Getting Massive Organic Traffic: Smart Strategies by Experts

Getting organic traffic

Producing great content is the first step in ranking higher and organic traffic right?

Ordinary content creation strategies may not work nowadays. Bloggers are hungry for some of the new strategies that drive massive amounts of organic traffic.

This blog post is a collection of great strategies to drive considerably large amount of organic traffic.

So how do you define a great quality content?
Great quality content is a piece of content that gets lots of appreciation from the readers and they tend to link to or share the content.
Readers are making up their mind to share or link to the content, then it is a clear indication that the content is of high quality.

In order to call a content as great quality, it should be also unique. A great quality content without uniqueness is no more a great content.

I’m stressing too much about quality content right? Because, it’s the only way to drive massive amounts of search traffic.

Here I am sharing only insanely great strategies for getting organic traffic. But not about generic strategies the building backlinks, social signals, etc.

Skyscraper technique by @ Backlinko

Brain Dean. One who gained a lot of attention in content marketing and backlink building niche within a short span of time.

Personally, I would not miss a single blog post from Backlinko. They are all worth bookmarking and carrying it in your e-reader.

What the heck is skyscraper technique?

The skyscraper technique for building high-quality content involves 5 steps.

  1. Identify the content that has got more shares and appreciation from the readers in social media. For this you may use BuzzSumo, Topsy.
  2. Improve piece of content that you identified, add more value to it, be very insightful, strategic and include proper SEO strategies. In simple words, create content in your blog that is better than the original content that you have discovered in all aspects.
  3. Now it’s time for you to find the bloggers who linked to the original outdated article! Use OpenSiteExplorer, Ahrefs, SEMRush.
  4. Reach out to those bloggers who link to the outdated article. Give them a quick ping about the new improved version of the content on your blog.
  5. Ask them to link to your insightful and improved content than that of that outdated content.

Expert Guide #1: Skyscraper technique by Brian Dean

My additions:

Tools that you may use to find content that has already received appreciation in your niche.


How your new updated and more improved content on your blog should be?

  • Should be more advanced and updated than the original blog post
  • Word Count should be higher than that of the original blog post
  • Great blog design and layout
  • Great readability
  • Should have LSI keywords

After creating more updated content on your blog, it is important to reach out the bloggers. And also adopt proper blog post promotional strategies. Without proper promotion, your hard work will be left in vain.

I’m thankful for Brain Dean for sharing this wonderful strategy.

Jason Acidre @Kaiserthesage

Jason Acidre, in this post has shown us how we can increase organic traffic by intelligently leveraging the keyword data in Google Analytics.

Here are the steps.

  1. Make a list of all the long tail keywords for which you’re ranking and you’re not aware of.
  2. Now go to the respective posts, and then optimize the posts for the keywords that you found in the above step.

Expert Guide #2: How I increased my blog’s Search Traffic by 44% in under a month

I would like to add some tips with this.

Along with optimizing the blog post for the keywords that you are ranking and not aware of, optimize the blog post for semantic keywords. By this, you drive more organic traffic to your posts by leveraging the potential of Google semantic index.

Must read: The Best Guide to Semantic Keyword Research

My additions:

Reducing bounce rate for getting organic traffic

  1. Identify content in your blog that have a high bounce rate.
  2. Now it’s your turn to lower down the high bounce rate. Go to the page that have a high bounce rate.
  3. Interlink the page with high bounce rate with that of the pages with a low bounce rate.
  4. Now, as soon as the reader lands on your page with high bounce rate, he will come across a quality content (content with a low bounce rate) that you have interlinked.
  5. Now, as a result, he will click on the interlinked post, and the bounce rate of the blog post will be reduced drastically.

Increasing average page visit duration

  1. Identify blog posts on your blog that have less average page visit duration.
  2. Add content to that blog post. At insightful and updated content, so that readers may stay on that blog post for a long time.
  3. If possible use graphics and more preferably infographics. Infographics increase the page visit duration greatly.
  4. Make use of text formatting tags intelligently in your blog posts
  5. Include great perfect images on your blog posts. More images than the more is the average page visit duration.

What next?
If you’re suffering from low organic traffic. And, if you want to increase the organic traffic of your blog, then I’m sure that the above strategies have helped you a lot. Just reconsider your current strategies. Adopt the new strategies that are mentioned above in the blog post.

Don’t forget optimizing the old blog posts that you have published at the beginning of your blogging career.

I can challenge you that by properly implementing the above strategies in your blog posts, you can increase your blog organic traffic considerably within a week.

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And also.


If this post on getting organic traffic is really unique and has helped you a lot, do comment and share.

Akshay Hallur

I'm a professional blogger with 5 years of blogging internet marketing experience. I'm also a internet marketing trainer and a consultant.

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Marko - November 7, 2014

Hi Akshay,

great article, tnx fot that.

Have you find that any of the mentioned strategies tops the others? what is the single best strategy for increasing organic blog traffic, if there is one?



    Akshay Hallur - November 7, 2014

    Single best strategy? I doubt that. SEO can’t stand with any of the single strategy. Both the above two strategies are surefire. They combined with the generic strategies helps a lot.


Nisha Pandey - November 8, 2014

Hello Akshay,

I found this post on triberr and just entered here. Such an awesom epost. You have mentioned some great advice by these experts and what tools they use to boost their presence.

I have used some tools mentioned here likewise Buzzsumo and Quicksprout. Both are awesome tools. I suggest every blogger must have these for better online presence.

Thanks for sharing with us.. Have a nice day!

    Akshay Hallur - November 9, 2014

    Hey, Nisha thanks for the valuable comment.
    Glad you loved this article.Happy to hear that you used some of the above tools.

    Happy strategic blogging.

Sherman Smith - November 9, 2014

Hey Akshay,

You mentioned some great ways to improve your content so that you can increase organic traffic coming to your blog. I definitely agree with interlinking the posts with the high bounce rate to that of the page with the low bounce rate. I started linking my posts to old post with a low bounce rate, and this help lower the bounce rate.

Also I installed a plugin called Reduce Bounce Rate on my blog a couple of months ago, and this also helped to reduce the bounce rate as well. I make sure that I keep providing content that’s of value to my visitors as well. I look to improve my return visitors percentage which makes a big difference on the popularity of your blog!

Thanks for sharing Akshay and I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    Akshay Hallur - November 9, 2014

    Thanks for the insightful comment, Sherman. Interlinking pages helps a lot. It has other more advantages than that of reducing bounce rate. Even Ihave an article on this. @ Benefits of Internal Linking for SEO

    I also used Reduce Bounce Rate plugin. “It will tell Google Analytics every 10 seconds that your visitor is still on the page” right nah?
    But I think Google will not pay heed to it, because there are only a handful of blogs using this plugin.

    But it DOES reduces the bounce rate.

    I deactivated the plugin. Because I love my blog statistics to be natural.

    Anyways, thanks.

    Have a nice day.

Aquila Payor - November 9, 2014

Hey Akshay,
Ah first of all the article is awesome and full of juice in it to squeeze, but got few queries and personal experience would like to share..

QuickSprout? After searching for it I found that it’s an blog, and the author is Niel 🙁 I haven’t found tool to check the trending articles…. or I missed.

Second…. for one of my niche I tried Brian formula, but came to know that all the links been pointing towards the outdated content are sponsored post…

Wrong Niche i think…. or Any other alternative on that.

But have seen few of my friends really got benefit through those tricks…

Over to you bro!!!

Akshay naik - November 10, 2014

Great post, Chase! . I read your article and I like your post of google inbox invite. .Keep up the good work bro akshay.
I am sure that the informative you shared through your post is useful for people and people will make use of it for sure.

i will be sharing it on my facebook profile . i will follow your blog everyday to see your new post.

thanking you

Akshay Naik

Andrew M. Warner - November 11, 2014

Hey Akshay,

Great post.

I heard of the Skyscraper technique and I read that Brian Dean post on it, it’s freakin’ awesome. And is something I’d definitely be doing and implementing in the New Year.

I like the points you raised regarding bounce rate and reducing it. This is something I’m going to work on and may even use some of your tips here.

Thanks for this post.

– Andrew

    Akshay Hallur - November 11, 2014

    Andrew as you said that Brian’s skyscraper technique is freaking awesome. It’s a surefire way to climb up the SERPs.

    Glad you found the strategy of reducing bounce rate useful.

    Thanks for commenting, have a great day ahead.

Rahul - November 14, 2014

From my experience, Answer is yes. More content more traffic, because more possibility of long tail keywords. But backlinks can push ranking in narrow keywords or big keywords.

Justin Temple - March 21, 2015

Really well thought out and written article on organic traffic Akshay.
I love how you talked about Buzzsumo. I recently just learned this tool and forgot about it. But thanks to you I remember. Thank you for creating this awesome post and sharing your knowledge. Have a great day.

M-Minhaj - June 16, 2015


Yes, we should always think about the quality of content. Content is always king what we know!
This skyscraper technique really works. I like Brain Dean skyscraper technique most.
And i generally use Topsy for finding content received appreciation in my topics!

However,Well described article. i think every blogger should follow this post if they want better result.
Thanks for sharing this Excellent post with us. Would love to know more from you. Bookmarked!
Happy blogging Akshay!


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