7 Less-known Reasons Why Readers are Running Away from your Blog

You churn your posts, tap and tap on your keyboard and publish an awesome blog post. Well, that too with no real pat on your back.

No one’s there to appreciate your effort, you are alone, tapping your keyboard forever.

Why is that?

I have come across blogs that are here around the web for years altogether, driving no results and real money.

In the meanwhile, I’ve also come across blog posts that achieved a measurable degree of success online within a couple of months.

So what’s the difference between these two type of blogs?

The former one which achieved no success, do not know why people aren’t coming back to his blog.

Readers not coming back

So it’s necessary to know why some people return back to your blog, become the loyal readers, while others won’t.

1. Your content is not readable
After writing your blog posts, read it once. Determine whether your content is readable. Does it contain commas, full-stops, where they are supposed to be? Are you conveying the exact thing you wanted to?

Are the text and background are contrast to each other? Are the colours pleasing to read? Is the font size and family good? Is the line spacing well formulated? Is your content scannable? You should ask all these questions.

Most of the readers love to read content with great typography.

Apart from these, you should also check whether any social stuff or pop-ups are blocking the text in your post.

2. You’re not providing the content, readers are seeking for
Almost every reader, who visits your blog has a purpose. He will be looking for some exact thing, like an exact solution or an answer.

The moment they realize that your blog isn’t going to provide any real value to them, they quit and never return to your blog.

It’s somewhat a difficult thing to determine what your readers want from your blog. So instead, let’s know how to let your readers know whether your blog post is right for them.

For this, you have to include a table of content or an excerpt of what you’re going to cover in your post. By this, readers before entering the blog posts come to know whether your blog post is what they are looking for or not.

This is not the only go. You must also learn how to write content that meets the demand of your readers.

I’ve written a small relevant guide to help you produce super relevant content, that not only boosts rankings but also satisfies reader requirements. It’s a must-read.

3. Not making a way for conversations
Blogging is not all about producing long-form text. It has something to do with conversations. You should provide readers with an opportunity to speak up.

It’s also your duty to know,

  • the thinking pattern of your readers
  • what readers think of your posts
  • what sort of posts they like

For these things to happen, conversations are essential.

You should make a room for your readers speak their mind, involve in conversations. Once your blog becomes a conversation hub,  more and more readers keep coming back to your blog.

4. You don’t value them
Readers are like guests. You should treat them as if they are guests who came to your birthday party, respecting your invitation. Welcoming them to your blog with a rocking introduction is important. Treat that starting paragraph as a welcome party for your readers.

You should never treat your readers as aliens. Address them using you and your. Be personalistic. Ditch that robot-business.

You should reply to every comment of your readers. You should value the time they took to leave a great comment on your blog. The moment you learn to value your readers’ comments, you get more loyal repeat readers.

In comments, you should address them. Mentioning their name helps them feel the warmth of your love. Leave an honest reply to their comments.

Suppose if they have emailed you regarding a problem or asked you something, reply them with love. The solution they asked you in the mail may sound simple to you. But for them, guess what.

People forget all the things. But never the name of a person who has helped them.

So if you are not valuing your precious readers on your blog, don’t expect them to turn their head towards your blog in future.

5. Having little social media activities
Promoting your blog content on social media is a great way to hint your loyal readers about your blog.

Participating in forums, discussions, and commenting on other relevant blogs are all great ways to attract readers to your blog.

The main goal here is to drive new readers and to remind existing readers of your blog about visiting your blog.

6. Having ridiculous pop-ups
Yes, I mean they are ridiculous.

When I visit certain sites on my mobile, it’s like some pop-ups are specially designed to block the text that I am reading! The close button, well, it seems like not serving the purpose. I have to close the tab deciding not to visit that site again.

One of the top causes for high bounce rates is pop-ups.

Increasing subscribers is not worth the risk of losing loyal readers.

7. Not shooting enough newsletters
Sorries, I am the one!

You display pop-ups. Well. But for what reason? To have people read your newsletters right?

Some people like me don’t have the regular habit of shooting newsletters to subscribers regularly.

Newsletters are one of the most used ways to drive readers back to your blog regularly. If you are the one who don’t regularly interact with the subscribers, stop reading and interact with your subscribers.

Don’t let subscribers forget the fact that they are subscribed to your blog!

Your turn…
These are some of the reasons why readers are not coming back to your blog. If you are caught in any one of the reasons, make use of the above tips to drive readers back to your blog.

I think I have listed all the common reasons why readers may not be returning back to your blog. If I have missed any  reasons, let me know in comments.

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing such a nice article, I was searching for the same topic and just tapped on your link..

    This helps me a lot, thanks again for sharing..

    Regards: Ataib

  2. Swapnil Jagtap

    Thanks for sharing this detail post. This will help me to think about readers for reading the blog. This will surely help me for my website. Keep posting.

  3. Hi Akshay

    I concluded from your post that the main reason of low traffic on my website is my laziness on social media. I will improve this. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

  4. Hi,

    Brilliant post. Another point I’d like to add is about Speed.

    Readers don’t like slow websites. If your blog loads slow, readers mostly get irritated and are not likely to return.

    For this, it is important to keep loading times under 4 seconds.

    Otherwise brilliant post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Akshay,

      Thank you for the post! It’s very useful. I like the tip on newsletters. I think people often forget about that (myself included). What would you suggest to include in the newsletter? 🙂

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