15 Random Kickass Blogging Tools for Productivity

Blogging tools

Do you blog daily? If yes, then this blog post is definitely for you. There is a plethora of blogging tools available online. But the fact is that it’s difficult to choose the best out of them.

Random blogging tools for productivity

In this post, I will introduce some of the blogging tools that I found extremely helpful in my blogging career. I bet you’ll enjoy this post. The tools that are mentioned in this post will help you increase productivity and save your time blogging.

These blogging tools will help you right from finding a kickass topic to blog upon and writing and publishing of blog posts.

There she goes.

1. BuzzSumo

This is one of my favorite blogging tools for finding great topics to blog upon.
It is basically a web app that digs up the most shared content in the specified niche.
Blogging on a topic that has already received much appreciation on social media is a great idea.
Whenever I’m stuck up finding a blog topic, I head over to BuzzSumo and see what’s trending in social media.

2. Orzeszek Timer

It is one of the great timer off-line apps.
I love it because of its simplicity.

Orzeszek Timer is highly beneficial for me to keep a deadline for blogging time. It lets me blog quickly and effectively.
Without this, I would take forever to post a blog post.

3. Ditto

I can’t even imagine blogging without this tool. For me, Ditto is the perfect clipboard manager app.
It makes my blogging insanely fast. It records all my previous clipboard records. With its tiny search engine, I can find my previous clipboard entries.

It saves 20% of my time blogging.

4. PhraseExpress

I love this tool. It saves another 20% of my blogging time.
When you’re free, you can feed PhraseExpress with commonly used phrases and their short forms. This tool will expand the short forms to complete phrases while typing. You can trigger this automatically, or by pressing a prespecified hotkey, or on per app basis.

It lets me do daily generic tasks easily.

5. Dragon NaturallySpeaking

This software is by Nuance, one of the top innovative software developers. This software is now the top software for speech recognition. It makes your everyday task easier by recognizing your voice for operations, as well as typing. After setup, you need to configure the software by training it with your speaking accent. It asks you to read some useful books that help you to gain knowledge and in the same time, it trains itself of your accent and style of speech.

However, make sure you stick up to a single Microphone and environment. If you are travelling then you may have to take a copy of the speech files and the software so that you can set up Dragon anywhere you want.

Dragon can learn your talking style by learning from your inbox and documents. By using this software, you can blog fast and make the most of your computer.

6. Hemingway App

I don’t know other bloggers, but me, I’m fully involved while blogging.
It leads to very long sentences or paragraphs, without even a punctuation mark.

For some bloggers, determining where to put proper punctuation marks might be a daunting task. Splitting up the sentences into shorter pieces and increasing the readability helps a lot.

This is where Hemingway App comes. It scans the entire piece of text and marks down the long unreadable sentences.

7. Canva

You no more need an expensive photo editing software for fulfilling your basic image editing needs.
Canva is a free online image editing software. It lets you choose perfect images for your blog posts, edit it, enhance it and, of course, save or publish it.

It lets you create great images, infographics, visuals and publish it online.

8. Skitch by Evernote

For many bloggers, screenshots play an important role. Taking screenshots, and then marking them up may be a time-consuming task.

Skitch helps you work up to screenshots or images on the fly easily. It’s minimalistic interface is what I love the most.


IFTTT stands for ‘if this then that’.

Unlike Tasker App for Android, it is also online.

It is a web app that lets you create connections between many of the Web services. Some of the automation tasks that include with this app are:

  • Tweet when a new blog post is published.
  • Write a new post to your blog whenever you save a Delicious bookmark.
  • Create a note in Evernote as soon as you publish a YouTube video.
  • Invite Twitter followers with a LinkedIn message!

There are thousands of recipes like this. You can automate almost whatever you want, connect whatever services you want to connect.

You can even create your own recipe by registering or use an existing one.

10. Diigo

This tool lets you annotate web pages, add notes, markup. The annotations will still be there if you visit the page later.
You can also view the annotations made by other Diigo users.

You can manage and reference all the annotations made to the web pages in your dashboard later.

11. Buffer

It is a complete social media automation tool. The seamless integration of this tool with various browsers, mobile devices, and their outstanding blog makes this an excellent tool.
You can schedule social media posts with the help of Buffer.

Scheduling tweets when most of your followers are active helps in getting more retweets.

12. OpenSiteExplorer

This is one of the greatest Moz tools that I have ever used. It is all in one. It includes competitor backlink analysis, anchor text analysis, Moz rank, top pages, etc.

OpenSiteExplorer is one of the best tools for competitor Analysis.

13. SEMRush

With SEMRush, you can spy on your competitors’ keywords.
If your competitors can rank for keywords, then why can’t you.

Targeting competitors keywords and delivering better content than they deliver is a great idea.
It helps to effectively target keywords with high CPC, and thus increase Google AdSense earnings.

14. LastPass

As a blogger, you definitely have to remember passwords of a plethora of sites that you have registered for. It’s a daunting task.

LastPass helps you to keep all the passwords in a secure place or vault, which is protected with a strong master password and security.

15. Write!

This is a great writing tool I fell in love recently. Write! is the tool I use to write articles for my blog. I use this app along with a background ambient music to boost my productivity while writing articles.

It’s the best tool that I’ve ever got to make my writing more fun and focused. They have their apps for both Windows and Mac.

Final words
These are some of the tools that let you blog efficiently and increase your productivity.
I personally found these above tools highly effective. I have personally used them all, and have been greatly benefited by them. All the above tools combined save 50% of my time blogging.

Above tools let me blog on an autopilot.

Hope you enjoyed this post, do share these awesome productivity blogging tools and do comment.

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5 thoughts on “15 Random Kickass Blogging Tools for Productivity”

  1. Nice tips, i will need to re visit the tools and try using them one by one….

    But for sem rush and open site explorer i have not heard about any one of them untill i read this.

    Nice to see a comprehensive post like this

  2. I recently started a new blog and was trying to figure out the set up that I wanted. These are somethings that I hadn’t yet considered. I am really glad that I ran across your post. I would love to learn more about skitch. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have personally used only three tools in the list.
    OpenSIteExplorer,SEMRush, & BuzzSumo and they really did wonders for me.
    Thanks for sharing other tools. I would really love to try them out too.

  4. One more tool that I’d like to suggest you to try is ProofHub. This tool is very useful to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects on time.

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