How to Write Highly Converting Affiliate Product Reviews

How to write product review

Product review posts are one of the common types of affiliate posts. If these review posts are written correctly, they have the potential to drive highly targeted organic traffic along with increased conversions.

The larger pie of affiliate income of popular bloggers is from product review posts.

There is no short of affiliate products available in any niche on the web. For Internet marketing niche, there are a wide variety of products by promoting which you can earn money.  For health niche, there are many books, supplements and also Amazon products to promote.

Irrespective of the niche you are working with, you can promote your affiliate products with a product review.

In this post,  I am going to give you some of the tips for writing effective product reviews that increase your conversion rate.

Let’s get started.

Get to know your readers

Before writing your review it’s highly essential to know the nature of the audience of your site. What kind of products your readers are willing to buy?  What benefits them the most? What are their common problems? For answering these questions you need to just first identify the nature of your audience. For whom are you writing?

For finding out the nature of your audience you could consider digging up the Google Analytics reports, and follow any feedback or survey mechanisms on your blog.

For finding out the burning problems in your niche you can consider browsing the niche forums or asking your readers directly about the problems they are facing via newsletters.

Use the product on hand

In order for you to deliver honest product reviews,  you need to use the product before hand.  The most common mistake is that many of the bloggers review the products without actually using them.

Before writing a review you can do one of the following things to use the product:

  • search for the demo version of the product
  • ask the product creator for a free trial
  • you may also ask the product creator to give away the product in return for the review.

All the above strategies worked for me to write honest product reviews.

No product creator says no for offering a demo version of their product before writing a review on that.

When you are using the product and reviewing it, readers are likely to trust your review. The chances of them converting into a buyer will be more. Try to give your readers a proof that you have used or own a product;  maybe via screenshots.

Be a human

I bet you are a human.

Why not be a human?

It is a well-known fact that including a smiling photo of yours on your blog, increases conversion rate.

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Readers trust you because they are seeing your face.

Include a humanistic tone in your article. Refer to your readers and also to yourself.

Present a personal story of why you opted for this product. What good results you are getting due to the product?

Include also the disadvantages of the product

People come to read your product reviews for a reason. They want to know the downsides of the product.

If you have used the product in hand,  you should have identified some of the disadvantages of the product.  So, these cons should be included in your post to make it trustworthy.

Don’t be too optimistic while writing your product reviews.  When you highlight  some of the disadvantages of using the product, you showcase your honesty and authority.

Yet,  most of the new bloggers end up only praising the product without using it; blindly.

You’ll find a plethora of articles on the web where the author has nothing to say but to praise the product.

Recall the last time, you searched for the product review for yourself like while buying a mobile, or a theme for your site, etc. How was your mental state? Were you searching for the reviews to expect only positive reviews? No, right? The majority of the time, you’ll be trying to find the cons of the product.

The same way your target readers. Nobody likes to read only about the features and praises of the product.

Present FAQs

Answer the common questions that readers may have before buying a product. Clear their doubts about the product.

Faqs of the product

Before writing a product review, sit back, close your eyes and brainstorm all the questions that may come to your readers while buying the product you are reviewing.

Before doing so, you need to know the nature of your audience.

Most common questions for the majority of the products are:

  • For what things this product may be used for? (How?)
  • How this product performs well compared to other competitor products?
  • What are all the truly unique features of the product?
    Unique features
  • Common problems you face while using the product? How to solve them?
  • Will the product payback the spent money, if so how?
  • Pros and cons of the product?
  • Is the product worth the money?
  • So on…

Just answer all the questions that your potential buyers have regarding the product.

At last, I would stress that answer FAQs in your review post. It makes a lot of difference in terms of conversions.

Provide practical examples

If the product is really worth for your readers to buy, then you should present them the reasons they should buy it.

Make a note of all the common problems that the product you are reviewing is capable of solving. Present your readers those problems, and explain to them how the product addresses their problems.

Provide them the practical examples of how the product is going to solve their issues. Convince them that the product solves the biggest problems they are facing and is worth for them.

Present all the features of the product you are reviewing, and make sure to include the things that a particular feature of the product will solve.

For this to be made possible, as I said in the above section you should have used the product.

If you have any personal story or if there is any case-study regarding the product over the web, link to it.

If the product is worthy for your readers,  then make them feel like – “ Damn, this product is worth my every single penny!”.  They should feel like the product pays back their money within a short time in the form of increased productivity or profits.

What others say?

Head over to the product page and analyze what other customers say about the product. Include the screenshots of them in your review article.

Look through other similar reviews of the product by influencers around the web. Analyze what they are telling about the product, include them in your review post.

It instantly affects the mindset of your readers about the product you are reviewing.

The mindset of the buyers can be easily altered by presenting different people’s opinions about a single product.

Maintain a flow

You can’t say like – “Hey this product is awesome, it would be good for you”, instantly after the starting of your review post.

You need to make your readers go through the review and gradually attempt to convert your readers by educating them.

You should follow the popular 80-20 rule (Pareto principle) in this. 80% of your review should educate the readers about the product, by providing both the pros and cons of the product. 20% of the content should be related to the call to action and is an attempt to convert your readers.

The order of sections should follow like,


  • Summary of the product.
  • Introduction to the product.
  • Walkthrough the product.
  • FAQs related to the product.
  • Comparison with other counterparts.
  • In what way product may help your readers.
  • Try to convert them.

Try to smoothly walk down your readers throughout the review. Make them to value every word you penned down.

Price of the product

Present the price of the product and the different plans available.

As a user of the product, you need to know your readers whether the product you are promoting is worth the price.

Make sure to include other products that are competitors to the product you are reviewing. Let the readers know how your product stands with other products in terms of pricing and functionality.

If the product you are reviewing is costlier than its alternatives, justify why your readers need to pay extra bucks to get your product. If paying those extra dimes is worth it, present a proof about what your product does whereas other products can’t.

Call to action

Once you made sure that you made your readers  educated enough to opt or not for the product, it’s time to add a clicky click.

Make sure you are using attractive buttons for your affiliate links. The effective color for the button depends upon the design of your blog. You may consider A/B testing the colors of your buttons.

You need to know the basics of conversion rate optimization to make effective click to action buttons and help with your affiliate sales.

Try to include the color of the button complement to the main color of your site. For example, if your site’s theme color is blue, try to include a blue color CTA button; so as to make it stand out.

Button-blindness needs addressing.

Some tips on SEO-friendly reviews

Organic traffic is the highly targeted traffic you will ever get on your blog.

Optimizing your review posts for search engines can increase your  affiliate sales greatly.

  • Target for long tail keywords in your posts as they are buyer intent and clearly define the purpose of the user. – How to do long tail keyword research for SEO?
  • Make sure that there is less competition for the main keyword you’re targeting. – How to accurately determine keyword competition?. This is particularly important.
  • Include latent semantic keywords in your review posts
  • Follow on-page optimization tips like including the keyword in your title, URL and meta description.  you can also consider using the keyword in your alt tags of images.
  • Promote your review posts on social media networks soon after publishing it.
  • Don’t include more than two affiliate links in your review posts before Google even indexes it.
  • Include lots of images in your review posts.
  • Make sure you keep your review more in-depth. It increases your rankings for a longer time and offers you stability in rankings. Readers are likely to read much longer product reviews to get an in-detail information about the product before buying a product.

From the author’s desk

I hope you found this post on creating spellbinding product reviews helpful.

The good sutras for a highly converting affiliate product review are to choose a good product to review, be honest, focus on educating the buyers about the product rather than pushing them to buy the product.

Educate in every aspect that how the product is going to address their problems and convince them that the product is well-worth for them.

If this post has helped you, make sure you spread out the word.

I would like to hear from you regarding how you are writing your affiliate product reviews and how they are converting for you.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  4. That is a great guide, I love this. I have been doing niche but I always hire the third-party write for me. It is too expensive.

  5. This is a really great guide. Very helpful and I believe it’ll help me towards writing better product reviews. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

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