The Lazy Blogger’s Guide to Produce Great Content

The Lazy Bloggers

You know that “Great content is the secret sauce for blogging success.” Everyone wants to be successful effortlessly. So, how to produce great content with minimal effort?

If you are a lazy Goose and want to produce great content, then this guide is definitely for you.

What is great content? How do you define it? Producing great content is not as difficult as the name: GREAT. Any blog post, which readers love reading and tend to share is a great blog post.

What type of blog posts get more shares and involvement?
Producing content that gets more shares and involvement is not a big job. Blog posts that are completely understandable, precisely written, unique and extremely helpful tend to go viral.

Some of the types of blog content that readers love to share and involve, and which can be created effortlessly are:

  1. List posts.
  2. Case studies.
  3. Interviews.
  4. Infographics.
  5. Roundups

These are some of the strategies that lazy bloggers, including me, can follow.

List posts

Look for blog post titles like “7 signs that your blog is failing” that gives the clear-cut view to the visitor that what he can expect from your post. List posts with an attractive motive that are the best bet.

Most of the readers like to read precise list posts on the go. They need the points. Create a bullet or number list and drop your ideas in list pattern. It’s effortless and effective. Keep headlines something like 101 tips, 99 tips etc. Make sure you heavily promote these type of blog posts.

Make sure the items in the list are in some order. Readers surely miss some of the important points in a mere list of items. The items in the list should be related to each other in a certain pattern.

List posts have the greater tendency to go viral. Because,

  • They are easily digestible.
  • They are quicker to scroll through.
  • They are to-the-point.

Post Case studies

Every blogger is a case study. There is something worth studying in every Blogger’s career. Collecting statistics from the beginning is helpful in producing case studies.

Case study posts are a huge success. Because readers like to read something more real rather than tips and guides. They love to read the product of someone’s research and thorough understanding. They need facts, not assumptions.

By publishing case studies, you will be recognized as stardom in your niche by your readers. It highlights your research and involvement in your niche.

The most important part in writing case studies is that you should present the scenario as-it-is.

Post Interviews

Asking the right questions to the right people and posting the questions and their answers in your blog help in earning a reputation as a blogger and also a huge amount of traffic. Great interviews tend to go viral.

Simply reach out to some authoritative bloggers in your niche, ask them that you want to interview them. Ask great questions, sum up the answers, and wrap it up into a blog post. Publish it, promote it, and there she goes!

It’s the laziest way to produce great content and gain more interaction. The only thing that you need for this is to have good relationship and communication with fellow and authoritative bloggers.

Here the most important part is the way in which you outreach the blogger for the interview.

Interviews can lead long-lasting relationship with the blogger.

Produce Infographics

I am not going to tell you to create your own infographics and share. If you could, please do so.

All I am trying to tell you is to find existing infographics on other blogs that received great appreciation. Check if the webmaster of that blog has offered embed code to share it on your blog. Copy the embed code, publish it on your blog along with a link back with some great content and description.

A blog post combined with infographics has the greater probability of going viral. The consumption of visual content is ever high today.

After you publish an infographic on your blog, don’t fail to share the same on social network sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and especially on visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram.

Create roundup posts

This is one of the best ways by which you can effectively build networks, relations and also to market in your niche.

This involves reaching some of the influential people in your niche and ask them to share their insights about a particular thing or ask them a common question.

Roundup post example

This is a screenshot from the blog Robbie Richards. These kinds of blog posts receive more traffic, because of two reasons.

  • Influencers share your post because of the fact you mentioned them.
  • People love to learn the tips provided by various experts in a single place.

It also increases the chances of your post attracting backlinks.

For this, you just need to reach out the influencers with a unique question. Rather than just asking them like ‘What is your favorite blogging tool?’, ask them like ‘What are your favorite blogging tools for productivity?”

7 Blogging Experts Share their Productivity Tips and Tools

For the above-linked post, I reached out 10 most popular people in blogging niche, I got 7 replies. That’s 70%, it’s quite good.

Roundup example

Final words
I always suggest my readers not to be lazy (lol)! If you can not manage to beat laziness, these above points surely help you.

By cluttering your blog with only list posts, only infographics or only interviews, you lose your precious readers. These type of posts are useful when you are in a busy schedule, or not in front of a PC, and want to produce great content effortlessly.

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  1. loved your title, Akshay !
    anyway every bloggers are generally lazy because a majority loves blogging, because that generates money…..

    BTW, your post is something that will help bloggers to reduce their content-writing time and effort. Keep going and have a great day !

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