The Future of SEO Is Here: Reconsider Your Current Strategy


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The main fact about SEO is that, it is evolving ever since the search engines started. Likewise, there will be changes in the future of SEO.
Search engines are always trying to give useful results for the users’ queries. Search engines are becoming smarter day by day.

Current SEO strategies consist of building backlinks, on page SEO, social signals, etc. Now Google has a plethora of content on the web. But how does it differentiate between really good content, moderate content and poor content? Google is taking several steps to ditch shallow and poor blog content. That is why the Google Panda update and Penguin update were carried out.
Google adopted social signals as the main signal to rank blog posts.

Now you got a clear view of the current SEO trend.

Here goes the future of SEO

What’s the future? Should I reconsider my current strategy? You should. Reconsidering your current SEO strategy and adopting probable future SEO strategies, helps you in the long run.

Nobody knows when Google will adopt these reforms in SEO. So be ready.

Many may say that SEO is dying. I say:
“No! SEO is transforming and becoming better and less complicated.”

Here are the future SEO reforms by Google:

Fight for Top 1 not Top 10

With the growth of Google knowledge graph, fight for top one position in Google SERPs has begun.

Look at the below screenshot and you will get an idea about Google knowledge graph.


Google will display the summary of the information that you are searching for in the form of knowledge graph. Think about the other top 10 results! CTR of other results for the keyword will be reduced by 95%. Nevertheless, the CTR of the first result is increased by 150%.

Being listed in the top 2-10 results will be a waste in the coming  future. Fight for very first position in Google SERPs will begin now.

Google’s stress on user experience continues

From the past year, Google has been stressing greatly about user experience. Whether it is mobile or on page interactions of the user.

The Mobile users are surpassing the desktop web users. So optimizing your site not only for desktop users but also for mobile users is crucial.

In addition, on-page metrics like bounce rate, average page visit duration, link clicks and the scroll depth is of great importance. Google is now valuing content based on these interactions.

The importance of click-through rate continues

If the click-through rate of your blog post articles in SERPs decreases greatly, it means that your content is not what users are looking for.
Google takes in to account this metric to know whether your content is what users are actually looking for. And it affects the placement of your blog posts in the SERPs for keywords.

Click throughs that are obtained by users who search for your brand or blog name, carries more value. Like, if users search for this article by searching GoBloggingTips article on LSI keywords”.
Then it is a clear sign that blog post on LSI is of high quality. Brand searches carry much value.

You have to show Google that, your content is worthy by increasing click-through rate.

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Google Authorship Trust

Although Google Authorship is officially dead, Google is still taking authorship into account.

The focus of webmasters has turned towards improving authorship, ever since the Google adopted Google authorship in its search results. Now the focus is dim.

Google is considering the authorship trust score while ranking blog content.

Great involvement in Google Plus, participation in communities, sharing blog posts, obtaining more +1s will increase Authorship trust score.

Google Plus

Everybody’s calling Google Plus, as merely another social networking site. However, many don’t know that it is the extended version of Google.

With the introduction of Google Authorship, Google Plus has played a greater role in bloggers’ life.

Google will also take in to account the number of +1s while ranking blog content.

Google Plus has been transformed into a professional social network.
Keeping the future of SEO into account, I can say that,

“Google Plus promotional strategies, and maintaining a presence in Google Plus, helps you in the long-term. If Google brings any future transforms to SEO, then I bet Google Plus is the major one of them.”

Quality of social signals

The moment the bloggers realized that Google is also taking social signals as the ranking factor, they began to get fake likes, shares, and Tweets.

The future of SEO demands Google to consider the quality of social signals. Like it has done with Google Plus now. If a known spammer in social networking sites liked or Tweeted a post, it will not be taken into consideration.
If an authoritative, legitimate social site user liked or shared your content, then that will be given more value.

The future SEO slogan is “Quality social shares matter a lot.”

Personalized search results

You will often come across sites and blogs in the SERPs, which you often visit or bookmarked. Google personalizes search results based on the sites we visit, history, Google Plus activities, interests, and location.

When you search Google when signed in, you can see that your G+ circles dominate the SERPs.
In simple words, Google is trying to make search results more personalized and effective.
This trend will continue in the future.

By this, we can say that getting loyal readers helps in the long-term. To get this benefit, direct visitors are important. The direct visitors, who land on your blog directly entering the URL in the address bar, will more likely see your blog in Google SERPs.

Building loyal readers is crucial in this case.

Final words
By being more natural and following Google Webmaster guidelines, you will not be affected by Google future SEO trends. Google webmaster guidelines are updated more often with practices that you should avoid.

I am sure that the above is the future of SEO. Reconsidering your present strategies and implementing SEO strategies by considering the future of SEO will be better. Nobody knows when Google implements these.

If you think that any of these points is ridiculous, or if you have any SEO forecast reports, do comment. Meanwhile, share this article if it has helped you.

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3 thoughts on “The Future of SEO Is Here: Reconsider Your Current Strategy”

  1. Hello Akshay, nice strategy for future SEO. Today we all focus on quality of content but in future Quality of social signals also matters a lot. Keep updating stuffs like this. 🙂

  2. Nice article. I will be checking in frequently as I have just started my own blog. A few points I would like to add:
    Along with CTR, click back is also a big factor in the SERPS but I guess you covered that in terms of page depth. I have spoken to other SEOs who have reported getting organic boosts from tracking conversions and events in analytics. However, I also think the future of SEO is about optimizing for niche directories and social media platforms. If you get targeted, low bounce high CTR traffic from LinkedIn or Merchant Circle that can also help increase your rankings. Maybe the future of SEO has less to do with Google and more to do with finding your tribe across multiple socially active communities?

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