How to Make Authoritative Bloggers Share Content for You

Authoritative bloggers

All bloggers want shares and backlinks from authoritative bloggers. However, many of the bloggers don’t get it. The truth about social shares is, it doesn’t really matter how many shares you get, the only thing that matters is, what its reach is. Moreover, the personality behind the social share.

So I’m going to tell you a small secret about how to make authoritative bloggers share content for you.
It’s not a child’s play to make top bloggers in your niche share content for you. For this, you need to produce some high-quality, unique content. You should convince authoritative bloggers that your content is worth sharing.

Step-by-step way to get authoritative bloggers share content for you

#1. Produce some exceptionally high-quality content
As I said earlier, producing high-quality unique content helps in getting social shares from authoritative bloggers and also rankings for your blog. Producing high-quality Content is of great importance while making others share content for you.

Refer to one of my previous posts on how to find effective topics to blog about and produce a blog post. Alternatively, you may also search for sites like Google Trends and other popular blogs to produce high-quality content. Make sure that the blog post is insightful enough to make others comment on your blog and appreciate your effort. The blog post that you write should have the potential to convert every visitor into a regular reader of your blog. For that, craft a blog post that is unique and insightful. Research thoroughly before producing the blog post so that all the points are covered in one blog post.

In other words, treat the blog post which you desire to get social shares from authoritative bloggers as pillar post. Include content which is not available anywhere else on the web. Make your blog post stand out of the mass.

Create a blog post that’s best-in-class.

#2. Link to authoritative bloggers
The next step is to link to authoritative bloggers. Linking to authoritative bloggers helps SEO and as well as pings those bloggers about the outstanding content. Link to those authoritative bloggers whenever there is a necessity. Linking should benefit you, your readers as well as the person you’re linking to.

Take care of anchor texts. Make sure that the anchor texts are not naked like Take care of anchor texts or make it something like [author name at author website].

Whenever you are presenting facts in your post, back it up with proofs that are links to other articles.

#3. Ping them about your content
Sometimes, in case of authoritative bloggers, they do not have time to see whether anyone linked to them or have produced an outstanding content. Most of the bloggers are busy with their schedule. However, most of the outstanding bloggers are ready to share outstanding content with their audience. It’s important to ping them about your content so that they can share your content with their audience.

You can easily ping them via dropping an e-mail, mentioning them on Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn.


#4. Wait and watch
Wait for some days or even months for them to reply. Don’t lose hope if you have outstanding, unique content that is worth sharing.

Don’t notify them repeatedly. It may irritate them. If your content is something that is really unique and worth it, they will surely share it with their audience.

Who knows? They may even link to you.

Final words
Without unique, quality content, nothing really works. Notify authoritative bloggers in your niche only after you make sure that your content is of high quality and unique. Remember the golden words – “First impression is the best impression”.

If this strategy helps you in making top bloggers in your niche share content for you, share this post.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Authoritative Bloggers Share Content for You”

  1. hi Akshay

    You have briefed well on a method that can help bloggers who are on early stage of their blogging career and need sharing from top bloggers in their niche.

    This is something that everyone in the blogging niche needs at his level. One always looks at people in his niche who are influencers.

    Also you method of informing that that you have linked to their blog- not being facebook but other social media is a good tip.

    Good work on this post, will surely follow.

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