Growth Hacking Strategies To Grow Your Blog Exponentially

Growth hacking in blogging

Growth Hacking has become a buzz; especially in the startup world.

If you are wondering what the heck growth hacking is, I'm here to help you.

Growth hacking is a blackhat technique, where you hack other WordPress blogs and insert your links to other sites, for getting links and hack your way for online success. - Wrong!

Growth hacking is using all the marketing and promotional strategies to solely grow your blog. This process is carried out by people known as Growth hackers, who make use of traditional marketing and analytical skills to help a business or a venture grow exponentially within a small timeframe. This growth hacking process has been proved to work like a charm to grow up a startup towards the top of the pyramid; fast.

Startups hiring good growth hackers for their growth is a dirty little secret.

For growth hackers, "Growth is their true north".

Need an example for typical growth hacking, huh?

Here it is.

Growth hackers at Dropbox are very smart; even their smartphones shied away. Back in around 2010, DropBox was yet another struggling cloud storage company. They had less capital to invest in traditional marketing and advertising, and moreover, they knew that retro-kind of advertising sucks at getting results.

At that time, the sole goal of Dropbox is to expand their user base. The number of customers who signed up for their limited free storage measured their growth. The guys at Dropbox adopted some of the most effective growth hacking strategies to take Dropbox to the next level.Dropbox growth hacking

They introduced a "referral program". According to this, if you are a present Dropbox user, if you refer your friends about Dropbox, both of you guys get 500MB free additional storage upon your friend's storage. This strategy alone increased the growth rate of Dropbox by 60% and set them apart from their cloud storage competitors.

In blogging and internet marketing, you are your own boss, you are the creator, and you should also be your growth hacker.

So, get ready!

In this post, I will present you some of the excellent growth hacking strategies that you can adopt in your blogging career to increase your traffic drastically.

Repurpose your content

Repurposing the content is nothing but reformatting the blog posts that you've published already on your blog posts, and promote them on other networks.

For example, you can transform your blog posts to slides, infographics, videos, and also podcasts. It's nothing but help reaching your content to the audience of different networks.

I've already covered about repurposing blog posts in one of my previous blog posts.

After repurposing your content on different platforms, make sure you include a linkback to your blog post. If you publish a YouTube video on your blog post content, then make sure you include a link back to your original post in YouTube video description.

It's just like leveraging your original content, by repurposing the content on various platforms, and driving traffic back to your blog.

When you use this strategy properly, it has the potential to drive highly targeted visitors to your blog and grow your email list.

Do offline promotion

Recently, I've been into training industry. I train people on how to start a blog and also lead them deep into internet or digital marketing world. I was astonished that, the day after I arranged a training session, I saw a huge spike in direct visitors to my site.

These types of offline promotion works very well in improvement of direct visitors to your site.

If you are struggling to conduct training sessions or establish networks, you can make use of It helps you reach people and arrange meetings who are like minded and interested in the same domain as you. Or alternatively, you can join any other existing meetups near you, and get in touch with the group.

Offline promotion is necessary for building your personal brand, growing your business, and gaining backlinks to your site. It also helps you unveil new opportunities to grow your business.

Boosting social signals

Here are some of the bulletproof growth hacking strategies to boost social shares on every blog post you publish.

  • Include click to tweet quotes and share-worthy texts in your blog posts.
  • Include social share buttons on your latest blog post at the bottom of your newsletters. As your blog subscribers are loyal readers of your blog, they are more likely to share the latest blog posts when you ask them to share the latest blog posts in your newsletters. Most of the email marketers don't use this strategy. I've been using this strategy more recently and gaining good results.
  • Make use of scroll triggered social share buttons, that will automatically show up when your blog visitors finish reading your blog posts. They drive great results than any other format of displaying social share buttons.

Make use of social locker plugins to unlock content only when sharing the content with one of their social media site's followers.

Social locker

Make use of email lists for better ROI

All blog subscribers are not interested in every product or content you are promoting. In order for your newsletters to reach highly targeted people, and people who likely are interested in your content, you should learn to make use of your lists properly.

Create multiple lists for your blog subscribers. For example, I have lists like GBT - Link Building, GBT - WordPress, so on...

So whenever I am pitching a new product related to WordPress, I only send those newsletters to my WordPress email list. By this I increase the open rates, decrease unsubscriber rates and indirectly increase my email marketing ROI. By this, I won't bore my other email subscribers who aren't interested in WordPress related stuff.

Make use of content upgrades, like offering an ebook, cheatsheets, goodies, to build your email lists.

Content upgrades

Above is the content upgrade example from Authority Hacker site, that I follow daily. On their Clickbank related post they have added affiliate related content upgrade to boost their email list that contains all the people interested in "Affiliate marketing".

This is only one example. Many of the popular sites are also using the same strategy for collecting more emails.

I highly recommend you to create multiple lists on your email marketing software, and build the lists on relevant category posts on your site and get your blog subscribers listed under separate interested lists/groups.

Make use of Facebook Pixel

If you make use of Facebook ads to grow your email list, you can easily make use of Facebook retargeting and increase the results you get for the money spent on advertising. You need to install the Facebook retargeting pixel code to your blog. There, the Facebook tracks all the visitors to your blog. Now you need to create a custom audience targeting the people who've visited your blog.

Now, the ad you create will be served to only those people who've previously visited your site. With this, the audience is more likely to subscribe to your blog and respond positively to your Facebook ad. ROI will be increased by over 400% if you use Facebook retargeting properly to grow your list and traffic.

You can also use Facebook Pixel code on landing pages to again target your prospect clients on Facebook via ads and convert them.

At maximum, Facebook is able to track the visitors who visited your blog from last 90 days with the help of browser cookies. The users who clear their browser cookies will not be tracked.

This is one of the least known strategies to skyrocket the ROI when using Facebook advertising.

Get additional search traffic using these strategies

If you want to increase the organic traffic to your site easily, there's one bullet-proof method. It's just like driving traffic from the keywords you are already ranking for.

How do I do this?

For this you need to go to Google Analytics, there unlock the keyword data by integrating it with Google Search Console keyword data.

Search analytics

Now you need to search for the keywords, that are already appearing in search results (have more impressions but fewer clicks). Now grab all those keywords and head over to the respective blog posts and optimize for the new keywords. By this, you make already existing blog posts semantically-rich and also drive additional traffic to your site.

If your content is not relevant to the keyword you are ranking for, then it's time to add relevant content to your content and sprinkle some related keywords for it to rank for lateral search terms.

This is one of the less-known growth-hacking strategies for increasing the traffic of a blog.

Strategic guest blogging

Guest blogging helps your blog to grow greatly. It's a no-brainer. Being a newbie, posting articles on other popular blogs carry more value and offers great ROI than posting on one's own blog.

Here's the strategic way.

  • Mention other influencers in your guest posts. It instantly creates your rapport with them.
  • In your author bioline, include a link to your email newsletter landing page or a free trial for your product.

Bio line- Smart Blogger

Many of the bloggers use guest blogging solely for backlink building purposes. But they don't know that guest blogging can also be utilized as a secret weapon for list building and increasing sales of a website.

Another strategy that many of the folks around the blogosphere  are following is that they publish expert roundup posts on guest blogs. Bam! That's a huge network and credibility booster.

34 Places to Promote Your Blog Posts [FREE PDF]

From the editor's desk

These are some of the extremely effective growth hacking strategies that you can adopt in your blog, to make your blog perform well above other blogs in all the aspects.

The most important thing in growth hacking is that you need to repeat the growth hacking patterns that are proven to work on all your sites, for taking your blogging and internet marketing to next level.

Properly analyzing the data, making use of data analytics software like Google Analytics, makes a difference.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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