Surefire Strategies to Get Laser-Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic

Every blogger’s dream is to get more traffic. Right?

What is the use of mere traffic? (traffic that won’t convert?)

Here are some of the strategies to help you get laser-targeted traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate and profit.

Targeting the right keyword

Before targeting the keyword for your blog post, ask yourself. “What keywords users could search to find your content?” “Is your post answering the query made by the visitor?”
In real life, ask your friend, relative, colleague. “What first comes to their mind when they think of your post title or keyword?”

You can also do it by yourself. “What comes to your mind, when you think of the keyword on which you are blogging about?”

Now your job is to create super relevant content. Make use of semantic research and use LSI keywords in your content.

By doing this, Google completely understands your content. It increases the chances of your content ranking high for the right search term in Google.

If you are driving the wrong traffic to your blog, bounce rate spikes up, average visit time drops down. That’s the moment you want to reconsider your content.

Otherwise, slowly you will lose your rankings.

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Blog commenting

It is one of the most effective strategies to get targeted visitors to your blog or website.

Commenting on blogs that have already gathered great loyal readership is important. Find great blogs and sites, which already have high traffic and authority.

Check the blogs daily. Leave comments on the latest posts. Try to be the first commenter. Leave long, insightful comments. The readers of that blog who come across your comment surely visit your blog. There is an increased chance of them becoming the loyal reader of your blog.

Becoming the very first commenter on authoritative blogs in your niche helps a lot.

Publish a blog post on a topic. Search for other blog posts on the web similar to your new blog post topic. Leave insightful comments on that blog post. Instead of linking to your homepage, link to your blog post on the same topic. It works great.

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Guest posting

This is a great way to expose yourself to the audience of other great blogs.

The audience of the blog who come across your awesome guest post, more likely to become a regular reader of your blog. It also helps in link building.

The great thing about this is, it increases loyal direct readers to your site. They manually enter the URL of your site in the address bar and come to your blog. It’s a great sign of authority and trust.

It’s a great way to drive attention of other blog readers, to your quality content.

Always guest blog on highly relevant blogs. It offers you a higher probability of every visitor converting to a regular reader of your blog.

Take part in niche forums

There are forums for almost all niches. The forum is a place in which users have burning problems. These forums are the places where your target audience live.

The two main advantages of forums are,

  • Finding common problems in your niche.
  • Getting potential targeted traffic.

Choose a particular forum, take part actively in the forum. Provide value-added answers to the questions asked in the forum regularly. Don’t be afraid to start new threads, and interact with other users.

As you take part more and more in niche forums, you will be rewarded with laser targeted traffic and loyal readership.

Forums are the place in which most of the targeted niche visitors and readers hang out.

Take part in social media groups

Taking part in social media groups and active communities help in getting more targeted readers and traffic to your blog.

Do not waste time taking part in Facebook groups. Because most of them are dormant for driving traffic.

The social media communities and groups that you should not ignore are Google Plus communities and LinkedIn groups.

Most active social media communities belong to LinkedIn. In it, almost all groups are active and conversational. Actively taking part in highly interactive groups greatly helps in driving targeted traffic to your blog or site.

Getting targeted traffic from Facebook

The surefire way to get targeted traffic from Facebook is via Facebook ads. Targeting your competitors’ page likes is a great deal.

Another trick to get more targeted visitors from Facebook is:

  1. Identifying your competitors’ effective fan page.
  2. Finding out Facebook users who interact more with your competitors’ page.
  3. Find out the place those users usually hang out or send them friend requests.
  4. Interact with them, share with them your strategies. Help them. Build a great relationship.

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Final words
For getting loyal and targeted traffic, good relationships and communication matter a lot. Without relationships with other bloggers in your niche, it is almost impossible to get targeted visitors to your blog or site.

One should also not ignore social media. Social media websites are the one in which people spend most of their time online. So, it’s the best place to find highly targeted visitors and readers for your blog or site.

I hope these above strategies help you.

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  1. I run a website where content is important. This post really helped me a lot. Especially guest posting, that is very efficient. I wish you would add more information in that, because that section is very small but very important~

    Thanks again!

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