How to Find LSI Keywords and Smartly Implement Them for SEO

LSI. Sounds like a new term? Keep on rolling. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a part of the Google algorithm. Knowing about it and implementing it as a part of your SEO strategy is crucial. This post presents you the concept in an easily understandable way.

What is LSI What are LSI keywords?

Definition, “LSI keywords (also known as semantic keywords) are the related keywords to the main keyword. Many of the search engines like Google use it to decide the link between different entities of the web content.” It helps Google get the meaning of the written content.

It also deals with search relevancy. Including LSI keywords with main keywords is SEO friendly. In earlier days, search engines used exact search query to get results. With this, search engines were not giving accurate results. Now, search engines analyze the meanings of the search queries. The content synonymically linked to the search query, are also returned. Google mainly carried out this to fight spammers trying to cheat the search engine by using keyword stuffing.

LSI algorithm tracks down spun content

Article spinning softwares have no capacity to understand the article and rewrite them. Search engines do. Fact on lsi The main power of Latent Semantic Indexing is its ability to expect related words while dealing with a particular topic. When it comes across unrelated words to the topic. In those cases, it considers the content is spun. The idea of LSI may be not clear to you now, keep on reading…

What are LSI keywords?

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is an alternative term for synonyms or similar words used by Google. Have you ever wondered how Google and other search engines differentiate between homonyms (same word with different meanings)?

Take an example. The term “PS” has different meanings in Google like PlayStation, Photoshop, and so on. Google gets results based on the keywords you have used after the term “PS”. Consider an example, where I search for “ps image size”. Google came to know the term “ps” in this context refers to Photoshop. Because I have used “image size” in front of it. Now Google searches all the content containing the terms Photoshop and image size, both.

It also looks at web pages containing the term “picture size”. Because “image” is nothing but “picture”. They both are semantically related. By this, we can say, Google looks at the meaning of the search query.

By doing this, it can get what the user is trying to search. This is a part of Google’s LSI algorithm.

Another Example for LSI keywords

LSI keywords another example You may have noticed this. Google highlights the synonyms in SERPs. Let me take an example. Search for “ps picture size”. Google highlights the words “picture, photo, image”. These Synonyms are LSI keywords in Google vocabulary. Sometimes the synonyms highlighted in SERPs are also called Synonymous LSI Keywords (sLSI). Now you got a clear idea what is LSI.

How to Find LSI keywords?

Find LSI keywords You now know about LSI keywords. They are the related keywords for a particular keyword. There are several LSI keyword tools. Among them, the Google search is an excellent tool, all that matters is, you have to learn how to use it. Here’s the simplest way. You can find LSI keywords from search suggestions. And also from related searches at the bottom of the SERPs.

These Related keywords are also called Related LSI Keywords (rLSI). Apart from Google search, you can also use the Google Keyword Planner. The goal is to note all the synonyms to your main focus keyword.

How to Implement LSI keywords for SEO?

Let me take an example. You are writing an article on Complete Guide to Recover From Google Panda Update. Your prime keyword would be “Recover from Google Panda Update”. LSI keywords are “Rescue your site from Google Panda Update, Recover from Google Panda effect, etc.”

After you write a post on this, make sure you include related terms like effect, SEO, Penguin Update. If you have a title – “Recover from Panda”, and LSI keywords like SEO, update, etc. in the post, it acts as a content relevancy signal. Once you put terms like “animal, attack, white bear, etc.” Google thinks that your post is about recovering from Panda animal attack. Avoid repetition of the same keyword over and over.

Lsi example

As you can see in the above screenshot, Ankit in his post – Blogging Tips, has made clever use of LSI keywords for targeting the main keyword – “Blogging tips for beginners”.

Some of the LSI keyword tools

SEOPressor and EasyWPSEO are the two great keyword SEO plugins. You have to at least use one of them. They offer the feature of fetching LSI keywords from various search APIs. SEOPressor also offers features like On-Page SEO & Multiple Keyword Analysis, Over-Optimization Check, Social SEO, Automatic Smart Linking, LSI Recommendations, and others.


SEOPressor LSI keywords feature

The specialty about this plugin is that it displays the “LSI keyword density” of your blog post. It also gives you some LSI keyword suggestions to include in your post. This plugin cost you some dimes. But it is worth it.  

Get the SEOPressor Connect plugin at $9

If you are interested in knowing more about LSI or semantic keyword research, do refer the ultimate guide highlighted below.

I’ve made a separate post on some of the greatest tools for LSI keywords for the research.

Where to include LSI keywords?

LSI and other keywords follow some basic rules. You can include LSI keywords anywhere in the article. In,

  • title tag
  • header tags
  • permalinks
  • anchor texts
  • beginning paragraph
  • ending paragraph

Even, stuffing the LSI keywords all through  the blog post smells spammy. Google has grown beyond what you think. Google may punish you for keyword stuffing. “Using LSI keywords is SEO-friendly and natural. It is better than using the same keyword often in your blog post”. As I said before, use related keywords only to signal content relevancy. Also read:

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Akshay Hallur

I'm a professional blogger with 5 years of blogging internet marketing experience. I'm also a internet marketing trainer and a consultant.

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naveen Rajput - July 29, 2014

Very Nice and helpful post for me .Now i get to know about LSI keyword and much more .Thanks for sharing such a great post with us .Feeling much glad on being here

Harish Bali - July 30, 2014

Good explanation on LSI – Akshay. You have a fair point too.

In the paragraph on the heading – how to implement LSI key words.. you have mentioned … that –

once you include terms like animal attack, white bear, it will mean that your post is about panda recovery.. i could not understand how? can you elaborate.

Alok Kumar Gupta - August 1, 2014

After your explanation…It is quit easy to understand

John William - December 8, 2014

Thanks for clear step by step discussion. I am writing a post and wanting to implement LSI keywords as I came to know that it is the better solution not to repeat the same keywords and as well as also helping to avoid Google Penalty. I have a question, as you mentioned I need to include LSI within title, but problem is I guess if I use my title would be looking long and wired. And I think the content body would be the best place to include LSI. Am I right?

Kamal - December 24, 2014

Thanks for posting the meaningful content on LSI Keywords Akshay. I will keep in mind the suggestions you provided in this post while writing future articles for my blog. 🙂

Neeraj - December 27, 2014

Hi Akshay,
Thanks for such a great article. Was a bit confused about the use of “LSI” but now it would help me for getting my posts on google search results.
I was actually looking for the LSI tool and got the idea that google is the best. Its like using google for getting paid from google.. 🙂
Thanks and regads

Sumant - February 5, 2015

Thanks for the great post Akshay. I understand the value of using Google Search and KW Planner to find LSI, but can you recommend any other free tools that maybe are more scalable, and can offer more related kws? Thanks in advance.

Matija - March 2, 2015

Read it and also checked video. Came here from one other post, which was also very useful. Added you to bookmarked sites and thank you, once again for excellent explanation. Regards, Matija, Slovenia

Jason - March 13, 2015

It is so hard to find quality and correct information regarding LSI and how to use it correctly in your content. This article hit the “nail on the head.” I have been research LSI to better understand website siloing and this was a huge help to me. Thank you, Jason

Pamela - March 18, 2015

Terrific amount of information for LSI. Great blog. Thanks Akshay.

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No doubt, LSI is a powerful factor of SEO. i really admire how you present all the techniques in this article and made it worth to read. thank you!

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Good post Akshey and I loved the way you explained the topic! Keep up the good work

Manidipa - May 27, 2015

Hi Akshay,

You have made it very easy with screenshots & explanations.

As per the recommendations, we need to keep the keyword density to around 1.5%, which seems very low. So here comes the usefulness of LSI. These related keywords can give significant SEO benefits to the post.

Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    Akshay Hallur - May 27, 2015

    Hi, Manidipa.
    Glad you loved the post.

    LSI keywords density of 1.5 % may appear too low. But it really depends on the topic you are writing about.

    And yes, it boosts SEO greatly.


Sunil K Chaira - June 11, 2015

Now I get the point that why LSI keywords are so important for better SEO experience. Thanks for sharing such a great blog with us.

John P - June 24, 2015

Using exact keywords multiple times does not only tell search engines that you’re pushing specific keywords but users reading the article can sense that there’s something on a post. Aside from it doesn’t look natural, it also sends signal that an article is poorly written because similar words are being overused.

LSI does legit website owners a favor, it makes them an authority in their industry.

Ian - July 1, 2015

Awesome insights to LSI keywords.

I recently came across one LSI keyword generator called “LSIGraph”. I’m quite new to this, but it does feel like a nifty tool for me, what do you think Akshay? Are the suggested keywords LSI Keywords?

Caitlin - November 1, 2015

Great article! Thanks – defnitely going to buy SEOpressor. My eyes are opened … Just getting ready to launch new version of my own website & blog and didn’t know what I didn’t know …


    Akshay Hallur - November 1, 2015

    Hi Caitlin, I am so glad to know that the article opened your eyes. Good luck on your launch. have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Bright Joe - November 14, 2015

Thanks for the information! It was really great reading this article- it was so clean and informative. Thanks again!

Rohan - December 2, 2015

I’m generally new to blogging and the LSI thing but will need to apply it to a project I’m working on. Your list will be my guide concerning LSI. Thank you.

Teri - December 15, 2015

Your posts are AWESOME – THANK YOU! I’m a newbie here. My site is “under construction”, but I write web content freelance and web design. This will be my “go to” site for info. I am about to look for any posts you may have on how many LSI’s to use, how many other synonyms, etc. I received instructions to use a max of 3 LSI’s plus synonyms related to topic of article. My articles are anywhere from 500-1000 words each.

Soumendra - December 31, 2015

Thanks for your help by giving information.

Roi - January 8, 2016

I never knew that finding LSI keywords are really simple. Thanks for sharing such deep researched information. Really impressive!

David - January 16, 2016

Hi Akshay

There is no doubt that Keywords are the 2nd most important thing after backlinks.

Without targeting the right keyword, we can never drive traffic and sales.

You have written awesome article on LSI keyword which is more much more in-depth than I have ever read.

I would definitely follow what you said in this article. I hope It will help me to target the right keywords.

Thanks for sharing such a nice article with us.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

Nikolay Stoyanov - March 28, 2016

Nice article Akshay. It is a pretty good introduction for beginners. I noticed that you haven’t mentioned LSIGraph? (at least not in this article)

DJ - April 21, 2016

Great Read. Thank you. One thing I didn’t quite understand was the part:

“Google may punish you for keyword stuffing. “Using LSI keywords is SEO-friendly and natural. It is better than using the same keyword often in your blog post”. As I said before, use related keywords only to signal content relevancy.”

Just some clarification to make sure I understand. Google will penalize you for stuffing even with the LSI keywords? So, be careful not to over optimize with the LSI keywords as well as the main keywords?

Thanks again and look forward to hearing you response!

Hammad hussain - April 23, 2016

Akshay Good and easy to understand post and also good that you updated a post and input some great new stuff and now google is rewarding you and showing your page on top of some big players. Utilizing LSI cleverly and properly always give good results I personally experience this many times.

Srinivas - May 4, 2016

I believe LSI graph and Ubersugest also are good tools for finding LSI keywords. Both are free tools. What is you opinion on this when compared to SEOpressor?

Imran - May 31, 2016

Thanks Akshay for LSI Keyword understanding. Good to see people like you are giving time to provide information. I will try to implement LSI Keywords in my sites.

Lenny Mauricio - June 30, 2016

Thanks for these great tips on LSI Keywords – It is def an interesting way to get top rankings and such!

Ramesh - July 8, 2016

Nice trips on LSI keywords. Any free tools similar to SEOPressor available ?

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I never knew that finding LSI keywords are really simple. Thanks for sharing such deep researched information. Really impressive!

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Nice piece of writing Akshay. Very informative.

Rahul - August 27, 2016

First of all like to thanks Akshay for writing this helping article. I implemented some how LSI Keywords on my site and found it is use full. My site niche is different but still LSI works on it. I got my blog ranked on first page with the help of Akshay article. I defiantly like to recommend everyone to read carefully what Akshay wrote and try to implement it.

Sufyan - August 30, 2016

Hi Akshay,

Thanks a lot for valuable information on LSI keywords.

Keep posting

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Nice Guide mate.

Didn’t know much about LSI Keywords.

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Thanks for sharing valuable information about LSI keywords I implement this into my blog and these are so useful everyone should follow these LSI keywords
Thanks a lot
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Munna Hossain - October 18, 2016

You have done a great job by sharing this type of article. I had some problem that I couldn’t find LSI keywords. But Now I know how to do it? LSI keywords are really important to boost your page rank. When focus keywords do not work perfectly then LSI keywords will come to the point. I am grateful to you for this article. Thanks for sharing.

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I never knew that finding LSI keywords are really simple. Thanks for sharing such deep researched information. Really impressive!

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Arav Panchal - January 28, 2017

I think using LSI keywords in our content helps us in lots of ways but do you think using them in our headings will have any extra benefit than placing them normally where they fit in the content ?

Aditya Kashyap - February 23, 2017

Hey Akshay, Thanx for sharing this article. It would be great if you may answer my doubt. My doubt is ” what should be the density of LSI keywords in a 1000 words article??

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