Get More Comments on your blog: Tested Strategies

Get more comments

Getting more comments is important for a blog. Without any interaction or communication with your readers, your blog and you would be Mr. Lonely.

Comments are also helpful for future visitors. For example, you would not have covered an important thing in your blog post, then how come you know that readers are not benefited from your blog post?

Most of the times user comments will be helpful for both you and future visitors.

Post quality content and keep the topic clear

As usual, “Content is King”. Be choosy in choosing topics to blog upon. Post regularly, but remember that quality matters a lot than frequency. Always keep the word count between 500 – 2000, longer posts showcase your effort both to search engines and more importantly to readers and make them praise for your effort.

Rather than being a technical jargon use simple language that is easily readable. By this, almost all the readers will understand the content of the post and they find it helpful for them to interact.

Ask questions or ask them to comment

Ask readers to drop comments

At the end of the blog post, ask readers to post their own ideas, views and queries in the form of comments. Observe the below screenshot for a better idea.

For example, take this particular post that you are reading. I would encourage readers to drop comments as below,

Hey readers, What’s up? What’s your strategy for getting more comments? Feel free to share your ideas, queries. If I have helped you then share this post also, I don’t mind!

Begging for comments initially helps a lot!

Make room for discussions

Ever came across an exceptionally great blog post, and don’t know how to comment? Seems familiar, right?

The reason is that the blogger of that blog post has not made any room for discussions.

Always do not include complete details about the topic. Leave some space for readers to think. This will make them leave suggestions and insightful comments.

Sprinkle some GENERIC content here and there in your blog posts. By including generic content that readers already know about, you are boosting them and encouraging to comment on your blog.

Respond to user comments

Replying to comments quickly will showcase your passion in blogging.

It will also encourage future users to drop comments on your blog. For example, you have a blog post with 10 user comments and you have replied to all of them and clarified their doubts quickly, then if I visit your blog post and saw your comments and notice that you are interactive then it will encourage me to drop comments and interact with you.On
replying to comments, comments transform into conversations. it will get more comments on your blog and further help in building community and relationship.

Offer do follow if comment link deserved it.

Dofollow attract commenters

Almost all the visitors tend to comment on blog posts if they benefit from it. Nobody except some readers would like to spend time commenting on your blog. So in order to get visitors to comment on your blog just offer them something.

About 80% of comments on my blog are spam.

However, there are some of the commenters, who drop links, that is within the topic and return value to the future visitors. So reward those commenters with a free dofollow backlink. It will encourage visitors to drop comments on your site. Remember not to overdo it, reward only legitimate early commenters. Even, I do accept links in comments if they are within the topic and useful.

If yours is a new blog then, you can add CommentLuv to your blog, it encourages readers to leave comments by making their latest post visible and as well as encouraging them to share your posts to widen their choice. But beware as this will leave lots of spam on your blog and you have to keep comments in moderation.

Reward top commenters

Top commentators widget

This widget encourages your readers to comment more often on your blog, by showcasing top commenters on your blog. In order to make this more effective, offer a do follow link for the top commenters. There will be a competition among the readers to drop comments on your blog.
Remember not to place this widget on your new blog, with no commenters!

Alternatively, you can also publish blog posts like, “top commenters this month”. That encourages your readers to leave comments on your blog. Or something like “Top insightful commenters this month” it encourages your readers to leave more insightful comments.

Offer them a bribe of featuring them on your blog, for their insightful comments.

Decrease page load time of your blog

Some of the commenters, land to your blog to comment, but not to read the blog post! Those commenters straightly head to comment section, which is a bit slower than the rest of the priority content. So make sure to speed up the comment section of your blog.

Using 3rd party comment management systems other than the native one will add some time. They prefer to leave your blog without commenting when they notice the sluggish behaviour of the blog.

The faster your blog load time, the greater is the number of comments.

Ask a question

Many of the bloggers come to your blog for commenting on your blog posts. After reading the blogpost, they’ve got nothing to comment. It’s like, you have covered all the things, leaving them nothing to comment.
To prevent that from happening, you need to raise a question in your conclusion.
Like, “Let me know what are your strategies”. This gives a topic for your readers to comment on.

Also read: How to Write Strong Conclusion that Rocks your Readers’ Mind

Or skip a topic that is to be covered in your blog post. Wait for your readers to cover it up via comments.

This will work great.

Other quick, great ideas (must-read)

  1. If readers’ comments are published instantly it would encourage them. So rather than keeping all the comments for moderation, tweak comment settings so that comments containing links are only moderated.
  2. Why not offer awesome giveaways for frequent commenters?
  3. Post some Controversial posts.
  4. Reply, so that your reply gives rise to a new reply.
    Enable “Get notifications for replies and new posts”
  5. Occasionally make dumb mistakes, so that users may point it out!
  6. Use gamification plugins (Points, levels, trophies for commenters)
    Plugins: Captain UpPunchTab
  7. Address the commenters by their first name, so that a sense of belongingness prevails.

Must read: 

These are some of the great less known techniques to encourage the users to comment and get more comments on your blog. I have not listed all the other common techniques that you can find anywhere else on the web. With little more observation, you only can find out some other techniques.

Found a strategy? Why not share with us? Let me know in comments.

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8 thoughts on “Get More Comments on your blog: Tested Strategies”

  1. Hi Akshay.

    I really love the idea of replying to comments in such a way that it encourages the commenter to return to the post.

    I’ve seen another blogger do that regularly, with great effect.

    I’m thinking of doing that when I write my next article.


    1. Hi Nathan,

      I read your article too, but while i tried to comment on it i am not able to do it. I found difficulty to comment on it.

      I connect my google plus to disqus, even after also its asking me to verify, i do verified, still the issues makes me not able to comment on your article.

      Anyway.. that was simply great article. It would be more helpful for newbies like me.

      Cheers Nathan

      Prasanna LP

      1. Hi Prasanna.

        I’m sorry that you had issues connecting Google+ to Disqus. I’ve never connected my Google+ account, but I’ll look into the issue.

        However, people who don’t use Disqus are still able to comment on my blog as a guest.

        Thanks for your feedback.


    2. Hey, Nathan. Thanks for the comment.
      Yeah, pinging your commenter about your reply, greatly helps in retaining visitors.

      Email notification will greatly helps.

      Let me know if it works.


      1. Hi Akshay.

        Readers already receive email notifications when they comment on my blog.

        What I meant is that I may try to encourage more engagement when I reply, for example by ending my reply with a question. Then the reader may visit again to reply.

        I know of one blogger who does that all the time. And it works.


  2. Hi Akshay

    Thanks again for the interesting article. I have noticed two interesting points in this article will use that tactic in my following articles. Purposefully adding some mistakes so that the reader come back with it and adding a section to show top commenter.

    Really thanks for the idea.
    Prasanna LP

  3. Kathula Santhosh

    Hii Akshay..
    I visited your blog for first time, very impressive bro.. really good article. Till now i didnot tried Ask comment points as shown in your article. I’ll try it definitely.

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