How to Find Not Provided Keywords in Google Analytics

Find not provided keywords

Last year Google encrypted all the search terms. This is to protect the privacy of users. This is a great dismay for the Webmasters. Most of the organic keywords are now not provided.

At start, Google encrypted 70% of the search terms. But now, the percentage increased to 90%. Now the organic traffic section in the Google Analytics is cluttered with the keyword “not provided”. Now how can you know, for what term the visitor is landing on your page?

Even now, you also can determine the organic keywords by which visitors landed on your blog. It is easy with a simple hack.

Even though you can get these unknown keywords via Webmaster tools, you cannot determine the bounce rate, average visit time, location, browser and others with it.

You can find all those unknown keywords in Google Analytics. Back again!

The goal of this tutorial is to link Google Webmaster tools and Analytics to gain insights into organic keywords.

For this tutorial, you need to have Google Webmaster and Analytics account, as you may have expected.

Procedure to find not provided keywords in Google Analytics

Login to Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Go to Google Analytics. Under Acquisition, select Search Engine Optimization and click Queries.

You will be presented a screen as below.

Set up Webmaster Tools data-sharing

Click on “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing” button.

Now select the property, fill in the form as shown below in the image. Click edit below the last option (Webmaster tools site).

Link Google Analytics and Webmaster account



Now in the next window, you may have to select among multiple sites. Select the site for which you want to find not provided keywords and then hit save button.

Now you will be taken to the previous form. Hit save button there.

Now you can find all the keywords that visitors searched in Google for your blog. You can find those organic keywords at Search Engine Optimization section in Google Analytics. The keywords data is 2 days old.

The keyword data is imported from the Google Webmasters account.

In Google Analytics, more details are added to the keywords. Like landing pages, the bounce rate of organic traffic, etc. are added.
You can also add secondary dimensions to search queries. It helps you to gain an insightful view.

Now you have three features in Google Analytics unlocked. Queries, Landing pages and Geographical summary. All search impressions, clicks, positions for queries, landing pages, geolocation in order.

Final words
Google Analytics gives you an insightful view on organic traffic. Although data given is 2 days old, but it is highly beneficial to analyze your competition and improve your SERP visibility.

Many of the bloggers are even now stuck with “Not provided keywords” in Google Analytics.

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Hope this helps if you have unlocked the unknown search terms in Google Analytics.

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15 thoughts on “How to Find Not Provided Keywords in Google Analytics”

  1. Hi Akshay,

    Awesome trick you shared. I was finding out the same thing and you revealed. Really good research.

    keep sharing such good things.

  2. Hi Akshay
    This is one of the important point many blogger miss in their whole traffic campaign. They think it not their job to worry about not provided term.
    You well described the whole trick in very easy to understand term.

    1. Hi Muba, understanding the keywords for which your visitors are visiting your blog is important. It helps you in increasing conversions and make your SEO campaigns more enjoyable.
      By looking at the keyword for which you are ranking, you can later produce another related post to it, to get further boost by Google.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. hi

    I have followed your post and now i can see those key words on my analytics, Good simple to follow steps by you.
    Can you pl. address the following.

    1. How are these key words different from what we see under queries in webmasters.

    2. Few keywords are showing as being ranked in a particular position, which is first page, is there a way to know – in which country these key words ranked, i don’t see this in India.


    1. Hey Harish, the queries that we find in Webmaster tools is the same that we find in Analytics. But you can add parameters like bounce rate and others. So I can say that it’s webmaster queries reloaded.

      Keywords, average position is not accurate, it’s not updated daily. It’s for

      Thanks for commenting Harish 🙂

  4. Thanks Akshay for these wonderful tips, this is my first time and yes I was not aware of this trick the we can find keywords from google analytics like most of newbie bloggers only use google adwords for keyword research but you added one great keyword research tip

  5. Google analytics as a tool is helpful in meeting with various search patterns for webmasters. Its good that this tool is helpful in finding the non provided keywords.

    This tutorial has been helpful in providing users with step by step process in ensuring that they understand how to find the different keywords.

    The knowledge gained from this post can help ensuring that marketers get better control of the optimization process in organic search!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

  6. Hi Akshay hallur
    First time on your blog ,i found that how i also find not provided keyword in google analytics .thanks for sharing with us step by step guide .

  7. This was super helpful! Those not provided keywords were driving me crazy. I’ll be sure to share this post with my blogging community!

  8. Analytics keeps telling me “You haven’t verified any sites.” on my search console on webmasters. But i DO hace 7 webs there. Any idea how to solve this ?

    Thanks in advance,,,

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