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SEMrush  - Summary

SEMrush is the best competitor research tool that ever serious blogger and internet marketer should have.
Once you opt for the tool, you will be amazed on how the tool simplifies your competitor research.

SEMrush free trial


Plenty of features to use like  keyword research, backlink research and many more.


Pretty decent price for its features
$70/month pro account

Ease of use

Very easy to use also for beginners.


US and UK toll free numbers. You can call them up on Skype or contact them via email.

First, let me tell you the purpose of this post.

In this post, I will teach you how to double your organic traffic using SEMRush and I will give a 15-day free trial of SEMrush (coupon) worth $35.

I’ve been a great fan of SEMRush, since the beginning of my blogging career.

I will have to start a new blog if I list all the features of SEMrush and explain them.

There are dozens and dozens of features, which can be strategically combined to drive great results.

Here I will discuss some of the main features, and strategies to use them.

NOTE: The screenshots that I’ve used in this post are from the from the old UI. SEMrush recently revamped their design.
However, all the features remain the same.


Spying keywords

Since the extinction of Google Keyword tool, the effectiveness of keyword research has decreased. Targeting keywords that drive massive organic traffic has become difficult.

For this purpose, I’m using SEMRush tool. Using SEMRush tool, I can identify the potential keywords, which can drive massive amounts of traffic.

But, how?

SEMRush is the best competitor keyword analysis tool. Using this tool, you can easily find out the content that has already received a great boost from Google.

The first step is finding your competitors.

You can consider the blogs in your niche, having a domain and page authority near to yours as your competitors.

In this case, I will consider UniversalBloggingTips as my only competitor.

You can easily spy on competitor keywords (both organic and ad keywords). You can also analyze the organic traffic flow graph. You can easily determine traffic history of the blog.


I will use SEMRush to find out the keywords that are bringing massive organic traffic to my competitor. As you can notice in the below screenshot, UBT is ranking for “Adsense WordPress themes”. A single page was ranking for the 7 keywords (in the picture 5 are visible). The search volume combined is definitely bringing great traffic to the site.

UBT keywords

In my site, if I publish a blog post on Adsense themes, then I will definitely be nearer to UBT for the above search terms.

Important thing: If I manage to publish a blog post on the same “AdSense themes”  with improved SEO, fresher, and more details then I will definitely outrank my competitor’s page in SERPs.

Keyword research

Other than using SEMrush for competitor keyword research, you can also use it for doing killer keyword research.

Instead of the URL, plug in the seed keyword, on which you want to perform your research.

Keyword research semrush

You can get the accurate search volume of the keyword, CPC, and also the related keywords report (goldmine).

If the keyword competition is slightly high, no problem.

You can use the related keywords to write semantically rich blog posts and rank higher for lateral search terms.

Tip: Targeting keywords with high CPC, on your AdSense blog, boosts earnings.

After coming upon a perfect keyword to target, you can look at what are all the pages that are ranking for the keyword and for what other keywords those pages are ranking for.

Include those keywords in your own blog posts, and expect a spike in charts.

This is the dirty little hack, I’m using on my blog to boost rankings and drive traffic.

You can also use keyword difficulty checker feature in SEMrush.

Spying on backlinks

You can also spy on competitor’s backlinking strategies. The main reason why your competitor is getting great traffic is backlinks. Spying on the competitors’ backlinks, analyzing the quality of their backlinks helps a lot in gaining great backlinks to your blog.

You can get backlinks grouped under dofollow, nofollow, TLDs, image links, etc.

UBT SEMRush backlinks

By exporting the list of backlinks and calculating the domain and page authority, you can easily determine the potential backlink sources of your competitor.

You can now browse the site, which is pointing to your competitor’s site then observe whether the backlink is from comment section or by guest post.
TIP: Use “inspect element”, and then search for the competitor’s URL in the source code!

The number of links SEMrush is crawling is increasing day by day.

Bonus tip (An alternative to keyword stuffing): SEMRush also presents you the details of the related keywords to the keyword you are researching for. Including related keywords in your blog posts, makes your post semantically rich. It increases your rankings greatly.

Applying SEMRush Coupon Code and Getting Free Trial

Hope this will be the SINGLE REASON TO BUY SEMRush.


After entering, you may want to register if you haven’t registered before. After this, you have to fill the payment details like credit card details. Filling payment details even for the trial account is the only annoying thing.

Here’s the truth…

Only by filling payment details, you are getting SEMRush Pro account worth $35 for free! You can cancel the plan anytime. Nevertheless, I bet, if you leveraged the full potential of SEMRush for 15 days, you will not turn back.

The SEMRush coupon codes are scarce. Just try it.


  • Organic Research: Positions, Position changes, Competitors, URL.
  • Keyword export in CSV, XLS, CSV semi colon.
  • SEMRush rank based on the amount of organic traffic that a site is getting.
  • Advertising Research: Positions, Position changes, Competitors, Ads copies, Ads history, URL.
  • Display advertising: TOP 30, Overview, Publishers, Advertisers.
  • Backlinks: Overview, Backlinks, Referring domains, Referring IPs, Indexed Pages, Backlinks Comparison.
  • Keyword Research: Overview, Full search, Related, Ads history.
  • Tools: Position tracking, Domain vs domain, Charts, Keyword Difficulty, Site Audit.
  • SEOQuake for Google Chrome

Hope you loved this SEMRush guide. Give SEMRush trial a try. You don’t have to pay a penny.

 Get SEMRush 15-day trial worth $35



This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  • Features
  • Keyword index
  • Backlinks index
  • Speed
  • Support


SEMrush is the best competitor and keyword research tool, you’ll ever come across.

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