How to Regain Lost Motivation and Focus on Blogging

Regain motivation blogging

For success in blogging, motivation matters a lot. So how to be motivated even in distracting situations? How to regain lost motivation and focus? This exact question  has driven you to this post. When writing online, several distractions lessen your concentration and motivation.
There are a number of external distractions like Mails, Skype calls, WhatsApp messages, calls, etc. They actually kill your productive hours online.
Along with external distractions, there are several internal distractions like obsessive thoughts, dilemma, confusion, anxiety etc.

Blogging is an endless journey, you get more success as the journey proceeds. Constant focus and dedication are required to achieve real success in blogging.

These are some of the tips that let you motivate yourself to blog regularly:

Use Distraction Free Writers

As I said earlier, by blogging on a cluttered desk, you will lose focus and eventually you will lose motivation for blogging effectively.

While blogging your focus should be only on churning out great content and nothing else.

Use text editors other than WordPress to write your blog post. If not possible, then use full-screen editing in WordPress. Some of the free distraction-free writers are Q10 and FocusWriter.
If you can’t prepare an entire blog post within distraction free writers, then for formatting you can use full-fledged editors like Microsoft Word or WordPress editor. I personally follow this way.

A clutter-free working environment along with a great distraction-free editor facilitates you to blog efficiently.

Read Blog Posts for Inspiration

Reading other blog posts and articles help get new ideas.

It may sometimes be difficult to force yourself to read other posts. But constant practice lets you develop reading as a habit.

Subscribe to some good blogs in your niche, and follow them up on a daily basis. It helps you in getting motivated.

Reading your own blog posts is also sometimes very effective in gaining lost focus. Reading your own old blog posts and tapping your back may sometimes be effective to encourage you to produce great content. It also seeds new blog post ideas into your brain.

Self-praising really helps to keep the TRAIN going on.

Measure Your Success

Measuring success helps in regaining lost motivation in blogging.

Tools like Google Analytics helps you measure your blogging and online success.

I only blog, if there’s something spike happening on my charts.

Personally, when I lose motivation blogging, I look at my blog’s performance in search results and in traffic. By seeing that my efforts are coming alive, my motivation will be increased and I continue my blogging journey without any distraction. Learn to note down the monthly statistics, and set traffic target for the upcoming month. It encourages to work hard and reach the goals.

Take a Quick Break

Long hours of blogging may sometimes be disturbing. Taking quick breaks like; say 15 minutes exploring your outer world, oils up your brain’s piston.
The brain needs its own time in order to re-index the information stored in it.

Most people have the attention span higher in the task they are passionate about. If you are really passionate about blogging, you may have the attention span of 1 hour, which is great. However, stretching your blogging time, beyond your attention span, may lead to cabin fever.

Spend more time researching on the topic you are blogging about by laying on your couch or say under a tree with mobile, Tablet or laptop. Once you gather enough information about the topic, you can switch to the desk to start writing about the topic.

Go Outing

Going outing and exploring the world makes room for creative ideas in your brain. Even an hour of outing increases your energy and it pushes you to be active. It frees up your mind.

Forget all the worries, thoughts about your professional life or blogging and enjoy heartily. During this time, your brain repairs all the outdated cache memory and helps to perform thought process smoothly (As if you do clear cache occasionally in your browser).

Living in the present, without brooding over thoughts helps to enjoy and motivate yourself.

Read Success Stories

Many people have achieved success blogging. Some of them also share their success stories and income reports. Especially the income reports of popular bloggers give an instant spike in energy levels. Do read them occasionally it helps you to motivate yourself.

If you have an example of a person, who achieved success in your niche, you gain greater confidence and more likely to achieve success. It will tempt you to become successful, and you eventually will start working towards your goal.

Communicate with Other Bloggers

Blogging is not a lone journey. Communication with other bloggers matters a lot. Sharing strategies that each other follow, sharing experiences make blogging more fun and motivate you to stay active.

As a bonus, communication helps a lot in getting traffic, opportunities, building communities and backlinks. Networking especially helps you informed about the latest improvements and trends in blogging.

Know how to deal with backstabbers

Dealing with backstabbers, that was one thing I learnt. They’re only powerful when you have your back turned.

Backstabbers are so-called because they are only strong behind you. They always discourage, they always point out the negatives in you, instead of identifying positive ones. Keeping these kinds of negative people around you leads to negativity in your life.This negativity, in turn, leads to a loss of motivation and change in attitude and mental setup.

Just don’t pay a dime for the negative talks about you or your profession. Don’t live life in the eyes of others. Follow your heart.

Final words
To ensure that you do not lose focus or motivation, live in a positive atmosphere. Go for a walk and exercise regularly. Be aware of the environment around you. Don’t be just a machine sitting in front of another machine.
Realize that there is a world other than the digital world.

I hope these above tips on getting you motivated to blog, helped you. Do comment or share this blog post if it has helped you.

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4 thoughts on “How to Regain Lost Motivation and Focus on Blogging”

  1. Blogging success requires constant motivation. Different bloggers will need different motivating factors.

    Ultimately, whatever approach is applied for motivation would be dependent on focusing on the BIGGER PICTURE or long term objective.

    We cannot completely do away with situations that ‘demotivate’ but having plans in place when such moments arise can help deal with it.

    The tips shared in this post can serve as starting points for blogging motivation!

    This post “kingged” or upvoted in where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  2. There are so many things and people around us that will inspire and motivate us to focus on blogging. I know you now that too.

    However, there comes a time that we lose motivation and feel as if we don’t like working or blogging. For me, I can consider that one of the reasons why writer’s block occurs.

    Anyway, the tips are practical and I like the tools and suggestions you shared here. I haven’t heard about Q10 and I’ll try to give it a lot.

    Thanks for the share!

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  3. I think breaks are important. You’ve just got to get away from the computer for at least a couple of hours each day.

    And it’s not just short to medium breaks that are helpful. If you are suffering from “blog burnout” then sometimes it’s a really good idea to get right away from your blog for weeks or even months.

    If you do that you’ll usually return to it with a completely fresh outlook. That will often give you lots of new ideas on how to approach it differently.

    1. You’re right Matt. Without taking quick breaks, blog burnouts will happen.
      Moreover, taking quick breaks from long blogging sessions gives rise to many new ideas.

      Taking breaks is worth the time. It’s like lubricating session for our brain.

      Thank you on your first comment.

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