Get More Social Shares on Every Blog Post [With Infographic]

Get more shares

Everyone wants to get more shares on the blog posts they publish. Yeah, that’s for real.

However, how to make the content more shareable?

Assessing the quality of the written content, Google is stressing more and more about the quality of social signals. If a blog post receives more likes, retweets, plus ones, then it is clear that the content is of high quality. And it encourages Google to rank relatively higher than other similar blog posts.

I also mentioned the word “QUALITY”.
For example, a blog post shared by Neil Patel will have more quality signal than that of the blog post shared by me.

How to get more quality shares and make your content more shareable for the readers of your blog.

Here’s an infographic highlighting all the 7 ways by which you can get more social shares.

sLiked this infographic? Then feel free to use the above infographic on your blog or site using the below embed code.

As you may have forecasted, the first point is,

High Quality and Uniqueness of the Content

High-quality content matters a lot – it is what most of the SEO gurus suggest you.

But do you think high-quality content alone is enough?
If you ask me, it’s not enough.

The uniqueness of the content is more important.

Generic kind of content that is of high-quality has no use. If you have a unique blog content that is not available anywhere else on the web and is of medium quality, then it tends to get more shares. Uniqueness has a slight edge over the quality of the content.

As far as niche blogging is concerned, people are looking for unique content. They hate to share generic content that’s available anywhere else on the web. They want something different to share with your community.

I suggest you leave procrastination and start writing high-quality unique content and encourage your readers to share that content. Let me know if, in spite of this, your content does not get enough shares and interactions.

Include infographics

People love visual kind of content. Infographics are the perfect for this kind.

Images and visual content tend to get more shares on social media networks. Especially in Pinterest and even in Google Plus communities.

The Proper promotional strategy is a must-and-should for infographics blog post. You have to be less dependent on organic traffic for infographics posts.

Infographics are the only type of content that gets massive shares and appreciation in social media networks.

Include list posts

List posts are like ready-reckoners. People love reading list posts as they are short, concise and accurate.

List posts are usually in small chunks that are easy to digest. Your readers can bookmark these posts without any further thinking.

The probability of sharing of list posts on social media networks is also high. People love reading stuff like 100 tips, 7 hacks, etc.

In list posts, the effectiveness of blog post titles is also important. Without catchy headlines, people will not bother to read your blog post.

Include giveaways in social lockers

There are a number of social lockers available out there to lock the content below the social share buttons. The content underneath will only be unlocked if the content is shared.

Including secret giveaways in social lockers, you can encourage more shares and tweets on your posts. It increases your shares by around 200%. Because people love free giveaways and secret stuff.

And I bet many readers share your content to know how social locker works!

PluginOnePress Social Locker

Ask readers to share your content

I’m sure that you include final words or conclusion section in every blog post.

At last, make sure to include the line to encourage readers to comment and share your blog post. You may have noticed that I always include the line, “If this post has really helped you, do share and comment.” As per my observation, mentioning this line increases the tweets and shares by another 200%.

Nothing is more effective than asking your readers to share the content.

Many of the readers, love your blog post, but they forget that they can actually share the stuff. Asking readers to share the content reminds them that sharing is caring.

Integrate social networking sites with your blog

Integrating Facebook comments or Google Plus comments in your blog greatly help in increasing the social interaction in your blog.

For example, in Google Plus comments, the commenter will be presented an option to share his comment along with your blog post in his Google Plus profile. This means, around half of your Google Plus commenters will also be your blog post sharers.

Is’nt it cool?

Integration matters a lot.

Social sharing buttons

Everybody suggests you add social shares button in your blog posts. Adding social shares buttons at both the top and bottom of your blog posts helps in getting more social shares.

But how about the idea of presenting a social sharing pop-up box the moment your reader finishes reading the blog post? It is cool. But how to do this?

Well, there are many of the scroll triggered box plug-ins for WordPress. Like Scroll Triggered Boxes, Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box, etc.
These plug-ins enable you to present a social pop-up box to the reader the moment they scroll across the predefined part of a page.

For example, usually, a blog post content ends at 50% scrolling of your web page. Again, it totally depends on the number of comments you receive for each of your blog posts. If there are no comments at all on your blog posts, then your blog post content may end at 80% height of your web page.

You can set the percentage height of your web page in these plug-ins. The moment your reader bypasses this preset value, the social pop-up box will be presented with like button, Tweet button, and other social sharing buttons.

This greatly increases the shares and tweets of your blog post.

Other surefire tips

  1. Include viral, sharable images in your blog posts.
  2. Share other blog posts and content in your niche.
  3. Build loyal readership and relationship with other bloggers in your niche.
  4. Include quotations and sayings of stardoms.
  5. Mention your readers in your blog posts.
  6. Mention authoritative bloggers in your blog post.
  7. Thank your readers for the shares.

Final words

Implementing all these strategies in your blog posts, results in more shares and tweets of the every blog post that you publish.

Another surefire strategy is to publish blog posts when most of your readers are active. It is especially during weekends and at other times, which you can easily determine.

That’s all folks; these are the hacks to get more shares for every blog post that you publish.

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7 thoughts on “Get More Social Shares on Every Blog Post [With Infographic]”

  1. We are all wanting more shares for our posts and your right that there are many ways of going about this.

    One interesting spin that I want to get more into, is the use of Infographics. I have used a couple and I have found that they have been huge for shares on Pinterest. Pinterest is such a growing platform, that it would be crazy to ignore it. Infographics (for the blogging niche) have shown to have far more success rate on Pinterest than any other image. (From my blogs perspective that is!).

    Sharing this now through Triberr 🙂

    1. Thanks on your first comment Catherine.

      Yeah you are right, infographics get a lot of shares and appreciation. Pinterest is one of the rapidly growing platform to share great images. We can drive massive traffic from it.

      Have a great day.

  2. Hey Akshay,

    Great post here. I like the points about including giveaways in social lockers. This is something that I haven’t done yet and I’m actually really interested in … so I’ll have to check it out.

    Infographics is really something I haven’t done yet either. I’m really anxious to create my first infographic just to see if it’s all that it’s cracked up to be as people are claiming. I’m sure that it is.

    Great post here once again.

    – Andrew

    1. Thanks for stopping by Andrew. You should definitely try Social lockers and offer giveaways like PDFs of the post or other free stuffs.

      Infographics are great as well to get more shares, the probability of blog post going viral is more.


  3. Another great post Akshay!

    I will attest to the share buttons. It seems like common sense, but it can do wonders. I added buttons to my non-wordpress site and it is amazing how many shares I am getting, just by having the buttons and asking people to share. And this is for a non-content ecomm store type site. So easy to do yet so powerful. Only wish I had done it sooner.

    So much talk about infographics these days. Like others have said, seems I need to get to creating some of my own.

    Speaking about infographics, I love how you put up the embed code for your own graphic, awesome idea!

    1. Hey Ron.
      Glad to hear that putting social share buttons on your blog helped you get more social shares. Asking for sharing the blog content helps great.

      Infographics are one of the powerful medium to express the information. Online readers prefer visual medium for getting information.
      Offering the embed code for infographics, helps great in getting backlinks. Many of the bloggers prefer putting the embed code on their blog, rather than taking the task of creating infographics in their hand.

      Cheers. Have a nice day ahead.

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