5 Hacks to Exponentially Improve your Blog Writing Skills

Improve blog writing skills

As a blogger, the way of writing and expressing things matters a lot.

Newbie bloggers often struggle to make the content on their blog appealing, or at least readable. They have great zeal in blogging. But the sad thing is that they lack in writing skills. That’s the thing that sets them back. And also when I advise my friends to start blogging, the first thing they complain is lack of writing skills.

How to improve your blog writing skills?

As with any learning process, developing writing skills require ongoing efforts and dedication. It’s worth it.

Improving your blog writing skills not only helps you in blogging but also sets you apart from others by improving your communication skills. I think I need not stress the importance of expressing your ideas clearly in the new world.

Here in this post, I will outline some of the hacks that I’ve been following to improve my writing skills quickly. The tips are in prioritized order.

Read an hour daily preferably in the mornings

Read an hour daily preferably in the mornings

Reading an hour daily is almost equal to doing meditation an hour. It is proven that reading helps enhancing the cognitive functioning of the brain, improves your memory, and cuts out stress.

The comprehensive power of the brain will be higher in morning. More comprehension means more creative thinking. Reading always has a happy ending and it brightens the rest of your day.

If you can’t read in the mornings, atleast read an hour daily.

Reading helps you know the perspective of different bloggers about the subject. You gain wide vision about the topic. You come across various writing styles, that in turn helps you in your blog writing process.

In addition to the above benefits, reading articles and books related to your domain increases your command over the subject. You’ll get more familiar with the jargon in your niche. It makes your blogging process a whole lot easier.

After reading great articles, you may have noticed that some potent phrases get stuck in your head for days and days. Likewise, without your consciousness you improve your writing skills and the art of perfect word choice.

When somebody asks me how to improve writing skills, the answer I give them is read a lot.

Practice daily writing habit

Most niche bloggers write around 1-2 posts a week, so they write only on those days. The downside is that they cannot produce the quality blog posts this way. They would have produced quality posts by writing regularly.

By writing some articles regularly, you keep in touch with the way you express ideas, and structuring of words. It helps you not only in improving writing skills but also in various other ways.

Writing is more or less a meditation.

According to Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind, he referred to the psychological benefits of writing daily. They are,

  • Writing makes you happier.
  • Writing leads to better thinking and communication.
  • Writing is an outlet for handling hard times.
  • Writing keeps you sharp with age. (Helps your brain to be young)
  • Writing closes out your “mental tabs” (Stops you from multitasking which kills your IQ)
  • Writing leads to better learning
  • Writing is leadership at scale

I strongly advise you read his article.

Daily writing habit relieves stress and clears mind-fog, that’s prevalent nowadays due to the information-overload.Writing helps you to be mindful, which in turn has myriads of benefits.

The result? Increase in your creativity, health and which in turn improves your writing skills.

YouTube hack for improving your writing skills

I personally, as per my schedule watch some motivational videos or videos related to my niche before I sit for blogging.

Guess why?

Immediately after I sit for blogging after watching YouTube videos for half an hour, I feel like I have obtained increased command over my language. There will be a swift flow of ideas in my mind. Words start coming out of my brain easily. The hands glide across the keyboard with ease.

I often end up writing high-quality blog posts in a matter of an hour or a two.

Just try it. Spend an hour watching some good videos of Ted or Stanford Business, before starting up your blogging. I bet you’ll find your writing process easier.

Proofread your old posts

This has two added benefits. It improves your blog and also your writing skills.

When you go proofread your old blog posts, you are likely to catch grammatical or structural errors. This is how you realize the most common mistakes you make as a blogger. When you keep encountering the same mistakes repeatedly, and correct it, you improve your blog writing skills.

Proofread your single blog post repeatedly. By this, you come across the different errors every time; as you might have missed some of the structural errors in the first proofread.

Make use of grammar checker tools like Grammarly. It spots down your writing errors. Chances are there that you commit same mistakes every time. Using this tool would be beneficial as it points a finger at you, every time you commit a mistake. Along with correcting your writing, it also helps you improve your blog writing skills.

Practice simplicity

You need not have high language, and great use of vocabulary to be called a skilled writer.

A writer who expresses what he ought to express, correctly and in a clear manner is called a skilled writer.

Learn to express the things you know in the simplest possible manner. Practice simplicity. Write everything in simple plain English. Keep sentences short. Use less complex words. It is especially important if you are a newbie. Practicing simple writing is the foundation of upgrading your writing skill. Moreover, most of the readers love articles that are simple and easy to walk through.

To practice simplicity, read articles whose readability score is low.

Resources to improve your writing

Tools for improving your writing skills.

Resources to upgrade your writing style and grammar.

Blogs to read.


I hope you found this article helpful. Make sure you follow these techniques to improve your writing skills in a matter of days. As with all things, the only two things that matter in your learning process is patience and dedication.

Finally, I can say read, read and read. It’s the best way to improve writing skills.

If you have got any hacks to improve blogging skills, do share them. I appreciate it.

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  1. one of the best article to get ideas to write some post or article. !!!
    In the above given list, i got some good point and i think these sources will definitely improve writing skill of any newbies. !!!!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. Your post is gives me enough confidence to start writing again and become a better writer. Each and every point you made makes so much sense to me because I have been struggling to be write with authority. This comment here is a result of one of your advice- speak your mind.

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