7 Ways to Promote Recently Updated Old Blog Posts

Promote old posts

Updating old blog content is as important as publishing new posts on your blog. It helps you attract new readers, visitors, and maybe customers. It also boosts the SEO of your site.

If you are neglecting the promotion of your old blog posts, then this post is a must read for you.

Once you learn the art of updating old blog posts for increasing their value, it’s important to promote them.

Promoting old blog posts is one of the easiest ways to gain additional traffic back to your blog and increase conversions. When bloggers hear the term promotion, they only think about the promotion of new blog content.

In this post, I’m gonna present you some effective ways in which you can promote your recently updated old posts. This post is gonna unveil you some of the effective ways to promote your old blog posts.

Make use of fresh graphics

The images you may have used in your old posts may not be so effective. It may be time for you to create fresh attractive graphics for your blog posts.

Creating great blog graphics is important, especially for social media promotion. The visual aspect is the future of social media promotion and marketing.

It is a known fact that social media posts with attractive graphics get more engagement.

You may make use of tools like Canva or create text graphics for your old blog posts.

Now just post the created graphic and include the link to your post in the image description. Image post on social media gets more engagement than that of mere link posts. You may use URL shortening services, to shorten your post URL and keep track of what traffic your social media post has driven to you.

You may also pin the graphic to your Pinterest boards and Instagram.

When you include attractive images in your posts you look more professional and you also gain good readership.

Updated posts as widget

This is one of the great tips to increase the traffic to your newly updated blog post.

Create a widget that displays all your posts that are recently updated in the chronological order. For this, there are several plugins for WordPress like Last Updated.

Last updated

With this, you gain additional traffic to your recently updated blog posts. Readers who come to your blog in search of fresh information find the widget helpful. It also alerts the loyal readers of your blog about the updated content.

Republish it

When you update the content on your old blog posts greatly, you may consider republishing the blog post by changing the publication date in WordPress post editor.

By this, the updated blog post again comes to the top of your homepage.

Alternatively, you can also make the blog post stick to the top of your homepage.

Stick post

Don’t do it all the time. If your blog post is updated to a greater extent, then you may consider republishing it.

Another trick is to identify the blog posts, that received good traffic when they were first published. After identifying, just republish them and promote the heck out of it.

By this, you gain lots of traffic without even publishing a single new word on your blog.

Shoot a newsletter

Let your subscribers know about the content you’ve added to your post. Don’t just send a link to your subscribers.

Note down the initial publishing date of the post. Now you could consider segmenting your list so that your newsletter would only be sent to new subscribers who subscribed to your blog after the date of post publication.

Just let them know the highlights of the blog post and link at the bottom. You may also consider adding the label (updated) next to the link.

Your list has the greatest potential to drive you laser-targeted traffic instantly. Make use of it to gain traction to your newly updated post.


When you improve your old posts, it needs some exposure. For that, you need to link to your recently updated blog posts in your other blog posts.

Just head over to some of the quite popular blog posts on your blog, and include a link to your old blog posts. Your readers who are reading your blog post may also end up reading your recently updated blog post.

It also yields the SEO benefits for your blog posts.

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Comment on other blogs

The comments you make should be of high quality.

I highly recommend you to read this post – The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Comment.

Your comment should entice other readers to click on your link. It should be friendly, high-quality and in-depth.

Instead of linking to your homepage in the comment, link to your recently updated blog post. It gives you some extra exposure for your recently updated blog posts.

Share it strategically

While promoting recently updated posts on social media, you need to follow a different strategy.

While sharing, mention that your post is updated. You may use the keywords like updated or improved-enlarged post.
Target the readers who previously shared or liked your content, and let them know that the content is updated. You may also mail the commenters of that blog post, and let them know that the post is updated and you’ve added ‘x’ words to your original post. Don’t forget to include the highlights of your post in the email.


Download here the  big list of all the places you want to promote your content.

35 places to promote your blog posts

What about you?

These are some the ways in which you can improve your old blog posts, and promote them for increased visibility and extra traffic.

What about you? What techniques are you following on your blog to promote old content?

Let me know in comments.

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