Actionable Tips to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging


Profitable niche blogging

The internet is overcrowding day by day. Webmasters are feeling the heat. They are feeling that there are no more effective niches, and all are tapped. This is untrue.

There are many untapped niches to choose from.

The hunt for most profitable niche is gaining importance. However, it’s not as easy as it seems.

Of course, this post breaks down the process.

Some of the questions that should be kept in mind before choosing a profitable niche for blogging are;

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. What sort of call to action can you demand from them?
  3. Are profitable monetization strategies or methods available for my niche?
  4. What’s the future scope?
  5. Is the niche evergreen?

Tips for finding a profitable niche

  • Stop now. Look around. Think of the most common problems people are facing now. Are they related to health or any other annoying problems?
    As I kept researching, I came across the niche “Jock Itch”.










  • Pick a niche that has affiliate products available. After choosing a niche, search in ClickBank, ShareASale, CJ and others. Look for the products that have a higher rate of commission per sale.
  • Look up in the content or index page of books related to a topic. You often encounter great niches as topics of the book.
  • Look up below the SERPs and related searches. You can find great sub-niches.
    Related searches


  • Always hunt for the niche that has profitable low competition long tail keywords. They are relatively easy to rank.
  • Search in forums. Head over to BoardReader. Just plug in the word “Health”. Search for forums. Search for the list of topics and subtopics.
    Here is an example, eHealthForum.
    Nutrition niches


This is just an example screenshot. If you head over to the forum you get lots of niches and sub-niches. Choose a niche that has lots of long-tail high CPC keywords.

You may make use of my all-time favourite tool SEMrush in the process of keyword and niche site research.

Leveraging Google Trends

  1. Make use of Google trends.You may already know that fitness and health niche is one of the most profitable niches for blogging.
    Google trendsGkp
    The underutilized feature in Google trends is the forecast feature. Google can present the forecast view of the thing you are searching by analyzing current trends and possible prospects.
  2. Take a note of regional interests
    Have you ever heard that the traffic from developed countries is better? Traffic from countries like US and UK convert better. They have great buying capabilities.Fitness niche regional interestIn Google trends, if you notice that a particular niche has a greater interest in developed countries, that’s a great indication that the niche is profitable.
  3. Look for variants in your niche
    Well, take “blogging” niche. Many say that it’s declining. But It’s not completely true.Blogging niche trendsContent marketing trendsLook for any “blogging” variants that are prevailing. Blogging is related to SEO and content marketing. Blogging done to convert readers to customers or buyers of your service or product is called content marketing.Considering variants is a great deal.
  4. Consider the future prospects of a newly introduced stuff.
    Android is one of the unknown terms, five years back.
    Some of the Webmasters and people knew that Android is going to hit the mobile market hard. It did.Forecasting the future of Android, many innovative Webmasters started building blogs and the sites dealing with Android. They are a great success now.Android niche trends
    Identifying future prospects and potential of a newly introduced stuff and acting immediately and wisely helps a lot.
  1. Pick a niche that suits your interests and passion
    Choosing a profitable niche that you are not passionate about is like hooking up with a job that you’re not interested inIt’s impossible to earn money, without quality content. Quality content is a must and should to earn money in every niche. Without passion in the niche, it’s impossible to deliver quality content to your readers. Choosing a niche that both suits you and is profitable should be your main motto while hunting for a niche.

Most profitable niches as of now

  1. Health and fitness.
  2. Viral content
  3. Technology niche
  4. Blog on Blogging
  5. Self-development

There is a reason why I choose health and fitness niche as most profitable niche.The Adsense CPC rates are much higher in health niches than any other niches.

The health and fitness consciousness has been growing rapidly among the masses.


Final words
There is yet a plethora of undiscovered profitable niches. Niche hunting is like treasure hunting. In fact, teaching how to hunt this treasure is also one of the profitable niches.

Let it be.

Niches change from time to time. Choosing a great niche, according to the trend is a great deal.

However, remember…
Chasing money rather than passion is a great way to fail.

“Passion first, money later”, should be the mantra.

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7 thoughts on “Actionable Tips to Find a Profitable Niche for Blogging”

  1. Hi Akshay,

    These are some really good tips. Research, Research, Research!

    That looks like what it all boils down too. I would even add research how you will market that product or service.

    I found a great niche that will be interested in a course I want to develop but it seems to be difficult to market to them online anyway. I could go to conferences etc but I prefer to target online first.

    The niches you mentioned are really good for profit but the competition is fierce! We we decide to get into any of those we have to be ready to go to work as I’m sure you know 🙂

    Take care Akshay!

    1. Hi Steven, thanks for the great comment.

      Blogging is like a rat race. Every SO CALLED profitable niche is overcrowded. Finding a niche which is untapped is of a great deal and effort.
      Passion is important, if you want to advance, you will advance and have to advance.

      Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Akshay,

    With the use of Google trends you may find the profitable niche for you blog but what about your interest?
    In my opinion people should start blogging with the niche they are interested in.

    You may find the perfect niche for your blog. It may be related to fitness, marketing and else but you will get irritated after few days if you don’t have interest in that particular niche.

    People should focus at their interested niche so that they can work hard with full dedication.

    Such an effective post.:)

    Enjoy your rest of the week.:)


    1. That’s a valid point Ravi.

      Chasing money rather than passion is a great way to fail at blogging. Speaks it all.

      Following passion will be beneficial in long run.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Excellent tips! Well, choosing a profitable niche is very important. Moreover, if one is passionate about the chosen niche, then it’ll be a profitable long term business plan. You have said wise words in the conclusion and I agree with you.

  4. Well done,
    One thing I would like to bring to your notice. Content writing, and Online research, are two different tasks requiring different mental abilities. If these two tasks are carried out by two different people, then the output maybe far more better. For example, in the game of cricket, we have seen Batsmen reaching peaks of World Records in scoring Runs, Bowlers achieve world records in taking wickets, and Wicket Keepers achieve in their respective specialisation. BUT, we Rarely see an All-rounder making a world record in terms of runs or wickets.
    In the same way, a writer may score highest in writing, and a researcher may reach the topmost level in research.
    There may be some exceptions, but it may apply to majority of the incidents.
    Thanks for the informative lesson on Blogging.

  5. Akshay thanks for the information you shared.Noted all the points

    What about the target audience? if bounce rate goes down then what strategy should be used?

    Again thanks for the information Akshay you shared.

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