Google Ranking Factors That You May Have Never Heard Of

Google Ranking Factors

Google ranking factors like domain age, backlinks, authority, trust, page rank, are all known.

But in this post, I’m listing some of the few Google ranking factors that you have not definitely heard about. But they exist.

Google has been tweaking its algorithm, repeatedly. It is becoming smarter day by day. Search queries are being interpreted as we people do.

To fight spammers and display relevant, up-to-date results to the user it has several secret algorithms that can be detected partially but are not officially disclosed.

Well, here are some of the ranking factors that you may have never heard of:

Chrome bookmarks as one of the Google ranking factors

What the heck Chrome bookmarks have to do with ranking?

Wait, I will explain.

Google collects some Chrome user data including bookmarks, behaviour, etc. It uses those data to personalize ads, and also Chrome user bookmarks help in determining the quality of a website or blog.

Simply put, if a particular blog or website is bookmarked by multiple users, then it certainly acts as a quality and relevancy signal to Google.

Take an example that your blog or website is bookmarked by hundreds of Chrome users.  Won’t it make sense for Google to rank high your blog?

To fight automated Chrome bookmarkers, Google compares user interaction with bookmarks and gives weightage for those bookmarks. For example, if a Webmaster with great reputation bookmarks your blog, then it acts as a stronger quality signal for Google.

Clicking star icon representing bookmark is like voting for a blog post because of its quality.

Google authorship rank

Although Google has ditched authorship stuff, Webmasters interaction in Google plus matters a lot.
If a Webmaster is highly engaged in Google plus, and is active in communities and have received appreciation, more plus ones, comments, etc. it would act as a relevancy signal.

Google would give a boost for his website or blog considering his trust in Google plus.

Many may say that Google authorship rank stuff does not exist. But who knows internally Google algos, may calculate authorship rank or trust score. There are many instances for this.

Google circles

If you use Chrome to browse for blog posts logged in, then you definitely might have come across frequent blog posts or posts shared by people in your circles.

If you have added someone to your circle, then he may come across you more frequently in SERPs when he’s logged in.
Adding more and more reputable people, interacting with them, helps in increasing traffic.

Google personalized results have been doing a great job in increasing loyal visitors and returning visitors.
Google plus interaction matters a lot.

Google dance

Before ranking any new blogs Google takes some time to analyse the quality of the content in that blog.

It gives an initial boost for new sites or blogs, and let them dominate the top results. Google then silently observes the user interaction and performance of the artificially boosted blog.

This boost does not stay longer. After a couple of days pass on, rankings will be drastically reduced. During some initial days, the rankings of the blog will fluctuate rapidly causing a dance in Analytics chart.

Hence, the term Google Dance.

If website or blog performs well in artificial boost, it’s not the case.

Chrome user history

Scanning the user history and interaction Google determines the niche in which the user is interested in.

So while browsing, the logged in user frequently come across the sites that he visited before or has been bookmarked it.

Actually this is a great news for Webmasters. Because it helps to gain loyal visitors and returning visitors.
Remember that if a visitor previously visited your blog and visits it again, it will give a boost.

Comment numbers

Do you know that Google, also can determine the number of comments on a blog post?

If you have heard the fact that grammatical mistakes in comments don’t matter, then you’d have already known that Google can also determine the original content and comments.


By looking at the number of comments, it would act as quality and interactions signal for Google.

Put a simple blog post with lots of comments and user interaction and it will certainly get a boost in Google SERPs.

You may have noticed that the blog posts that dominate the top search results have more comments and user interaction.

Domain registration length

Now, most of the domains are available within two dollars. Anyone could create a blog and start posting.

The one who is serious about blogging and his brand registers his domain for two years or longer.

By looking at the long domain registration length, Google decides that the domain is reputed and the Webmaster of the domain is serious about blogging and brand.

This ranking factor may be the common ranking factor that you all know. But I bet the majority of the bloggers don’t know this ranking factor.

Matt Cutts himself has clarified it.

Final words
These are some of the less known or unknown Google ranking factors, that exist.

Many of the ranking factors are not yet disclosed. The high-quality search results that Google is maintaining is not only because of Google’s 200 ranking factors. There must be some other powerful ranking factors that Google has not disclosed. Above are some of them.

I hope this blog post appealed you greatly. If so, do comment and share.

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7 thoughts on “Google Ranking Factors That You May Have Never Heard Of”

  1. Hello Akshay,
    It’s nice knowing how Google actually rank domain names. And as pictured in the post; domain age really matters a lot. Anyways, I believe this tutorial will be very useful and much appreciated by the newbie bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is informative. Now I know that Google’s Chrome is useful. If your blog or website is bookmarked, then it acts as a stronger quality signal for Google. I think it is very cool. For me, I love bookmarking posts or website that I find useful in my daily activities or for a purpose.

    I have learned a lot from here to be honest with you. Google is really useful and beneficial if you’re a marketer and a writer or blog owner. It can cause good upshots. Reading this post made me realize its use. Never thought that it’s a useful if you want to leverage your traffic.

    Revealing post to wrap it up!

    1. Great comment, Metz
      Google Chrome bookmarks definitely acts as a strong quality signal. But the fact is many of the bloggers are still not aware of it.

      For any Internet marketing strategy. Google is the best bet. One can’t simply ignore Google.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have read all these ranking factors exclusively on your blog, all these facts are new to me so i will try to implement or work on this.

    Anyways thanks for these unrevealed tips

  4. Ifiokobng Ibanga

    Hello Akshay, Thanks for this interesting article. This is the fist time I heard of Chrome bookmarkers as a ranking factor. Other tips are wonderful. Nice write-up. Thanks

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