How to Increase Domain Authority and Get Recognized

Increase domain authority

You might have heard about Domain authority. However, do you know why increasing domain authority is important?

Many bloggers think that this is merely one of the Moz metrics to calculate the trust of the site. However, this is not completely true.

Domain Authority is important in both rankings and others. Here are some of the benefits of increasing Domain authority.

  1. Increased SERP position.
  2. Attracts guest posts and comments.
  3. Attracts advertisers.
  4. Attracts sponsored posts
  5. Increase affiliate sales.

Let me explain it a little further. People and search engines trust the information shared on the site with high domain authority.

People will more likely believe in you and consider the products recommended by you.

Backlinks from authoritative sites are considered as a gem. Advertisers are attracted to sites with high authority.

Now you know the benefits of high Domain authority. But how to increase Domain authority? It remains a million dollar question.

That’s the exact thing, which I’m going to tell you in this post.

Before diving in, let me tell you the factors on which domain authority is calculated.

How is domain authority calculated?

  1. The number of QUALITY backlinks pointing to your site.
  2. The number of quality social shares.
  3. Age of the domain.
  4. Rankings in search engines.
  5. Linking root domains.
  6. Traffic and Alexa rank.
  7. SEO friendliness.

How to increase domain authority?

Improving all the above stuff increases the domain authority greatly.

Let me explain it in detail.

The QUALITY of backlinks wins over quantity

Backlink building

If yours is an internet marketing blog, then how about getting tons of backlinks from health blogs? Not fair, isn’t it?

Likewise, the relevancy and quality of backlinks matter a lot. Always look to attain backlinks from authoritative sites within your niche.

Be consistent in terms of backlink building. Suddenly getting many of the inbound links may smell fishy. It will definitely decrease search engine rankings and in turn, domain authority will be decreased.

Always make room for natural backlinks. Consider guest posting as the second go. Keep guest posting to minimum.

Disavow any (even authoritative) backlinks pointing from guest blogging sites to your site. These days, even a single backlink pointing to your site from guest blogging networks can harm your search rankings and trust score.

Focus more on earning backlinks than building backlinks, by creating link-worthy content. Majority of the backlinks that I got to this domain are from high-quality content. They are earned; not built.

Earned backlinks are natural, relevant and of high quality. They’re future-proof.

High posting frequency

Good blogs maintain a consistent frequent posting schedule. Updating a blog less often, will not let you increase your D.A considerably.

If your blog provides fresh content on a regular basis, there are more chances that your blog is of high quality. Hence, the authority will be increased.

If there is more content on your blog, you’ll naturally attract more search traffic, shares, backlinks, and thus D.A.increases.

Be consistent.

Wait for some months

Some months are required for your blog to have a good amount of information. Blogs with good content get high domain authority, within a few months.

Old sites often get a  good domain authority boost. If you’ve been working on a site for years, chances are there that you’re running a legitimate business. So, old sites that are around the web for several years get a good boost in D.A.

While increasing domain authority the main thing that matters is the age of the site.

High-quality outbound links

Many of the webmasters only care about inbound links. They think that outbound links don’t matter in SEO. However, this is not true. By including outbound links, you are upvoting the content on other blogs.

Whom you vote matters!

By looking at the content of the outbound links, search engines determine the RELATIONSHIP between the two pieces of content. The content to which you link to should be relevant. Having irrelevant outbound links hurt rankings.

Always link to sites with high rankings and domain authority. Linking out to low-quality sites may hurt your rankings.

High-quality outbound links increase readership and help in building relationships with great influential bloggers in your niche. It also gives other bloggers a reason to link back to you.

If you link out to great content around the web, chances are there that your content is also of high-quality. It thus increases D.A.

High PageSpeed

Why Pagespeed is important

Along with the quality content, if a site has fast PageSpeed, then it is a clear indication that the site is user-friendly.

In order to call your site as authoritative, it should have great content and user experience. Great PageSpeed indirectly adds up to the domain authority.

Great PageSpeed increases Crawlability, rankings, and hence domain authority. They are all interdependent.

With great PageSpeed, your content will get more exposure. It increases the mobile user experience.

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Great types of content

Great content helps in getting high-quality backlinks and hence increases domain authority. Here are some of the types of content that get high-quality backlinks and shares.

  1. Infographics: Make sure to include embed code and allow others to include your infographics on their site. This gives you high-quality backlinks.
  2. List posts: they are easy to digest and read. Many of the people tend to share list posts more.
  3. Case studies: People need proof for your sayings. Case studies have highly linkable and shareable content.
  4. Interviews: it is the easiest way to produce great content. Interviewing an authoritative blogger on your site or blog, encourages that blogger to share the interview. Hence, your blog or site gets much more exposure with the  audience of the blogger you interview.

These types of content get more backlinks and quality shares. It is a clear indication that your content is of high-quality. Hence increases domain authority.

Increase returning visitors

Returning visitors are the one who visit your blog by remembering the URL and entering manually or clicking on the bookmark.

If more and more visitors and readers return to your blog then they surely have come across a great quality stuff in your blog. Do you know one thing? The browser bookmarks that everyone of your visitors make acts as a vote for the quality content of your blog (Chrome data collection).

What makes visitors return repeatedly to your blog? Of course, it’s quality content.

As a bonus with increased returning visitors, you’re less dependent on search engines. Even if you are hit (unlikely) by any algorithmic penalty, your blog will not be devastated.

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Branding is crucial to increase a loyal readership and the number of returning visitors. It should promote the brand of your blog both off-line and online. Your blog name should be easy to remember, and it should also be keyword friendly.

The example of blog names that are both brandable and keyword friendly are ProBlogger, CopyBlogger, and even mine.

Keep a low bounce rate

Bounce rate

On page SEO factors like bounce rates, exit rates are playing a crucial role in ranking and increasing the domain authority of your blog.

Metrics like bounce rate clearly highlights the user experience with your blog.

If your blog or site has high-quality content, users tend to read some more stuff, hence higher the quality lower the bounce rate.

In case of authoritative content only, low bounce rate is possible. If sites have authoritative high-quality content with a low bounce rate then it is clear that the site deserves high domain authority.

In order, to reduce bounce rate you may have to follow interlinking strategies. Internally linking your blog posts will be helpful both in terms of SEO, rankings, bounce rates and hence increases domain authority.

Say bye for buying likes and tweets, get quality social shares.

Social media

Google is stressing more and more on social shares.

If a person with no social activity or if a health niche blogger shares your Internet marketing Content, it would return no value.

Google has become smart in identifying FAKE social activities.

QUALITY OF SOCIAL shares is the future of SEO.

A single share from great bloggers carries much value than that of others.

If great bloggers and influential people share your content, then it is an indication that your content deserves it, and domain authority will be increased.

One of the surefire ways to get quality social shares is to regularly share the content of authoritative bloggers and influentials in your niche. Comment on the authoritative blogs in your niche, interview famous bloggers, share their content, outreach them, build relationships. It encourages them to share your content if it is really awesome.


Reply to all comments on your blog.By letting your readers know that you are reading and valuing their comments you’re encouraging them to visit your blog repeatedly and share your content. It also helps in building healthy relationship with your audience by retaining them as loyal readers of your blog.

Loyal readership is damn important to increase the domain authority.

Other tips:

  1. Create Facebook, Google Plus, pages for your blog or site and engage your audience.
  2. Host a webinar.
  3. Give away your brand T-shirt for your blog subscribers.
  4. Get traction for the blog post that you are yet to publish, by updating your status like: “Are you ready for my next blog post?”. If a blog post receives more direct visitors as soon as it is published then it is a great indication of quality content.
  5. Always aim for getting more visitors to your new blog post as soon as it is published.
  6. Repurpose your content to reach the maximum number of audience.
  7. Contribute to other sites

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Final words

Blogging is not rocket science. Likewise, you should be patient while increasing domain authority. It takes time.

The average domain authority of a six months old blog is around 40-50. As your blog keeps on growing, the maximum possible domain authority of an average blog is 90 to 95. However, don’t be devastated if you can’t achieve the milestone.

Don’t be too paranoid about the domain authority; it will be automatically increased with the increase of traffic and rankings. You can check the domain authority of the site at OpenSiteExplorer.

It is also worthwhile to note that domain authority acts as one of the important ranking factors of Google.

If you read this blog post on increasing domain authority, then do comment and share.

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  1. Hello Akshay,

    With the ‘death’ of Google Pagerank, it appears advertisers especially are now very much interested in PA and DA and here is a lovely post with respect to how to increase Domain Authority.

    I have somehow learnt my lessons and I guess so is many who have read this.
    Do have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emmaneul.
      The interest of webmasters and advertisers are shifting towards page authority and flow metrics. It’s important to increase these alternatives.

      Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Akshay,
    Thanks for another great post!!!

    could you please also spare some time to write on Moz’s PA/DA vs Majestic’s CF/TF vs Alexa Rank? Which matrix(PA/DA or CF/TF or Alexa) have more superiority on Google’s Page Rank?

    I couldn’t find good article on this.

    Again, thanks for great post!!


  3. Great Post Akshay About Increasing Domain Authority it Help me a lot but i Have Never Read That Bounce rate Can Effect Domain Authority by the way thanks for Sharing Such a Beautiful Article with Us

  4. Thanks Akshay to sharing this so informative article.
    As Domain Authority is one of crucial factor for any site and you told well tips to improve it.
    Again thanks!

  5. Well, recently I started a Blog but as I am new, looking to improve my Domain Authority, so that I can get some advertisers attracted as I read it on articles online.

    But in last update got nothing, Where I am making mistake? and When is the Next Domain Authority Update?

  6. This information is helpful to increase a DA of a website. You almost consider each and every point in this post to get higher DA. This is great and I will try these points on my website. 🙂
    Thank you for this great article

  7. Such an interesting article. I want to increase domain authority of my site. Because it is really an important factor for a website. Your article is really informative. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello,

    I have been trying hard to increase domain authority of my blog, but even after working for few months, I haven’t seen any improvements.

    So, where I am going wrong? Does I need to create links in bulk to get high Domain Authority?

    If yes, then How many links to need to get?

    I am not sure what to do.

    looking for quick response.

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    I am reading a lot of posts regarding domain authority, because i want to improve my domain authority quickly in order to attract advertisers.

    Buy I am not finding ti easy as I am not able to know, why I am not improving.

    Anyways, I have one question, Whether the links from bookmarking sites help in improving domain authority or not?

    I have build many links from Bookmarking and Profile sites, whether it helps?

  10. Hi,

    I am Linda, I own number of websites and I have hired people for SEO of all those sites, but Lately I myself learning something about technical stuff, which can help me handle my site son my own and latest i learned about Domain Authority and I have been working on it in past few months.

    But despite having good internal Linking and god content, Most of my sites Domain Authority is around 15-20 which I think is not good, as I love to attract more advertisers and without having Good Domain Authority, it is tough to attract high paying advertisers.

    So, what basically, I want to ask here, is there any way to increase Domain Authority quickly, I mean in 2-3 Months?

    ~ Linda

  11. Hey

    It’s a great handy article for increasing DA. A good internal link structure can really help in better SEO and hence domain authority of a site. But most of the newbies tend to put the same anchor text across articles. A variety of anchor text is what one needs to put to make the most out of interlinking.

    Loved all the tips and the linked resource pages. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great day ????

  12. Increasing your DA is super hard, i been trying forever, iguess one day it will come, i don’t have a problem with PA, but the DA side very hard time, i have some good backlinks, but DA never increase, i think; i have too many links that are no follow, so i’am not seeing a increase in DA, but thanks for some great knowledge, it was needed

  13. I have followed Domain Authority stacking for quite sometime now and time and time again it proves that perceived authority by just aggregating links no longer works. Content is king and content marketing is the emperor. Its high time we concentrate on what the user needs rather than what search engines need. Search engines eventually will catch up and sites that put content at the heart of its users will triumph.

    1. Such an interesting article. I want to increase domain authority of my site. Because it is really an important factor for a website. Your article is really informative. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Robert Brooks

    Very interesting and useful article. I will implement this method to improve my website Domain Authority.

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