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Twitter is one of my most favorite social networks, next to Google Plus. Twitter is very helpful for driving targeted visitors to your niche blog.

All you need is to get more impressions on your every tweet. So in order to get more impressions and traffic you need to have tons of followers in Twitter.

Every blogger’s dream is to get traffic fast, right? For that, you need to get more retweets for every of your Tweet.

Here are some of the unique strategies that you can use to boost the retweets you get.

Search for influencers in your niche and follow them

Influencers are those who are making a lot of buzz in your niche.

They are the one who succeeded in engaging with their audience, creating a buzz.

To find the key Twitter influencers who are creating a lot of buzzes can be found using Twtrland, BuzzSumo…
Both of the above tools return different, effective influencers in your niche.

Twtrland influencers

Buzzsumo influencers

Once you find out and connect with those key influencers, it’s time for you to analyze the Twitter profiles of those influencers.
Analyze for the Twitter users who retweet their tweets often. Follow them. Leave comments on their blog. Offer them an interview. You know what to do.

One Tweet from an influencer carries the same value of 10 mere tweets. [Click to tweet]

Retweet their tweets or tweet their latest blog content as update happens. To do this on autopilot, you can use Triberr, TwitterFeed. Always remember to include the Twitter handler as a postfix for the re-tweet or tweet that you make. This will ping the influencer about the tweets.

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Another strategy
Do the same process for the Twitter users who are retweeting the tweets of the influencers.
You can make use of Twitonomy. After authorizing the app with Twitter, it’s time for the hunt.

Search for the topic or your niche.

Twitonomy topic search

Find the highly influential person.

Twitonomy top retweeters

Click on the user.

Examine their top re-tweeters.

Follow the users who retweet the tweets of influential bloggers in your niche.

Engage with them. Retweet their tweets, leave comments on their blog. Add their blog feed to TwitterFeed.

Another strategy
Search for the trendy hashtags regularly, and find out the top tweets on the topic. Follow all the re-tweeters for the top tweets of your niche.

Retweet the tweets of those re-tweeters. Engage them. Leave comments on their blog. Link to them. Build relationships.

You can make use of HashTags or WhatTheTrend, to make the job easier finding the trendy hashtags in your niche.

Yet another strategy…
What did you do in the last step? Searched for the trending hashtags and followed re-tweeters right?
There are hundreds of Twitter users, who search for trendy hashtags and follow people.

You have to include hashtags on every of your tweet, to ensure to get more impressions. Tweets with hashtags are observed to get 5 times more impressions on a Twitter account with 1000 followers.

Including hashtags increases your followers steadily.

Other tips to get more Twitter retweets

  1. Make use of Tweriod and schedule your tweets when most of your followers are active.
  2. Make use of Twitter Analytics and determine the best schedule, hashtags to use and the interest of your followers to optimize your tweets accordingly and boost your retweets.
  3. Make use of Twitter lists to categorize the users in your niche, interact with them.
  4. Encourage other Twitter Users to add you to their lists by interacting actively and retweeting their tweets.
  5. Twitter is all about giving and taking. Don’t be selfish. Retweet others content to get yours retweeted.
    To make sure that every of your tweet gets value, make use of tools like ViralContentBuzz. Share useful content, and in turn get your content shared.
  6. Use Twitter Cards. I have been using Twitter Cards lately; it has been playing a great role in increasing impressions and clicks on my tweets.
  7. Ask users to retweet your tweets. Asking helps a lot.

What next?
One should not ignore to persuade readers to share or tweet your blog posts, right in the blog itself.
Ask readers to share your content, include social buttons on every of your blog posts.
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To get more retweets, you have to first learn to share awesome content, share the content of your re-tweeters.
It’s all about giving and taking.

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