Sure-fire Tips to Write Magnetic Blog Post Titles

Magnetic titles

Majority of people skim through the blog posts they come across. To make them attractive and read your blog post thoroughly, magnetic blog post titles are necessary. Writing magnetic blog post titles helps you increase click-through rate of your blog and engage more and more readers. At the same time, it reduces the bounce rate of your blog. A blog post with a magnetic title has 500% more efficiency in driving traffic than ordinary blog title. Blog posts with killer headings have a greater probability of going viral. People tend to share and link to blog posts that have killer headings and thus increase your referral traffic and backlinks.

A blog post with a magnetic title has 500% more efficiency in driving traffic than ordinary blog title. People tend to share and link to blog posts that have killer headings and thus increase your referral traffic and backlinks.

Skeletal structures of some magnetic blog post titles

People fear to commit mistakes. This title makes them read your blog post to make sure that they are doing something in a right way. How [I, my Blog, we] [did something]?

  1. Are you targeting the Customers in the Right Way?
  2. Are you Using Google+ in the Right Way?

People love live examples. They want some live proofs to encourage and motivate them. So if you give an example of yourself achieving success in your blog post, people love them.

  1. How My Blog Got 1000 Blog Subscribers Overnight?
  2. How Google AdSense approved me?

People love skimming through the huge lists. 101? It’s a whopping number! People will definitely click on your blog post to check that whopping list. As you can notice that in the second example (is blogging right for you) I have included the first strategy (are you doing right way) and the second one (101 ways to). Like this making use of all strategies together leads to a perfect magnetic headline.

  1. 101 Ways to build backlinks to your blog
  2. 101 techniques to find whether blogging is right for you

Who else wants [blank]?

  1. Who Else Wants This Free Giveaway?
  2. Who Else Wants To Make Money With Me?

It gives an impression that many people have taken advantage of something and this blog post is a final call. By seeing this blog title, this is what people think – Many people have taken advantage of this, why won’t I try this? [Blank] Ways to [Negative]

People fear to make mistakes. They tend to know the negative side of some things to avoid them occurring in their lives. These types of blog titles make your readers change their mind and think negative to positive. [Blank] to [blank] like a [example]?

  1. 101 Ways To Lose Your Customers
  2. 21 Ways To Fail in Blogging

The below titles attract readers who want to be a stardom in a particular thing. Every person wants to be perfect and to do things flawlessly. Quickest and Easiest Way to [do something]

  1. 101 Ways to Blog Like A Pro.
  2. How to Promote Your Market Like A Boss?

Most people are lazy; they like to achieve something overnight. Therefore, they usually search for easiest ways, quick ways to do something. When you offer them the easiest way, I am sure they will not miss it.

  1. 7 Quickest And Easiest Ways To Build Massive Readership For your Blog
  2. Quickest And Easiest Ways to Promote your Blog

Some more…

  1. 7 Ways to Succeed in [blank]
  2. 7 Myths About [blank]
  3. 7 Tricks to Make the Most Out of [blank]
  4. Complete Idiot’s Guide to [blank]
  5. 101 Ways to Fail in [blank]
  6. 7 Ways Not to Fail in [blank]
  7. [blank] For Money – Complete Guide
  8. 21 Things You Could Learn From Eminem About [blank]
  9. Best Android Apps to Learn [blank]
  10. Fastest Way for [blank]
  11. Are You One of the 101 People Who are Leading their Life [blank]
  12. A Little Known Secret About [blank]
  13. Make Your [blank] Fun With These Hacks
  14. [blank] This Way is The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Seen
  15. 7 Ways to Claim That You Have Worst Art of [blank]
  16. I’m Sure That These [blank] Hacks Blow Your Mind
  17. 7 Ways in Which Excessive [blank] Can Destroy You
  18. How This Guy Made Use of [blank] To Get his GirlFriend Back
  19. How to Make Your Enemies Jealous By Your Art of [blank]
  20. Bullet-proof Guide to [blank]
  21. Here are 21 Reasons Why You Should Not Spend Time [blank]
  22. 7 Ways to Show That Your [blank] is A Dope
  23. Unforgettable Tips That I’ve Ever Heard of [blank]
  24. 7 Genius Answers By Kids About [blank]

Killer blog title examples

  1. Lessons Learned by Being Hit by Panda Update.
  2. Case Study: How I made 1000$ overnight by News Jacking?
  3. You Will Never Make Money Blogging. If?
  4. Top 7 Common Myths About Google+
  5. Dumbest Mistakes To Make While Promoting your Business.
  6. Definitive Guide to Link Building.
  7. Free EBook for Mastering SEO.
  8. The secret of Mastering Blogging.
  9. 7 Creative Ways to Say Sorry.
  10. 21 Signs to Say That Your Link Building Strategy Sucks.

Final words

Craft titles that persuade people to click on. Remember that the headline is the first impression. People decide whether to opt into your blog post, by looking at the blog post title. The title should convince that this blog post is worth reading, it has something that they find useful.

Use words like 7 ways, 101 ways, things to learn, provocative questions. Effective titles alone can increase your blog traffic up to 500%. Magnetic titles help people to get attracted towards your blog. Now, to keep your visitors intact, quality content is also necessary.

Consider an article having a magnetic killer post title. If the article content sucks? What’s the use? Make sure that you use magnetic headlines only if you have quality content that helps those who fall into the clutches of your magnetic headlines.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Have a nice day ahead…

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  1. Awesome tips here! People don’t understand how important titles can be for several reasons. Glad you covered it here in detail.

  2. العاب بنات ستايل

    Initially, looking at the title, I was just stunned and excited to get inside the post and find out what is that thing I could grab from this post because I knew you wouldn’t write it if you didn’t do something really worth ????
    I’m glad to see you here, I was always been commenting in blogging tips, One of my favorite blog ????
    Thanks for sharing such a wonder full post again and now, I think I am going to try some of these things and explore if it can help me from where I am now. The main goal for me is to get the catchy title and it should attract 10X visitors to my blog.
    Ill make use of the above suggested blog titles to have more visitors to my blog ????
    Thank you for your help in need !!!

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