5 Reasons Why Your Post Is Not Ready To Be Published

Not ready to go live

Wait a minute! Your post is not yet eligible to hit the PUBLISH button.

Or, oops, I accidentally hit publish button!!

How many times you have told it yourself or heard it from others while you’re hitting the publish button? I bet many times you hit your publish button even before the post is ready to be published.

It’s common for every blogger to be attracted to publish button once the blog post is completed.

Here are some of the top reasons why your post is not ready to be published.

Reason #1: Not including LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are the perfect substitute for main keywords. Instead of being a keyword stuffing victim, you can use LSI keywords throughout your blog post.

These keywords are effective because Google is adopting semantic search in its search results. So including synonyms or LSI keywords along with that of the main keywords helps a lot in ranking your blog post higher in SERPs.

You can find LSI keywords of any keywords easily using Google suggest, Google keyword planner, etc.


Reason #2: No outbound links

Linking out to great sites or citing other sources will be beneficial. The outbound links help Google in determining what your blog post is about, thus your blog post will rank effectively on SERPs.

If the blog to which you’re linking offers Trackbacks then your outbound links will result in a backlink. It also sometimes helps in building relationships.

In turn, the webmaster of the blog may link to you.

You have to make sure that you link to blogs that have good authority and reputation. Or else you will lose your readers.

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Reason #3: Not using text formatting tags

Formatting tags help in breaking up the text into smaller chunks. It’s very helpful for scanners and speed readers, they can digest the content written in your blog post very easily.

Formatting tags like bold, italic or underline act as speed breakers. They force your readers to stop and read the section of the blog post thoroughly.

Alternatively, you can also use varying font sizes, colours, etc.

Text formatting tags help readers read your post till the end. They comfort the eyes of the readers. All great typography lovers do not fail to format the text.

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Reason #4: Bold or italicize the main keyword

Formatting main keywords in the first paragraph or in the last paragraph or within the blog posts helps a lot. It helps in ranking your blog post for the specified keywords in SERPs.

Blog posts with keywords highlighted tend to perform better in the SERPs.

Do not overdo it. Do it in some posts but not several times in a single post. Or else Google may frown upon you.

Reason #5: Other reasons

  1. Not inserting category and tags.
  2. Did you set featured image so that your image can show as thumbnails?
  3. Did you setup SEO friendly Permalink?
  4. Have you included the keyword in an ALT tag?
  5. Did you proofread your article or blog post before hitting publish button?

Final words
You need not refer this blog post again and again while hitting the publish button. There is a plug-in called Good writer checkify, that helps you maintain a checklist that you need to do while publishing a blog post.

BONUS TIP FOR READING TILL END: To be sure that the blog post will not go live even after you hit publish button accidentally, there’s a trick.
You need to schedule the blog post even before writing it to somewhere in the future. So that, even if you hit publish button accidentally it will be scheduled to somewhere in the future but it does not go live.

After you finish editing you can edit the scheduled time and publish it instantly.

After reading this blog post, I hope many of you have come across the mistakes that you have repeatedly committed while publishing a blog post.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and it helped you a lot. If so, do share and comment.

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Post Is Not Ready To Be Published”

  1. Akaahan Terungwa

    Hello Akshay,

    Your post reminds me of the very first months I became a blogger…I made all these blunders – and more! The learning curve was slow – to be sure. However, I got over it and I’ve mastered every bit of the art of writing online like a true pro now.

    However, for many newbies, this is far from the case!

    Your excellent entry will go a long way to help them fix things right – once and for all!

    Be certain to make the day great!


  2. Why you have not mentioned about image because image is important part for an article, you’ve just talk about featured image.

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