Top 7 Unbeatable OptinMonster Alternatives in 2017 (3 FREE Plugins)

Optinmonster alternatives

Here in this blog post, I'll be listing some of the best alternatives to OptinMonster. The OptinMonster plugin has been the best list building plugin for WordPress from a long time. It's been loved by most of the WordPress folks for some of the great features it offers.

However, things have changed recently. With the fierce competition in the WordPress industry, other plugin developers have also managed to compete with OptinMonster.

Let me tell you the truth. Today, OptinMonster is not the best plugin for the money. There are other WordPress plugins that offer great value than OptinMonster.

You are on this post because, you know the importance of list building. You need to also remember that choosing a right plugin for list building matters a lot of in speeding up the list building process and getting the ROI.

Here are some of the aspects on which I listed the OptinMonster alternatives in this post:

  • Price (I favor one-time fee for the plugin)
  • Plugins with features that help you build the list fast.

Top OptinMonster Alternatives that don't Suck!

Below is the table of some of the good alternatives to OptinMonster when it comes to growing your email list swiftly and with less hassle.

Here are the best OptinMonster alternatives.​






Thrive Leads - My Pick!

$67 one-time, lifetime updates



Ninja Popups - Budget Pick! 

$25 one-time, lifetime updates




Free/Pro at $9 monthly




Elegant Themes Club 



Sumo List Builder

Free/Pro at $9/year



WP Subscribe Pro




Popup Maker

Free with pro addons


The Winner

#1. Thrive Leads - Better than OptinMonster

Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a plugin, I'm using on my blog to build email list faster than ever.

I'm totally in love with the plugin and reviewed the plugin in detail in one of my previous posts. - Thrive Leads Review. I've used this plugin inside out!

Let us look how this plugin compares itself with the OptinMonster plugin.​

Thrive Leads has all the features that OptinMonster has except some features like cross-platform compatibility, referral source optin forms, and popup scheduling.

>> Get Thrive Leads <<

Similar to that of OptinMonster, you can place the optin form inside the content, footer, as a ribbon, screen filler (favorite), scroll mat, widget, popup lightbox and also content upgrades.​

The Thrive Leads also supports content locking feature, which enables you to lock the content and reveal the content only when the user successfully subscribes to your email list.

You can A/B test the opt-in mechanisms against each other and thus speed up your list building process.

The Thrive Leads comes with tons of templates for you to choose from. Whether it be a lightbox, scroll mat, screen filler, and many other. All the types of opt-ins have dozens of templates that are completely customizable via WYSIWYG or drag and drop editor.

Areas where Thrive Leads excel over OptinMonster

The Thrive Leads come at a one-time fee of $67, and you can enjoy the free updates for lifetime. No strings attached. Whereas, in the case of OptinMonster, you need to pay $29/month to get some of the good features of Thrive Leads.

In the case of Thrive Leads, you can hide the subscription popup to the visitors who already have subscribed to your newsletter. This is the feature that only the Thrive Leads has managed to offer.

In the case of OptinMonster, there are only limited elements in the drag and drop builder. Whereas, in the case of Thrive Leads there is a plethora of elements that enables you to design the lead generation form as you wish.

Thrive Leads come with Signup Segue option, which enables the existing subscribers to register for a course or a webinar on one click, thus skyrocketing the conversion rate.

#2. Ninja Popups - The best plugin for the price (Compareable to OptinMonster)

Ninja popups

Ninja Popups is the plugin I recommend to bloggers who are quite stringent when it comes to their budget.

You'll be surprised to see the features that this plugin comes with when compared to the price of $25 you spend to purchase it. Once you purchase the plugin, you'll get unlimited future updates and also the 6 months support.

The plugin comes with a drag and drop builder that lets you build popups very easily on the fly. If you do not wish to design the popups on your own, there are 60 popup themes that you can choose from. I'm sure that they'll satisfy even the most complex needs.

There are 74 animation effects that you can apply to the popups. I was surprised to see this value given in the plugin priced at $25 for lifetime. You can apply different animations to each and every element of your popup.

Along with these features, the plugin also comes with a content-optin locker, social locker, statistics, etc.

The popup can be triggered to appear when visitors are about to exit, scroll a page to a certain percentage, after a certain time, etc.

Recently, the developers have also added Traffic Bouncer feature, that acts similar to the 2-step optin forms in the Thrive Leads. This feature enables the visitor to answer yes or no question and then the plugin offers them to sign up for an email list.

You can also conduct A/B testing on the popups and determine what popups work better over another. This is great considering the price at which you'll be getting your hands on the plugin.

The integrations with various email software APIs is great.

#3. Icegram - Free and premium

This is one of the best popup plugins you can use on your site and is constantly being developed.

The different types of optin forms that you can use with this plugin are popups, header and footer pop. The most unique feature is the Toast notifications that are great to be used for notifications and messages.

The slide in messengers also help you to welcome new visitors to your site or recommend them new content when they complete reading the present blog post.

There is a wide range of free themes you can choose and edit to make your popups standout and convert better.

The plugin integrates with a wide array of email services. If you are using any unconventional email solution, you may use the JavaScript API provided by the Icegram.

The analytics of the pop-ups can be easily tracked and analyzed using a free add-on.

The premium version comes with A/B testing to test what variations of the messages in the popups convert better. This is something great. It also adds additional features like additional templates, exit-intent popups, etc.

The plus plan comes you only $9/month. The pro plan comes at a price of $97 year.

Icegram falls short to OptinMonster. The OptinMonster comes with a wide array of features but comes at a monthly premium price.

#4. Bloom

Bloom is one of the best plugins from Elegant Themes. This plugin deserves the position next to Thrive Leads in our post. However, you need to be an Elegant Themes member to use the plugin.

The Elegant Themes membership costs you $89/year or $249 for lifetime access to all their themes and plugins. This is a big downside.

With Bloom, you can trigger popups that appear once the visitor reaches a certain section of the page, comment, make a purchase or after a time delay.

The inline optin forms are also included, where you can place the Bloom optin form, wherever you wish in your blog through through the use of a shortcode.

Similar to that of content locking feature of Thrive, you can enable the content to be unlocked only when a user subscribes to your email list. This is a great feature.

The plugin comes with 100+templates to choose from. The popups can be further customized with drag and drop builder as per your wish. The borders and the edges can also be altered according to your needs like torn edge which you may have seen around the web.

The plugin integrates with dozens of popular email marketing softwares. However, it is worthwhile to take a second look at it.

#5. Sumo List Builder - Free and Pro

SumoMe is basically a WordPress app suite that you may be already using on your site. It comes with various apps like list building plugin, social sharing app, and many others. I've reviewed it earlier on my site.

It was the plugin that I was initially using on my site to get my first 500 subscribers before getting Thrive Leads.

I recommend you using this free plugin if your traffic is below 250 views daily. The free version of the plugin is more than enough for you. It comes built in with features like scroll mat, ribbon, exit-intent popups, and much more.

You can trigger the optin boxes based on exit intent, smart, scroll percentage, and time delay.

List box

The premium version of the plugin comes at the price of $348 /yr. It comes with additional features like animations, templates, mobile-only optin boxes, light boxes, and others. It also comes with A/B testing, Analytics, and much more.

Compared to other plugins like Thrive Leads and OptinMonster, this list building plugin lacks in some features.

You can also target specific optin boxes to people coming from specific traffic sources. This is the feature that you can see only in OptinMonster.

The $328/ year plan also includes premium access to all their other plugins like Share, Heatmaps, Contact Form, Google Analytics, and much more.

#6. WP Subscribe Pro

Although this plugin is not better than OptinMonster, it's a good affordable alternative to OptinMonster.

WP Subscribe Pro is priced at $39. In order to receive lifetime updates and support, you need to renew the license every year.

Even though you can use the plugin after a year, you won't be able to receive the updates. Once you purchase the plugin, you're free to use the plugin on your unlimited domains. 

However, if you are looking for advanced features in your list building plugin, WP Subscribe Pro may not be for you. It lacks some of the features like scroll mat, screen filler, content upgrades, AB testing, and much more.

Exit intent popup enables you to display the optin popup to your visitors the moment they are about to leave the page. This is made possible by tracking the user's mouse movements. This feature also comes with Thrive Leads and OptinMonster obviously.

The WP Subscribe Pro plugin integrates with 7 of the major email marketing softwares. Whereas, Thrive Leads integrates with dozens of email marketing softwares, ranging from Mautic to GetResponse.

WP Subscribe Pro is basically a lightweight plugin and is small in size than other plugins. Whereas, the plugins like Thrive leads andOptinMoster are bit large with more advanced features.

There are various triggers you can choose to display the popups, like - exit intent and delay. The popup animations are also there to increase the conversion rate by demanding user attention.

The plugin is flexible, you can add any custom HTML code or use any shortcodes inside the pop-up box.

#7. Popup Maker - Free

This is the best popup, modal or overlay plugin for WordPress. The plugin is entirely free without any restrictions except some add-ons.

The different types of lead generation mechanisms include Slide Outs, Banner Bars, Floating Stickies, Notifications, Loading Screens, Video Lightboxes, and Opt-In Forms.

The special popup editor will be available for you to design and create popups of any type you can imagine.

The 'conditions' feature allows to precisely target the popups to the visitors of specific pages and posts. You can also set how frequently the popup should show up as the plugin comes with cookie tracking.

However, the features like exit intent, advanced conditions, analytics and much more come as separate add-ons to the plugin that you need to purchase.

With this plugin, if you are a coder, the limits are endless.

Wrapping up

As you can clearly see, Thrive Leads is the best list building plugin as of now. In the next position, I would pick Ninja Forms that come with great features compared to the price of the plugin.

I personally think that OptinMonster monthly price is not worth it. Because there are better plugins in terms of features and price like Thrive Leads.

Hope you loved this post on OptinMonster alternatives helpful. Please do share the post and comment your views.

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In this post, I've listed some of the best OptinMonster alternatives. Both the free and premium plugins are included.

Akshay Hallur

I'm a professional blogger with 5 years of blogging internet marketing experience. I'm also a internet marketing trainer and a consultant.

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Kayla - March 11, 2017

Thank for an informative post! This helps me narrow down which plugin is best for me, but I was wondering if you know whether or not Ninja Popups offers exit intent optin so users can subscribe when they are about to leave the site?

    Akshay Hallur - April 26, 2017

    Ninja Popups do offer exit-intent popups. It’s almost comparable to Thrive Leads except for features like asset delivery (free autoresponder), sign up segues, the power of drag and drop and more.

    If you are looking for a decent plugin for building email list on budget go for Ninja Popups.

Andrew - March 24, 2017

This is my first visit to this site, there was a huge collection of news, thanks for sharing this article.

Pranav Joshi - May 5, 2017

I will go with the WP Subscribe Pro plugin. It has less cost compared to others with great features. Moreover, it is the light weight plugin means small in size. The best feature I like most is it integrates with 7 of the major email marketing software.

Amit Sevani - May 13, 2017

Great post Akshay,

My choice is Ninja Popups because it is help you to easily add popup in your WordPress site with great collection of themes. Also this will help new WordPress users to easily add popup plugin to their choice. Also Popup Maker is best plugin those are searching for Free.

Sumit Dadwal - May 22, 2017

Thank you sir,
Great list. I am using Sumo list builder now and it is great.

Dave - May 26, 2017

I am new to this stuff. Great info. Thank you πŸ™‚

sivaram - May 26, 2017

You guys can also have a look at OptinChat, its new in the market, people who are using are experiencing pretty good conversion rates And it has a free plan too πŸ˜›


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