Thrive Themes Review 2018: An Honest Review By A Long Time User

Thrive themes review

Overview of Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is relatively a newcomer to the WordPress world.

But it made some serious buzz when it claimed itself as developing some of the best conversion focused themes. Due to this claim, many affiliate marketers and product owners got attracted to Thrive Themes for increasing their conversions. Today, Thrive Themes is one of the fastest growing theme marketplace for marketers and bloggers.

FYI, I'm using Thrive Themes on my blog here at GoBloggingTips!​


So feature-rich, that it gets you rid of most of the plugins on your site.


All the plans come with unlimited lifetime updates. Theme prices starts from $49.

Ease of use

Super-simple to use, with a single page for all theme options.


Support is swift with email and support ticket system.

If you are looking for an honest Thrive Themes review, stop here.

Look. After using the Thrive Themes for months on my blog, in this post I have insightfully reviewed Thrive Themes.

I'm going to discuss the pros and cons of the Thrive Themes, and also will compare it with other leading theme providers out there in the WordPress market.

Hope you love my review.

Why you should trust me on Thrive Themes review?

As you may already have noticed, I'm using FocusBlog - a Thrive Theme on my blog. I was previously using Genesis Child theme on my blog. 

But recently, I've made a change to Thrive Themes, by getting attracted to it.

I've explained it in detail in one of my previous blog posts - Thrive Themes vs. Genesis.

As you can see in the below screenshot, I have the license of some of the Thrive Products including the theme.

Thrive content builder invoice

Apart from this, I'm using some of the themes like Pressive, Rise and also Thrive Leads on many of my niche sites. I've played with the theme options and tweaked them to match my needs.

Now, I got to know the inside out of the theme.

Thrive Themes Review - Brutally Honest

Let us see how the Thrive Themes perform well against its competitors and whether it really delivers what the team promises.

Are Thrive Themes fast enough?

​Nobody likes to see a site that's very slow. Or do you?

As the Thrive Themes are marketed as conversion friendly themes, they should load fast.

It's a no brainer that any theme providers who market themselves as developing conversion friendly themes, should have fast loading themes.

Thrive themes page speed

Note: You know what? My site do not have CDN enabled and also using resource hungry SSL certificate on my site. I'm sure that if I enable CDN, I can get the page load time below 1 second. I'm using FocusBlog theme with Thrive Content Builder on my site.

The speed of Thrive Themes is almost as fast as that of Genesis Framework. But the fact is that, with Thrive Themes you can get rid of most of the plugins, that you need to use when using Genesis.

Here's the kicker: Once I migrated to Thrive Themes I got rid of most of the plugins like SumoMe, Perfect Pullquotes, Click to Tweet, Related posts (YARPP), and much more. All these functionalities are built in with Thrive Themes and it's content builder. There's no need to mess up with dozens of plugins, conflicts, and all that hassles.

Are you using any image compression plugins like Then here's a good news!

The feature for automatic image compression is built right into the theme that enables the images you upload to be losslessly compressed and this improves the pagespeed of your site. You need to hit any magical compress button to compress images. The theme handles the compression silently in the background!

All the themes also come with "Lazy load comments" option, which speeds up your site further by loading comments on demand.​

You may think that, as the Thrive Themes and their content builder comes with tons of elements and features, mobile rendering would be slow and clunky​. I also thought like that. Even I talked with my fellow bloggers asking about the page load speed as I was on a​ shared server at that time. They told me it hasn't caused them any issues even on a shared server.

As I was certain about getting value for money with Thrive Themes, the only thing that was stopping me from trying was a doubt regarding speed. Being a skeptic soul, I gave it a try​.  As I told you earlier the theme and the elements loaded super-fast and I've not expected this!

Are Thrive Themes really fully mobile-responsive?

Imagine this.

You love reading articles on a mobile device. You go to a great article. The social share buttons are coming in the middle of the article and driving you nuts!

Seems familiar huh? 

Do you want your site to be that annoying to your readers? I bet you won't wish to.​

In the last two years, as you may already know, for most of the niches, the mobile traffic dominates over the desktop traffic. Due to this, Google is pushing the webmasters to make their site mobile-friendly harder than ever. The mobile-friendly sites also witness higher conversions. 

All the themes from Thrive are completely responsive. With Thrive Themes, you never need to worry about your site being unresponsive. All the elements beautifully scale up to match the screen size of any device. If you have multiple columns in your content, then the columns stack on top of each other when the site is loaded on a mobile device with narrow screen. The font sizes are also responsive so that you won't sacrifice the typography of your site on mobile devices.

What Thrive theme would be right for your site?

As of now, there are 10 themes in the Thrive Themes marketplace.

These are Rise (for content sites), Storied (for grid lovers), Pressive (sales pages), Performag, Voice (personal branding), Squared (flat design), Minus (minimalistic theme), Ignition, Luxe, and FocusBlog (for bloggers) theme.

No matter, what type of site you are running, one of the Thrive Themes suit you the best.

What themes am I using for my sites? For content heavy sites and blogs, I would strongly recommend using themes like FocusBlog and Rise. I'm using these two themes on most of my niche sites. Apart from this, I'm using Pressive theme for my upcoming (at the time of writing this post) product site.

Listen, although FocusBlog and Rise themes are the popular themes, other themes are there for a reason.

Okay. Let me give you an example.​

If you are looking a theme for using on our portfolio or personal sites, I would suggest you go for Voice theme. It highlights your personality and adds personal branding to your site.

I am using the Thrive Content Builder plugin on all the sites that are using Thrive Themes. This plugin opens you unlimited possibilities to design your site in every aspect you can imagine.

All these themes come with at least 2 updates per month (if not more). The Thrive Themes is now more advanced with added features than I first purchased them.

Thanks to the swift updates by the Thrive Themes.

Are there great Theme options?

Guys, some themes wasted me hours, which I bought them getting lured by their feature sets and their demo sites.​

​Did you ever get a great multipurpose theme, and wondering where the options are?  Getting stuck and wasting hours of time digging their knowledge base?

But in case of all the Thrive Themes, you can edit the theme options on a single page. That too, without any page refresh.

Here's the theme options showdown!

Thrive themes options

In the General settings section, there are options for you to upload the logo (no need to CSS code the logo like that of Genesis or upload the logo file using FTP), set logo position, insert copyright or footer text conveniently without any coding stuff. There is no need of any separate plugins for inserting footer text and uploading logo.

Style settings

In the layout options, there are options like grid layout, full width, and 4 more layout options. There are 6 color schemes you can choose from. However, I personally feel that offering a visual color picker to set the color scheme would be great. I'm expecting this feature in the future updates for all the Thrive Themes. (Update after 6 months: It isn't added yet)

However, at any time you can add custom CSS code to the theme, to make any visual changes to your site as you desire.

The navigation can set to float without adding any code or getting any plugin.

Blog settings

In the blog settings page, there are options for you to display featured images for your posts, customize the meta information, author box below posts, read more button or link text, and much more.

Thrive themes analytics

In the Analytics section, you can conveniently add any code to your header and footer files without editing the core theme files or any external plugins for inserting code. This also gets you rid of using plugins for integrating your site with Google Analytics.

There's no need to install plugins for inserting headers and footers.​


Under the performance settings, there are options for you to compress the images automatically, lazy load comments, and also option to automatically resize the images as you upload.

The lazy load comments enable the pages with lots of comments to load faster. If you have a active comment section, this feature is real-handy.

Thrive comments

In the comments section, you can set the theme to highlight the author's comments, enable or disable comment count, and also the date. If you wish, you can also enable the display of Facebook comments without the use of a separate plugin for displaying it.

You can also grant some users on your site the privileges to moderate comments on your site - without using any plugin.

Social options

On the social media section, you can enable the theme to display social buttons on your site like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn buttons. You can also set these social buttons to be displayed in the footer section of your site. You can also display the CTA text or the share count for the buttons to increase the social shares on your blog.

There are also options for you to customize the 404 page and also the related posts functionality.

Good news is here for Thrive Content Builder users!

If you are already using Thrive Content Builder, I'm sure that you are loving the plugin because of the swiftness and ease of use of the plugin.

Here's the kicker!

When you use any Thrive Theme along with the Thrive Content Builder, additional Thrive Elements will be unlocked. Refer the below screenshot.

Thrive theme elements

In these unlocked elements, I especially liked the borderless content, page section, opt-in and the posts list very much for my blog. Especially, the page section element is great for adding some full-width background color to the text. That's nice for enhancing readability.

Again, note that Thrive Themes, when used with Thrive Content Builder, unlocks these options.

Does Thrive Themes support child themes like Genesis?

If you are a tech-savvy and want to do major modifications to your theme you can create the child themes for Thrive themes. In case of making minor CSS changes, you can make use of the "custom CSS" option all their themes come with. In both of the cases, the changes won't be lost even after the theme update.

I personally, do not use any child theme as I'm not that tech-savvy.​ I've added some custom CSS code in order to make my theme reflect my brand.

Unlike Genesis, the Thrive Themes have not advertised child themes and also have not mentioned that they support child themes in any of their product pages. So many people don't know the fact.

Read: ​Thrive Themes vs Genesis Themes - An In Depth Comparison

Lifetime pricing plans

Thrive themes pricing

L​ike that of some other theme providers, with Thrive Themes you need not pay for the membership yearly. With Thrive Themes, for every purchase you get lifetime updates and 1 year of free support. This is great.

You can choose between the single site and multi-site license.

However, if you are planning to use the Thrive Themes on your client sites, you may want to go for Thrive Membership Plan. With this membership plan, you get access to all the Thrive Products for a monthly fee.

I personally have a multi-site license for some of the Thrive Themes. They serve my needs very well. When compared to the price, the features that Thrive Themes come with, are great.


Thrive Themes support team is very responsive. You can create support tickets for your queries right inside the dashboard. One of their support team members usually respond to you within 5 hours or even less (my experience). They are highly knowledgeable and friendly.

The Thrive Themes also have support email address, where you can mail them the queries for faster response.

They also have video tutorials and knowledgebase where you can find solutions for your common problems. For some of the issues I faced, the knowledge base was good enough to solve my queries.

There are also some new training videos that are released every month on increasing conversions and designing landing pages. So, once you are part of the Thrive community, you get access to all those training modules including the Thrive University.

Wrapping up

Hope this Thrive Themes review post helped you to decide whether Thrive Themes is right for you or not.

If you are looking to go for their content builder make sure you read this review post.

In case if you ask me whether to go for a Thrive Theme or Studiopress. Here's the fact - I migrated from Studiopress to Thrive Themes as I'm not a coder and still want beautiful looking sites. Don't you love my site?

Okay here it is. The numbers won't lie.​

Thrive themes trend

Thrive Themes is a rising giant. They have their upcoming Thrive Content Builder 2.0. As of now, I'm waiting for it.

Don't get fooled by people who do marketing solely in the name of SEO.

If you ask me, I'm currently 100% satisfied with the features offered by the Thrive Themes. The FocusBlog theme has enabled me to increase the affiliate conversions drastically on my blog. On my product site, I'm also using the Thrive Themes as I described earlier. I'll stick with them at least for the next 2 years.

If you are looking forward to go for Thrive Themes and loved this post, buy me a coffee 🙂

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  1. To be honest I never used thrive themes and after reading this review I'm compelled to try it once. So far I had tried so many themes and frameworks But I'm a big fan of genesis.

    Will certainly try this out too.

  2. Loved the review,

    I have tried handful of themes platforms and I guess I must try new ones too. Thrives themes is trending now a days since most of the bloggers are using it.

  3. Thanks for this balanced review. I've been hearing great things about thrive themes and I know a bunch of people who are very happy with it. Great point abt the cdn, too. I recently starting using and it's helped speed things up.

  4. Thanks for a good Thrive Themes review. I was looking to make a decision between Thrive and Genesis, I think I got the right one and according to me Genesis is just barebones but is extremely powerful if you are a coder.

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