SEMrush Review: A Must Have Tool for Bloggers and Marketers


Semrush review

In this post, I’m finally reviewing SEMrush, the best SEM and competitor research tool.

It’s the best all-in-one research tool, that helps bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, CPC advertisers and even display advertisers to effectively research their competition. This tool is considered to be the Swiss Army Knife of SEM tools.

The tool allows you to spy your competitor’s data like keywords they are ranking, backlinks, traffic, and also lets you effectively research your keywords.

SEMrush is available as a limited free version and also in professional plans.

In this review, you’ll learn how you can make effective use of SEMrush. I will also review the quality of their service.

Features of SEMrush and it’s benefits

All the features that come with SEMrush are gold. You can combine two or more features of this tool to frame great strategies for your online success. The sky is the limit.

That’s the thing.

I’m now reviewing the SEMrush features.

Traffic report

The greatest advantage of this tool is that you can determine the amount of organic traffic a site is getting.

Traffic report gbt


You can notice that the SEMrush returns the organic traffic I’m receiving on a daily basis, and that’s almost accurate. You can also see that large portion of my traffic is from Google US, and there are no paid keywords.

Traffic trend graph

It also displays the traffic a site is receiving since its inception in the form of graph. This has several benefits. When the traffic is down, and at the same time Panda or any major Google update has happened, then you can easily figure it out.

Panda penalty eBay

Above is the traffic graph of eBay, which was hit by Google Panda update for not having sufficient product descriptions. The site lost almost 50% of its search traffic.

The killer of all the features is historical keyword research.

Notice the below screenshot.

Historical keywords

By clicking on the graph node, you’ll get all the keywords that a site was ranking for a particular month in time. However, this feature is only available in pro and guru plans of SEMrush.

Competitor keyword research

You can enter the URL of your competitor and easily determine for what keywords your competitor is ranking for. You can also enter the URL of the particular blog post and spy the keywords for which that content is ranking for.
Enter the URL of competitor
Keywords a blog is ranking for
You can also notice that along with keywords, SEMrush is also displaying the volume, position, CPC and also competitors for the keyword. The keywords that appear first are those which are driving most of the organic traffic to your competitor.

You can enter the particular blog post URL and find out all the keywords that the page is ranking for. Notice the screenshot below.


Page keywords

Suppose, if you are writing a post on a topic, then you can research for the posts and the keywords related to the same topic. Adopt it in your content. It increases your probability of ranking for more keywords.

Another form of researching keywords that you could rank for is, finding the lost keywords of your competitor.

SEMrush Lost keywords

Above are all the keywords, for which the site was ranking for.


If there are any ad keywords the site is ranking for, then you can steal their ad keywords to make your ad campaign more effective and targeted. Ads history is also available with subscriptions.

Keyword research

Besides all these, SEMrush is also the best keyword research tool. Instead of URL, you can enter a particular seed keyword in the search bar.

Keyword research semrush

You get the volume, CPC and related keyword report for the seed keyword you enter.

SEMrush has recently updated its US database with  over 80 million keywords, 40.5 million domains and 100 organic positions.

Related keyword section is a goldmine.


Related keywords

You can find hundreds of untapped keywords in the full report. Targeting these keywords makes your post semantically rich. I recently increased my organic traffic by 17% using the same strategy.

It also has a great tool called keyword difficulty checker. It returns you the difficulty scores of the keywords based on several factors.

Keyword difficulty checker tool

It’s located under the “tools” section. Just paste in some of the keywords, you wish to rank for. The keyword difficulty score will be returned.

Backlink research

SEMrush also displays the backlinks of a domain or URL you enter in the search box.

Backlinks in SEMrush
Backlinks report of

Backlinks are sorted by dofollow or nofollow, type of backlink, and it also displays anchor texts. Along with them, SEMrush also displays the top pages of the domain for which there are a majority of the backlinks. You can research those pages further, create content on the same and steal competitor’s backlinks.

Suppose, you are building a niche blog and you don’t have an idea as to how to build backlinks to your blog. Now, you can research the backlinks of similar niche sites, and work on the same techniques your competitors are using to get backlinks.

SEMrush is upgrading its backlinks database. Expect a huge update soon.

Other features

  • Competitors of a site
  • Historical keyword research
  • Domain vs. domain, common keywords with Venn diagrams
  • Trend of keywords
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Site audit tool
  • Position tracking
  • Social media tool
  • Advertising research
  • Display advertising
  • Ads keywords
  • Ads history
  • Traffic trend of a site
  • Referring domains
  • Referring IPs
  • Anchor texts
  • Do follow or no follow
  • Image or text links
  • TLDs

Customer support

The support team of SEMrush is great. They value each customer and provide great assistance.

They’ve got US and UK toll-free numbers to ensure 24×7 assistance. For other countries, you can call them up at Skype or Hangouts at free of cost.

You can also send them a message or mail them at

Their support is incredible.


SEMrush is the best tool that I’ve ever come across. It’s a total all-in-one suite for serious bloggers and internet marketing professionals.
If you buy its subscriptions, and make proper use of this tool, I bet you grow your business exponentially.

If you are still uncertain about the tool, what it offers in its pro subscriptions, you can try out the tool for 14-days at free of cost.

Get me the 14-days free trial of SEMrush worth $35

You can cancel your subscription at any time within 14 days. If you are fully satisfied with the tool and wish to opt for it, then you can upgrade to pro or guru plans, depending upon your requirements.

I hope you found my review of SEMrush helpful.

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SEMrush review
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Must have tool for serious bloggers and internet marketers.

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