SumoMe Review: Free WordPress Plugin to Grow your Site

Sumome review

Overview of SumoMe - Double your traffic

SumoMe comes with over 12 free tools that help you grow your site/ blog quickly and get desired results.


  • 12 absolutely free tools.
  • All plugins  under a single interface.
  • Sumostore  for browsing and installing apps/tools.
  • There are literally dozens of email marketing services the SumoMe integrates with.

In this post, I will review SumoMe plugin. SumoMe is the best free WordPress plugin you can ever get. It comes with 12+ free tools that help your site grow in every aspect.

Personally, I’m using SumoMe on my blog. Till now, the SumoMe free tools have enabled me to boost my social shares by about 150% and build my list 200% faster.

Let’s dive right into the review.

Installation of SumoMe

You need to install SumoMe like any other plugin on WordPress.

Once you install the plugin, you need to register yourself and activate the account. Then, you need to login to your account. There’ll be a blue box at the top-right corner of your site. Just click on it.

Sumome start

You need to browse to the “Sumo store”. As you can notice that I’ve installed two tools already.

In Sumo store, you will be presented various tools, free as well as paid. You need to just install the tools, which you find are necessary for you.

How to double your traffic for free with SumoMe?

As I’ve said, it comes with a great collection of free tools that help you boost your blog traffic.

There are some apps available in Sumo store that helps you grow your blog greatly. In this post, I’m going to introduce you some of the tools by SumoMe that help you grow your blog greatly.

Here are some of the plugins by SumoMe that help you double the traffic on your site.


Share preview

According to me, this is the best share button plugin for WordPress. It has tons of options for you to configure. It also has the inbuilt analytics to monitor the clicks of the share button over time.

Share clicks

There are several settings like selecting services to activate, a number of share buttons, size of the icons, shape of the icons, etc. You can also disable or enable the share count and label.

The best part about this plugin is that it is mobile responsive. You can enable or disable the share buttons to appear on mobile devices. There are several position options to choose from to display the share buttons.

Button positions

All the changes you make to settings of the plugin will be changed on the live website dynamically.


SumoMe comes with a great list builder plugin that enables to create great popups to grow your email list greatly.

List box

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are several options for you to play with. Before this plugin starts collecting the emails, you need to integrate SumoMe with your email marketing service. It has support for integration with all the popular email marketing software.


In the above graph, List Builder shows the growth of subscribers for your blog with the help of graph. You can also know the detailed analytics of the popups and subscribes.

Popup trigger

There are two modes to trigger the popup. One is manual and another is smart. In manual mode, you have to set at what time the popup should appear for the visitor. In smart mode, plugin decides the best time to show a popup for the reader based on their browsing styles.


This one works great in building your email list rapidly.

When a visitor lands on your blog, they will be presented with a mat, where they can opt-in to your email list.


The above is the mat that is displayed to the visitors before they see the main content on my blog. When they click on the down arrow button, they will be scrolled down the main content of my blog.

This plugin also comes in with various configuration options similar to that of List Builder plugin.

Welcomemat settings

There is a dozen of other modules that come along with SumoMe.


This is a module that triggers the pop-up when a  visitor scrolls down your page. You can set the scroll percentage for the pop-up to trigger.


This module lets you view the Google Analytics data of your site within your site. It also views you the traffic metrics of the page when you visit pages on your blog; logged in.

The metrics that this module show dynamically when on site are visits, page visit duration, bounce rate and real-time count of visitors.


This module provides you the heatmaps  of the pages of your site, which you are recording. Heatmaps show you what part of the page visitor clicked and interacted with, the most.


This module shows the extent to which your posts are read by the readers on your blog. It is calculated by analyzing the scrolling pattern and scroll depth of your readers.


This plugin adds the social sharing buttons to all the images on your post. If you are spending your valuable time to create attractive images for your blog, then you surely want the images to be shared widely across the visual social media sites. This plugin comes handy for you.


This plugin is similar to content syndication services like Outbrain and Zemanta.

It recommends related articles to your blog from other sites that have the plugin installed. Your site also attracts good traffic from other sites that have this plugin installed.​

Just like mutually driving traffic from your related sites.​


It creates a form from where your readers can contact and communicate with you. The form is greatly customizable.

There are also some paid professional versions of the apps in the Sumo store.
Along with these, there is an ever-growing number of free apps that are available for you on Sumo store.

At last

SumoMe only has great plugins that are well-proved to be successful and extensible. Once you install the SumoMe app, the next thing is that you can install all the further plugins within its store.

It’s worth to give this app a try, as it comes with several tools.

I hope you found this review of SumoMe plugin for WordPress helpful. Let me know your views in the comments section.

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  1. NO doubt SumoMe is a great collection of plugins. I had used it couple of times in the past on my blog successfully to send targeted traffic to specific landing pages (Similar to hellobar). But this post gives me some more action elements using the amazing plugin. Akshay did you find the plugin having any impact on your website speed?

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