Get Your New Blog Posts Indexed Fast with These Tricks

Everyone wants to get their new blog posts indexed fast by Google.

But the fact is that the index time is dependent on the crawl rate (the rate at which Google bots crawl your content). That means higher the crawl rate greater the indexation speed.

So for increasing the indexation speed, it is essential to increase the crawlability of your site.

So for indexation of your blog posts, it's essential to inform Google that you have published a new post. How to do that? This exact thing I will discuss in this post…

Before diving into the blog post, I assume that you have submitted XML sitemap for your blog. If not, it's not a problem.

Head over to Google XML Sitemaps WordPress plug-in or Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, create a sitemap. And submit your site map in Webmaster Tools.

Wait for your existing blog posts to be indexed by Google.

So this post discusses on how to speed up the indexation further, after submitting your sitemap to Google.

Do good interlinking

There should be a good interlinking structure on your blog. The relevant posts on your blog should be tightly linked with each other.

If you are following a silo structure on your blog, that's very effective.

If you don't know what silo is, it refers to the process of thematically grouping the blog posts on your site and internally linking them each other other in the group.

The moment you publish a new blog post, it's very essential to head over to all the posts that are relevant to your new blog post and add internal links. This increases the link juice being flown to your new blog post and also makes the new content discoverable by Google.

Having a good interlinking strategy in your blog is the best tip I can give when it comes to indexing your blog post fast.

Submit your blog to blog catalogs

If you have not submitted your blog to some blog catalogs like AllTop and BlogCatalog, you need to consider doing it.


These catalogs instantly showcases your latest blog posts on their website thus increasing the chances of your new blog posts getting indexed by Google.

Share posts on social media

The moment you publish a new blog post on your blog, you need to spend some time to promote it effectively on various social media sites and get quality traffic to it.

You can consider promoting newly published posts on platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also pin the graphics of your blog on Pinterest.

Google Plus sharing used to be a great way to index your blog post in the matter of hours, unfortunately the platform will be discontinued.

The goal here is to get as much social media traffic as possible, and also hopefully some quality comments on your blog.

As more and more people start visiting your blog posts, it forces Google to crawl and index your new blog post.

Increase pagespeed

In one of my previous posts I have suggested that increasing the PageSpeed of blogs, increases the crawlability and crawl rate of your blog a lot. I can say that index rate is directly proportional to the PageSpeed of your blog.

Google has a time limit within which it should crawl and index a page.

To let Google crawl and index your blog post completely, it's necessary to increase the PageSpeed of your blog.

Increasing the PageSpeed of your blog provides Google much more time to crawl and index your blog post.

Along with the fast indexation process, high PageSpeed has several benefits which I have discussed in one of my previous posts.

Also read: Why SEO Experts Shout Out That Page Speed is Important?

Publish new content regularly

This is one of the important things that you should do to speed up the indexation of your new posts.

Keep your blog updated so that new traffic trickles in. Publishing new content also keeps your sitemap updated, so that Google can increase the crawl rate of your blog.

If you publish two blog posts weekly, then fix two days of the week for publishing.

Stick to it. 

Consistency is the key here.

By this, Google bots can easily determine when to expect new content on your blog.

Comment on other popular blogs

After publishing new blog posts, if your blog is fairly new, it's recommended you to some insightful blog commenting on other popular blogs in your niche. While doing so, make sure that your comment is really top-notch and it makes people to click through your homepage link in the comment.

If you are able to do the commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs, it's awesome.

The great thing about CommentLuv enabled blogs is that they showcase your latest blog post along with your comment. It helps in increasing the visibility of your new blog posts.

As soon as you publish a great blog post, make sure to comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs.

You can find CommentLuv enabled blogs easily on Google search using the search template:

Keyword "This blog uses premium CommentLuv"

This returns blog posts that have CommentLuv premium enabled for your keyword.

Comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs that have high domain authority and high crawl rate. So that, it will be useful for the fast indexation of your new blog post.

Also readBlog commenting Benefits, Strategies, and Best Practices

Use fetch as Google feature

Even after following all the above guidelines if your new blog post does not get indexed, then it is recommended to use, fetch as Google feature.

Fetch as Google feature indexes your blog posts within seconds or minutes.

But it's worthwhile to mention that, letting the new blog post index naturally is better than forcing them to index using fetch as Google feature.

I have observed that, by using Fetch as Google feature, blog posts will be indexed instantly but not ranked instantly - especially for new blogs.

To use fetch as Google feature, head over to Google Search Console and select fetch as Google under crawl section.


Enter the new blog post URL in the text field, and hit fetch and render button.

Later, in the resulting window, click on Submit to index button. After the indexation process of your new blog post, the entry will be marked as completed.

However, I do not encourage using this feature unnecessarily.

Other tips

  1. Add ping services to WordPress.
  2. Minimize external JavaScript and requests.
  3. Monitor downtime and server issues.
  4. Make sure that robots do not block the content.
  5. Submit image and video sitemaps
  6. Be minimalistic.
  7. Keep an eye on alerts and warnings in Google Webmaster tools.

Final words
Quality content combined with great user interaction with your blog, high PageSpeed, great social signals, definitely speed up the process of indexation of your new blog posts.

If this blog post has helped you to index your blog posts efficiently and fast, do comment and share this post.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  1. Google indexing is one of the important part of Google ! Everyone want’s to see their post index fast ! I had read many Tips & Article for Blog Posts Indexed But I think this tips is great ! Sharing post link on social network is great option to get fast index, Let’s try it !

  2. Thanks Brother,
    Its most important tip for all the bloggers . it will boost your seo and increase you traffic also thanks my friend.

  3. Hi Akshay

    A very helpful post. If I search Google for my latest post using the post title, my post gets found twice – once under my site URL and again under the site URL/category/reviews. It doesn’t get found under the title even though my permalinks are set to just give the postname after the URL. I have an XML site map so not sure why my site isn’t found by post title. I guess the post itself isn’t indexed yet.

    I’ll definitely try some of the techniques you have described in your post.


  4. Sorry to hear that your blog has duplicate content issue. You need to de-index and nofollow categories and tags. Or else your main content may not index.
    Internal duplication is the issue in your site.

    Glad you found this helpful.

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  6. Thanks Brother,
    Its most important tip for all the bloggers . it will boost your seo and increase you traffic also thanks my friend.

  7. Hey thanks for describing this tutorial in depth Akshay!

    Getting your newly launched blog or newly published blog posts even is a bit hard for the newbies but I am pretty sure, following the tricks described above one can do it in no time.

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  9. I was a newbie with SEO when I started working online. I have done quite a lot of on page and off page seo since 2010. The one thing I haven’t done not until 2013 was to add the site on the Google webmaster tool. One month after, I noticed a significant increase in our traffic. The more I studied SEO, I realized that maybe I should have done this at the beginning, but it’s better late than never. Traffic kept increasing since then (doubled). I also discovered the disavow tool and got rid of all the poor and spam backlinks. Also, I created a Google + account late in 2013 and I could say that it helped us gain more readers and visitors. Some pages shared in G+ even rank in the first page of Google for particular keywords.

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    1. Hi Bro, You shared a great tips. Sharing conent on Google plus really complement to the indexing process.

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  21. Indexing your post is the most important part in blogging!
    Google webmaster tools and other pinging services are the best to get your post indexed within few hours!

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    4. Use pinging tool in order to get indexed faster.

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    Good tips. Regular posting is probably the most important factor that determines a faster indexing. I do use the “Fetch” tool when I publish a post on recent events or trends so that I don’t miss out on readers.


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