Simple Blogging Tips That Make You Blog Efficiently

Efficiency blogging Blogging efficiently is nothing but to create a quality blog with less effort and time.

It’s not important how much time you spend blogging, the only thing that matters is how productive you are.

A machine doing more work with less fuel is considered as efficient.
Similarly, an efficient blogger, blogs in less time with less effort. He or she uses productive hours efficiently to take care of their work, including their studies and blogging.
There may be a plethora of articles in your niche. In order to have your blog post standout of the crowd, you must have really unique and involving articles that your readers can’t find anywhere on the web.

Here are some of the writing tips that let you write involving articles:

Startup Blogging When Your Mind Is Clear

In order to make a way to creative thoughts, your mind should be clear. You must be away from all distractions and interruptions.

Some of the bloggers find early morning as the best time to start up blogging, that is when the creative thoughts come to their mind. I bet most of the bloggers find these early morning hours as the best productive hours.

Some other night owl bloggers, including me, find the late night hours as most productive hours. And find late-night hours as the most precious time for churning out blog posts.

It’s up to you to find which hours are suitable for your blogging. But if you’re a student, I recommend you to spend your productive hours in studying.

From this, we can say that being active and productive all the time saves a lot of time and completes many works.

Keep a Note to Scratch Your Sporadic Ideas

Everyone’s  thoughts may not be sporadic, but some of the blogger’s thoughts including mine are sporadic. Creative thoughts race through our mind at any time and then disappear after some time, totally forgetting what creative thought raced through our mind.

This kind of people keeps sticky notes, diary, in their pocket to scratch their sporadic ideas on the go. Others may use note-taking apps like EverNote, Google Keep, ANY.DO, etc. So in order to make sure that, no creative ideas escape from your mind; you have to keep notes to scratch down the ideas. Scratching down the ideas, speed up your blogging and allow you to produce great content that includes all the related content. It also makes sure that you will not miss a point.

You will start every incident or happenings in life as a new idea for blogging.

Spend half an hour weekly to hunt blog topics

Most of the bloggers spend half of their time blogging, to find blog topics. You should not try to hunt for blog topics in your productive hours of the day. Rather, you should spend half an hour weekly (once) to hunt for blog topics.
After finding some blog topics, jot down those topics in a Notepad, or your scratch pad.

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Simply put, the Webcam at the top of your desktop should not see you scratching your head hunting for topics.

Swipe Your Keyboard When You Are Idle

Whether you’re travelling or running a few errands, you will be idle sometimes.

Take out your smartphone or mobile open text editor, scratch out the ideas that come out of your mind. Don’t care about typos and errors. Prepare a summary of the blog post that you’re going to publish after proofreading and formatting when you are on the desk.
Scratching down the skeletal blog post when you are idle saves most of your productive hours blogging.

Best keyboard for blogging: SwiftKey

Below is the sample scratched post by me, which I scratched on my Nexus 7 when idle.

Scratched blog post

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Final words
Using productive hours efficiently saves your time blogging. As you can notice here, you have got only a few productive hours. And, you have more things to do with those few hours

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I hope these above productivity tips on blogging efficiently helped you. If it has helped you, do share and if you have any queries or got anything to say, do comment.

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    Very helpful tips you provided in this article .It’s very helpful for all bloggers and newbies .I read carefully each point ,very friendly article .In future i will keep all points in my mind while working on my blog.

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