Tips and Tools to Create Content People Will Love and Share

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Why do you create online content? Are you doing that just to get things off your chest? Probably not; there are diaries for that purpose. Your main goal is to get your opinions through to an audience. The larger that audience is, the more successful you are as a content writer.

The question is: are you doing enough to attract more readers? You get indications through likes, comments, and shares. Now let’s see how you can get a greater number of shares with the content you publish online.

Tips for Creating Shareable Content

1. Provide Evergreen Tips and Information

Content that covers the current trends in your niche is absolutely necessary. However, there is something that will get you more shares on a permanent basis: evergreen content.

Teach people how to do something that will improve the quality of their lives, and offer tips that would be applicable for years to come. The content that provides such value are appreciated by search engines, so a single post can contribute towards a greater number of shares on the long-term.

2. Develop a Distribution Plan

You can’t just publish random pieces of content, no matter how great their quality is. If you don’t have a specific distribution plan, even your loyal readers will forget about your site at one point or another. You need to get your content to a broad audience if you want to get shares, likes, and comments.

To achieve such a goal, you should target multiple distribution platforms, such as your website, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Make sure your pieces are contextually relevant to the platform you choose for their distribution.

3. Create Catchy Headlines!

When one of your readers decides to share your content on social media, its headline will be the most visible part of the post. If it looks good on his profile, the chances for clicking that ‘share’ button will be much greater.

Here is one way of creating an intriguing headline: include a question that your target audience would answer with a yes. For example: Do You Want to Get More Shares for Your Content? Read These Tips!

4. Make Your Content Authoritative!

One of the reasons people share content via social media is because it supports their point of view. For example, a person who supports abortion-rights movements is not going to share every single personal story or opinion on the web, but he is going to share something based on scientific facts.

Include statistics, facts, and experts’ analysis in your content as much as possible. Make it authoritative; that will guarantee popularity and shares.

5. Track the Results!

Check how your previously-published pieces are performing, if you want to develop better content in the future. Discover the number of shares your publications are generating and recognize the pieces that were more successful than others. This analysis will give you an insight into the preferences of your audience, so you’ll be able to follow that track.

Tools that Help You Create Shareable Content

1. Tools to Use During the Research Stage

  • Digg – Your feed on this platform will provide the most interesting and attractive online stories from your niche. When you follow the trends, it will be easy for you to find out what content your audience would like to get. Discover a unique angle and add value to the general base of online knowledge.

  • Instapaper – This tool enables you to save important online content for offline reading. You can organize your resources and read them in a distraction-free environment.

2. Tools for Content Creation and Editing

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – This online tool enables you to predict the success of a particular headline before you even start writing the content. The software will analyze your entry and you’ll get an overall score based on the common, uncommon, emotional, and power words you’ve used.

  • NinjaEssays – The team of talented writers at this website can help you craft unique content in any niche. The collaboration with a professional writer will help you understand how top-quality content is being developed. You can rely on this website at any stage of the research, writing, or editing process.

  • Hemingway Editor – The main reason for editing is making the content more readable for your target audience. This online tool will identify the readability score of your content. You’ll get recommendations on how to get rid of unnecessary complications. Hemingway knows the perfect recipe for attracting a reader: keep it simple. This tool will remind you of that rule.

  • PlagTracker –No one will share content that’s copied from another online resource. Plus, the search engines won’t include it in the list of results, so you won’t even get many readers who would share it. PlagTracker identifies the level of plagiarism in your work. You can easily fix the damage before publishing your content online.

3. Tools for Adding a Visual Element to the Content

  • Piktochart – Infographics are a huge trend. Social media users love sharing them because they look good on their profiles, and they learn tons of information without wasting time. Piktochart enables you to create a beautiful infographic in minutes.

  • Canva – A unique visual element will attract more shares than a common image from Flickr. Canva enables you to create a custom-design image that will grasp the essence of your text.

Remember: Persistency is the key to publishing successful online content. You won’t get tons of shares for the first piece you share. However, the success will inevitably come if you offer the great quality content on a permanent basis. The above-listed tips and tools will lead you towards your goal.

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