Top 3 Ways to Find Long-tail High Paying CPC Keywords for AdSense

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If you are reliant on AdSense for revenue from your blog, chances are there you are struggling to find high CPC keywords.

Apart from ad placement and all other stuff, there are three main ways to earn more with Google AdSense.

  • search for high CPC keywords
  • adopt it in your relevant blog posts
  • drive traffic

Most of the AdSense earners follow this method to earn some huge bucks. This strategy is the most effective one when it comes to spiking up your CPC.

The most important step is to find high CPC long tail keywords, that has low competition and is really easy to rank for.

There are many ways to achieve this. In this post, I will present you best 3 ways to find them.

Using Long Tail Pro

Most of the bloggers use Long Tail Pro to find great niches. It has been developed by Spencer Haws. It is a full-fledged tool for doing effective keyword research. It helps you ease out the process of finding low competition, high paying keywords.

Many of the brands and pro bloggers use this tool and have ended up with great success.

>Get Long Tail Keyword Pro<<

After searching for the best high paying keywords. It’s time for you to filter out them.

Here are the tips to filter them.

Buyer intent keywords graphics

  • Prefer buyer intent keywords over normal ones.Visitors who come to your blog with a buying intention are more likely to click on your ads.
  • Filter out high competition keywords. You may have chosen low competition keywords at the beginning itself, but make use of tools like SEMrush or Mozbar to accurately determine the keyword competition. Because even the lowest competition keyword may be difficult to rank, depending upon your domain authority.
    Here’s my post on how to accurately find the competition of a keyword for your blog.
  • Choose the keyword, which has more related terms to it. Related keywords make your blog posts semantically rich.
  • Now, write a super-relevant content targeting the keyword.
  • Wait for your post to rank and drive targeted traffic.

When you target high paying keywords, Google AdSense shows keyword relevant ads from publishers, who are willing to pay a high amount of money for a single click, on your blog.

Hence more earnings.

Using SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the best premium tool, which I’ve ever come across. It lets you perfectly find low competition, long tail keywords, high CPC keywords that don’t suck. Additionally, you can look up for all the keywords; your competitor blog post is ranking for. You can also look up for keyword difficulty.

It also comes loaded with a plethora of other features.
Undoubtedly, it’s the best SEO tool ever a blogger can get.

SEMrush free version, which you can use up to 5 times a day, can alone be enough for some of the bloggers.

Semrush cpc

If you are one of the bloggers, who spend more time, researching for effective keywords, competitor analysis, the SEMrush pro plan is something you are looking for.

Here’s a detailed guide to using SEMrush.
Before opting for the pro plan, please make sure you get 15 days free trial of SEMrush.

Using Google keyword planner

It’s the easiest keyword tool, you can ever get. Just head over to keyword planner.
Now in the search field, enter some of the seed long tail keywords, or idea, on which you want to research for CPC keywords.

Keyword planner

Now hit search. Head over to the second tab i.e. “keyword ideas”

Here in the results, the column “suggested bid”, gives you the idea of CPC of keywords.

Now copy some of the high CPC keywords, again put them in the search. Rinse and repeat. By doing this, you get sure-fire high CPC keywords.

On the other hand, you can also export the keyword report to a separate excel file, sort the keywords in ascending order of keyword competition and descending order of CPC.

Or even remove all the keywords with medium or high competition, and sort by CPC.


Later you can use SEMRush or Google suggest to get some related keywords to the main high CPC keyword.

 These are some of the ways, to help you find high paying CPC keywords with ease.

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15 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways to Find Long-tail High Paying CPC Keywords for AdSense”

  1. Hi Akshay,
    Finding long tail keywords with High CPC is not really easy. You mention here some awesome tips that will definitely help newbie as well as advance users to find some high paying long tail keywords.
    Currently I’m using Google Adwords and Long Tail Pro to find long tail keywords. Long Tail Pro is really awesome.

    1. Fakharuddin, yeah Long Tail pro is very effective in doing good keyword research.

      It’s a quite difficult job to find high CPC long tail ones. But once you learn the art, everything is easy.


  2. Good list of tools Akshay. I work with SEMRush most. Find it to be a very comprehensive tool.

    What’s your take on researching keyword for micro niche/niche sites? Do you recommend any specific tool for that?

    1. For doing niche keyword research, Google search and Google Keyword planner alone are enough.

      To do most effective keyword research, once inside the niche, I’d again recommend SEMRush.
      If the niche is less competitive enough, Google search, Keyword Planner these two are just enough to get you a sweet spot.
      If the niche has no competition at all, then content alone is enough.

      If Google has no content to rank for a niche, it should rank your content if it’s unique enough.


  3. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for sharing such an epic post regarding keywords along with video tutorial. No doubt Long Tail Pro is the remarkable solution for finding High CPC keywords for Google Adsense.

  4. Thank you for your good article. I have a question. I cannot get the hang of “buyer intent keywords.” I understand the keyword “buy giant-screen tv today for best price.” But how do you know about “giant screen tv” or “how to mount a giant screen tv on the wall”?



  5. Hello,
    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This article is very helpful to know more about SEO and search engine. one of the best thing that I was like in your post is your steps. you choose very carefully, This all steps are easy to understand and implement.

  7. Hi Akshay,
    Great ways to find Long-Tail High CPC keywords. Thanks for sharing with us.
    P.S. I just updated my blog look TutorialsFist [dot] com. Please do check and share me a feedback about the design. Looking forward to your reply :)!

  8. Hi Akshay,

    Well written article, by the way your article is ranking for keyword – how to find low cpc keywords – so this was not I was looking for.
    Anyway thanks for detailed article.
    Nice to meet another Digital Marketer, will be glad to connect if you have fb profile.

  9. Just want to know how and where to use high CPC keywords?
    what should I do after finding a high CPC AdSense keyword – Should I write a post related to that particular keyword or just include that keyword in a published post.

  10. I think you should include KeywordsEverywhere Google Chrome Extension in this list – it’s very useful and free – and also which i always use day and night

    1. Hi Om, thanks for the suggestion. This article is from 2015 as of now and not been updated with those tools. I’ll update it shortly and make it epic as it’s getting good traffic.

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