher. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The quality of inner pages also matters a lot to gain authority. Each and every part of blog should be reviewed carefully. Maintainance of quality increases your authority as a blogger.

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