The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Comment

Blog commenting when done on a right blog, similar to that of yours, it can do wonders.

If commenting is done only for the sake of traffic and backlinks, it is an utter waste of time.
Let me tell you why.

Google can really differentiate between comments and content. It looks at the number of clicks your comment link has received, before deciding what value to put on it. Suppose you left a comment, with a link back to your homepage on the blog – same niche as yours and that link received no clicks, then that link may not carry value back to your site.

So, in order to gain backlinks, as well as traffic, you have to leave whip-smart comments on other blogs. There’s no reason at all for you to leave shallow comments.

Well, it’s time to go back to the basics of the anatomy of a perfect comment.

Great blog post

You all know that you should use a real avatar, real name, you should read the entire blog post, you should be personal while commenting on blog posts. I feel no need to explain it, whatsoever.

So let me explain the structure of a great blog comment.

Anatomy of a great blog comment

The following things should be there in the blog comment in order.

  • Greatly address the author.
  • Your opinion.
  • The reason for your comment along with a captivating thing in the blog post.
  • Your quick-quirky ideas (this is where readers admire you).
  • Your story.
  • Sparkle a question.
  • Be thankful.


Address the author

First off, you should know the name of the author while commenting. I often tend to not leave comments on a blog which has no author name mentioned.

Why? Commenting is the best way to build some kind of bond, like a glue, with the author’s mind.
While leaving a fruitful comment, you should address the author, in a strange way, that he never expected.

Like, “Hoila, wordsmith. What’s going on there? Cuz, here I’m fluttering my wings, reading Jon’s(author’s) post!”.

Write like the above style, only if the article on which you’re commenting is unique. Your main goal is to be memorable. You need to draw the attention of the author towards your comment in the way he never expected.

By this, you are also attracting the readers of the blog to your comment.

Your opinion

What’s your opinion about the post? If it’s bad, say it’s bad. If it stinks, say so. Be honest about your opinion.
If you appreciate the post, tap the author’s comforting zones.

Great write-up, Jon. It’s been a week, I didn’t read an article like yours.
Wow, great ink Jon. But I had to disagree with what you said about {…}”

If you disagree with a thought, mention that.


What you liked about the blog post? What made you leave the comment on the blog post?

If you disagree with any point in the post, tell what you disagreed with. Why? What could the author have told instead? The reason for the disagreement should be stated in simple words, thoughtfully.

If you appreciate the blog post, mention the reason for your like. Write the point that you liked in the blog post.

Your quirky ideas

Contribute some unique value to the comment. Write your perspective on the topic of the article: your additions.This is where you make your comment value-added.

Search unique ideas for your comment. The ideas you add should be unique to the extent that your idea should act as click-bait for the visitors of that site. This is where you drive traffic.

Treat your comment like a mini-guest-post. Keep it short, to-the-point.

Tell the author that he could have added this idea to make the post much more appealing and value-added, and so. You are showing your expertise in the industry with the audience of another site. With this, you gain the targeted audience.

Your story

If you can relate the story that the author has written, write it up.
 Create a bond between you and the article.

Your story may include your mistakes or a success story. Or even a case-study. Don’t mind to include images in your comment if it were a case-study with statistical data.

Sparkle a question

Conversations are meant to be continued. You need to help the author reply to your comment, by sparkling up a question. Not a stupid question like, “How’s your grandma?”. It should be related to the post.

Ask the author’s opinion about your idea or a concept. Or ask him regarding his strategies for a thing.

Your comment should force the author to reply. It should be very insightful.

Be thankful

Appreciate the effort that the author has put in to write the blog post.

Greet him on a weekend, a festival or a coming day.

“I appreciate your effort to put the things together in this post. Have a productive day ahead.

At last, after writing your comment, proofread it. Comments are the one that is non-editable once it’s submitted. Proofread it by taking relevancy, value, readability into account.

A comment on a popular blog is seen by more visitors than on your own blog’s post. So proofreading is important.

In short.
Treat every comment as a short post. Value every comment you make. Comments are a great way to showcase your expertise in the niche.
Add value to the comments. Organize the comment so that it relates from one paragraph to the next. For this, you need to read the entire blog post of the author.

An insightful comment both drives traffic, loyalty and a right backlink.

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12 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Comment”

  1. Blogging commenting is seriously an art.

    Akshay, I have seen newbie blogger commenting on the blogs just for the sake of backlinks. Which is seriously a bad habit or we can say a bad practice to grow the blog.

    Back in 2012 when I was just entering in the blogging industry, I used to analyze some great blogs and always tried to understand the importance of making quality comments.

    This not only gives you a backlink (if we talk from Google perspective) but you can raise your voice as well as get huge attention too.

    I liked the way you taught the importance of commenting and how to do it effectively.

  2. Hi Akshay,

    What an awesome you’ve got here.

    Blog commenting has to do with our attitude, most Bloggers think about just the backlinks and the referral traffic, they care less about the community and the relationship with the blogger.

    I’m glad you wrote this post to teach the right way to do Blog Commenting.

    I recently published a post on my blog about how to get involved with some Blog Commenting Superstars, with your permission, I could put the link here.

    Keep it coming bro.



  3. Hi Akshay,

    A warm welcome to you here on my post.

    Well you said it right that comment should be treated like an article. Because comment will be viewed by a vast audience.

    And it is infact a major source of creating nice relationships with other bloggers.

    Thanks for appreciating my article, hope to see you again 🙂

  4. Hello Akshay,
    This is a very wonderful blog post and i agree with your points. Blog comment can really perform lots of wonders when done very well.

    Its not all about jumping in and leaving a single line comment just for commenting sake no, its always good to have a target while commenting on a blog, it could be to establish a good relationship with the author or something else but, whichever thing you want to gain from your comment, the best way to achieve it is by leaving thoughtful and relevant comments.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Theodore, you are true.
      Leaving one-liners only for the sake of links and traffic can do no good for your blog. Commenting should be regarded as one of the great strategies for building relations.
      Unique, relevant comments always rock.


  5. Hello Akshay,

    I guess my first time reading your blog, right?

    After reading this post, at first I was scared of leaving my thought on it; because of the topic treated here – blog commenting.

    Blog commenting in my opinion is a subject or task that appeal to different audience for diffrent purposes.

    I believe the reason you do it determine how you do it. And most especially, how you treat each comment you’re leaving on blog post because for instance, I don’t comment for backlinks or traffic……rather I do it to discover new blog topics and make new friends.

    Making new friends is something I recommend marketers should strive for when commenting on other blogs because from it, all other benefits that comes from effective blog commenting will follow and come easy.

    Thanks Akshay, nice reading your blog.

    1. Shamsudeen, it means that you are scared to leave a comment on a blog post related to commenting. Huh? Sounds interesting.

      As you mentioned, commenting can also be helpful for discovering new topic ideas. It also helps in making new friends and make blogging a less lonely job. Especially at the beginning of the blogging career it’s quintessential to make new friends, and blog commenting is one of the methods to achieve this.


  6. Hey,

    You explanation is very ease to make understand myself. I’m new to the Blogging industry so can you please help me with some best commenting sites? It can make worth for me..


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