How to Get Back the Old Distraction-Free Mode on WordPress

Old mode

WordPress in its 4.1 update has removed the true distraction-free mode, that it had below 4.0 versions.

For many people, the new distraction-free mode is way more distractive, as the sidebars fly in and out when we move the mouse pointer, and the formatting toolbar is visible.

New distraction free mode

While you start typing, the sidebar automatically hides.

The old distraction-free mode was great. It would hide all the sidebars, and also formatting toolbar.

Personally, if you ask me, the old distraction-free mode was great for me.

The old distraction-free mode combined with the full-screen mode on Chrome (F11) was a boon for me.

I was easily churning out great posts in a matter of minutes.

Now with the introduction of new distraction-free mode from WordPress, I no longer write blog posts in WordPress. I use Microsoft Word and more recently Google Docs.

At the same time, I had been searching for getting back the old distraction-free mode functionality.

Finally, my search came to an end.

Thanks to gmazzap, for introducing how to trick back the old distraction free functionality.

He explained how to do it as a code-savvy, and also he introduced a plugin. The plugin he introduced is not yet introduced in WordPress repository.

The Github project is .

Copy the code

You need to copy the code.

Open up Notepad, paste the PHP code. Now save it as gm-fsdfm.php.

Save the PHP file

Now archive the file in the zip file. Name it as like “”

Zip the plugin

Your zip file should contain only gm-fsdfm.php.

Your plugin file is ready.

Go to add a new plugin to your WordPress dashboard. Click on Upload Plugin. Browse your zip file, click install now.

Upload plugin

Install plugin

Now activate the plugin.

Now you can go, edit any post. Therein, enter the old distraction-free mode.

Old distraction free mode

If you can’t find the button, check for screen options.

Voila! You got the full-screen distraction free functionality back.

There will be no settings menu for the plugin. You need not configure any settings. You need to just activate and bang.

I again want to thank  Giuseppe Mazzapica for the awesome plugin.

If you are still stuck getting the old distraction-free mode in WordPress, let me help you. Let me know in comments.

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