Top 5 Reasons Why you are Not Getting Organic Traffic

This guy is not getting organic traffic

Almost every blogger must had been in a position where their content deserves lots of organic traffic, but they’re not getting it. Seems familiar. Right?

For getting organic traffic, great quality content alone is not enough. Smart work is needed.

The mistake most bloggers do is that they produce great quality content, but they fail to reach out the audience.
Producing great content and then sitting back tight. Who cares? Who bothers to read your blog?

Who attends the event without an invitation?

No promotion

In order to get an organic traffic boost from Google, your blog needs to get some steady stream of direct and referral traffic.

Google before ranking your blog in search engines, analyzes the nature of the traffic that you are receiving. It has to collect some information regarding bounce rate and average page visit duration.

The initial traffic is necessary for Google to correctly judge the quality of your site.

Unlike human beings, search engines cannot determine the quality of the content. It is entirely dependent on the quality of the backlinks and the user interaction on the site for ranking the sites in the SERPS.

To help search engines gain these insights, first, you have to drive some initial traffic to your site.

Your goal should be to drive, high quality converting traffic that is really interested in reading your blog post.

For driving this sort of traffic, you have to target social media sites where your target audience resides.

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You have to get your loyal fan base, build your email list in the initial days. You have to make sure that your loyal readers are updated with your latest blog posts.

Initial traction to your latest blog posts helps greatly in boosting your new blog post’s rankings in search engines.

You should be participating in Facebook groups, Google Plus communities, Twitter and engaging with your audience and sharing other bloggers’ blog posts.

If you do not bother about social media promotion and gaining initial non-organic traffic, then you will surely fall behind in SERPS.

Targeting highly competitive terms

If yours is a new blog, then why would Google place you above all the old reputed blog pages?

Makes sense, right?

Initially targeting for highly competitive keywords like “What is SEO?” , is a grand failure.
Do not just look at the search volume. Search volume may attract you to target the keyword in your blog post. However, think about the competitions.

Can you compete with highly authoritative sites like Wikipedia? Nope.

  • Choose keywords that have decent search volume and the competition is low.
  • Targeting long tail keywords for your SEO strategy works great.

If you’re struggling hard to get effective keywords for your SEO campaign, then make use of SEMRush. It helps you spy on your competitors’ keywords and use it on your blog to create extraordinarily unique blog posts, and rank higher.

No internal linking

Do you know one thing? The entire web and search engines are entirely dependent on links.

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Google and other search engines crawl the entire web making use of links.

Internally linking your web pages helps Google in indexing your site effectively.

Recall the strategy that I’ve referred in one of my previous blog posts. i.e., interlinking old blog posts in new blog posts. The exact strategy works like a charm to get search boost for your old blog posts.

Ever analyzed the interlinking strategy in Wikipedia? Their interlinking strategy, alone can become the main organic traffic driver for their site.

The bonus stuff about this is, it reduces the bounce rate drastically. Try to use click bait anchor texts.

No navigation bar

Navigation bar plays a very important role in SEO. How?

Before ranking your blog, Google looks at the structure of your site.

The links in the navigation bar show the importance of pages on your site.

Have you ever noticed that blog posts linked in navigation bar rank higher? But, however, linking out to many pages in navigation bar dilutes SEO juice to individual links.

If you are not using any navigation bar on your site, then you are surely missing a great SEO benefit.

If you want to display Google sitelinks in SERPs for your site, then navigation bar helps you a lot.

In Layman’s terms, including the navigation bar helps in Google accurately understanding the content on your blog and determining the relationships between them.

Concentrating on quantity of backlinks

In all aspects of blogging, quality wins over quantity. Whether it is regarding the content or the backlinks.

Search engines when referred to by high-quality sites directly to your site, greatly boost organic traffic and rankings.

Many new bloggers make a dumb mistake of buying backlinks and building lots of low-quality backlinks matching the exact anchor text.

Backlinks should be of high quality and should be natural. You should not force the building of backlinks.

Building backlinks naturally via blog commenting and guest posts on authoritative blogs work great.

No mobile-friendly theme

Google is stressing more and more on the mobile-friendliness of the sites.

On January 2014, for the first time, the number of mobile internet users surpassed the desktop internet users (Search Engine Watch report).

By the end of 2015, mobile users will completely surpass desktop internet users GLOBALLY.

Now, I need not stress, how important it is to optimize your blog or site for mobile users.

Choose themes, which are perfectly responsive, both for desktop and mobiles. Alternatively, you can also use a separate theme for mobile versions of your site

Plugin: WPTouch

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Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Finding out the big main cause that is responsible for not getting enough organic traffic should be the main goal.

After correcting the factor that’s limiting the organic traffic that you are getting, your blog will recover.

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11 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why you are Not Getting Organic Traffic”

  1. I think domain authority is also one of the factor and if the have been penalized from google can also be factor of not receiving organic traffic. Few months ago i bought some expired domains and i start a blog on it and i posted regular content even then i was not getting organic traffic when i tried to find the reason i found tons of spammy backlinks to my domain and seems to penalized by google.

    1. Kamlesh, glad you found that the domain was spammy. I also had been at the same position, where I lost 6 months of my blogging career.

      If you are serious about your blogging career, better not to topt for dropped domains.


  2. Hi Akshay.

    I enjoyed those fine points.

    I didn’t know that Google takes seriously the initial flow of traffic to new posts. But it makes sense now. That’s useful to know.

    Thanks for the tips.


  3. Hi Akshay,
    As you mentioned Promotion,Quality backlinks,Mobile friendly theme and easy navigation bar is very important for SEO, to get good organic traffic to your blog, i think quality of the the content is also important for good traffic, anyway thanks for sharing this article, Keep rocking.

  4. Md Ashifur Rahman

    This article helped me a lot! I was looking for reasons why an ideal blog don’t get enough organic traffic.

  5. Thanks akshay,
    This post is very effective for me …..I am not getting traffic from search engine for my new blog I will try all the tips you provided in this post..

  6. Thanks for the valuable post,

    After reading this article I could understand why my website is not performing. It is a new website and I should wait a bit more for some organic movement on my website.

    Anyways thanks one more time.

  7. Hey akshay,
    I am newbie in Blogging,
    I am Working on my blog from 6 months but I am not getting organic traffic.
    I don’t kNow why I am follow every points which I am getting on internet.

    Plz visit my blog and give any one suggestion for that. Blog –

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