How to Get Spiky Traffic on Weekends for Blogs in any Niche

If you’re a keen blogger, you may have noticed that things are not smooth on weekends. Blog traffic is doomed on weekends. Some blogs may experience a slight drop in traffic on Friday itself, Sunday being the worst.

My blog traffic weekends

On Saturday and Sunday, almost half of the traffic drops! OK, it’s the case of my blog. I’m sure that this scenario applies for most of the blogs. Maybe yours not the one? Let me know more in comments.

The only reason for the traffic drop on my blog is, “Bloggers tend to not blog on weekends. They would like to spend time with family, friends or parties”. They shun working online even on weekends.

Boost Weekend traffic

Whatever. You are here because you need traffic on weekends also.

According to you, “My readers are free on weekends. Why can’t they spend time on my blog?” Your assumption may be wrong.

Target social media on weekends

People spend more time on social media.

According to this chart, by Statista, the number of retweets will be high on weekends.

Infographic: Why Social Media Managers Shouldn't Rest On Sundays | Statista

You can also read this post from Buffer as a complete reference. For Facebook, on Saturdays people tend to share more and will be active.

As you can notice people like to spend their weekend free time on social media. They would like to interact with their friends and followers.

For Zuck, weekends rock. For blog owners, weekend sucks! Nope. I’m here to rock your blog on weekends also.

You want to target the platform where most of your audience resides. You now know that social media sites are the place where people hang out online on weekends.

Share your great blog post on social media sites on weekends. You usually get more engagement then.

Be active on social media sites from Thursday or Friday itself. It helps build up traffic.

Publish viral content

What’s the best sort of content shared and liked most on social media sites? They’re certainly viral posts.

Weekends are the best time to publish some viral posts. Here are some of the bite-sized tips:

  1. Craft headlines treating your post like a click-bait.
  2. Surprise your readers and blog visitors.
  3. Do something unexpected.
  4. Be controversial. Disagree with someone or someone’s post. You must be able to justify.
  5. Know what’s the buzz in your community or friends list. Post an in-depth article on it.
  6. Massive list posts like 101 tips, 99 ways go viral easily.
  7. Publish an expert round-up post.

You must ensure that most of the people who come across your post click on it. Find it interesting. Share with other audience.

Forget Google

The desktop search traffic will go down on weekends, whereas the mobile search traffic climbs up. Overall, the search traffic will be down on weekends.

Desktop weekend Mobile weekend

Credits: SearchEngineLand

In some of the niches, the search traffic is way too low.

Targeting mobile users can recover some of your organic traffic on weekends.


  • Consider a responsive mobile-friendly theme for your blog.
  • Speed up the load times.

The best way is to forget Google and concentrate on social media traffic.

Don’t shoot newsletters on weekends

People try to be away from their inbox on weekends.

According to a study conducted by Mailchimp,

Mailchimp open rates day

The email open rates usually go down on weekends. Most of the emails that you shoot out to your subscribers will be opened on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So, if according to your editorial calendar, you send newsletters on weekends, reconsider it.

If you mail your list on weekends, your mail may get buried under other weekend promotional emails cluttered in your subscribers’ inbox. You may not get the right traffic you deserve.

Final words
These are some of the tips. Other than these, you could not force your audience to remain online on weekends also.

Publishing an engaging post prior to the weekend and focusing on social media traffic, recovers the most of your lost traffic on weekends.

Does your traffic drop on weekends? What tactics you follow to get traffic on weekends? Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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