Elements of a Perfect Blog Post: Post with Infographic

Elements of a perfect post

How to write a perfect blog post? What are the key elements of a perfect blog post? These are the common questions asked by most of the bloggers out there.

In this post, I will discuss the anatomy of a perfect blog post. What are all the elements that are necessary and elements that add value to your blog post?

Before diving into the content, let us know the definition.

So, what is a perfect blog post? How to define it?
A perfect blog post is the blog post that is having the following characteristics:

  1. High-quality unique content
  2. Great visuals
  3. Great design and layout
  4. Perfect typography
  5. Proper use of formatting tags.
  6. Sharable
  7. Loved by readers.

So, how to make these things possible?

I will discuss that exact thing in this blog post.

Key elements of a perfect blog post

These are some of the elements that are essential for a perfect blog post. Without any one of these, your blog post will be handicapped.

Proper structuring of a blog post with key elements, matters a lot both in user experience and SEO perspective.

Catchy title or headline

Ditch generic titles, here are magnetic titles. Great titles or headlines are essential to get readers read your blog posts.

A headline is the one that makes “make or destroy” decision of your blog post.

Using catchy words like secret, less known, killer, must know, and amazing stuff. Words like this hypnotize visitors to click on the title and read the rest of the blog post.

However, the blog content should also live up to the promise you have made in your blog post title or else you will lose your credible readers.

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Great introduction

You caught readers, to read rest of your blog post by the catchy headline. That’s okay.

However, as soon as your readers start reading the rest of the blog post, how to capture their attention?

The entry point of a blog post is very crucial. If the introduction is catchy and involving, then readers will bother to read the rest of your blog post.

An introduction is a place where in you make a bond between you and your readers. Readers will decide whether this blog post is for them or not.

The best bet for writing great introductions is to include probably common views between you and your readers.

The introduction has to make your topic clear.

Many of them suggest that the introduction should start with a story, question, fact or even quotes. These stories and questions should themselves make your topic clear.

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Images and visual

People love the visual stuff. People tend to share visual stuff. Choosing perfect images for your blog post matters a lot. Images should deliver abstract messages to your readers about your blog post.

However, images should not distract the attention of your readers. Remember that readers come to your blog post to read blog posts but not to see images.

Images also make your blog posts more sharable. People tend to share blog posts with lots of images and infographics. It is worthwhile to mention that including infographics in blog posts, go viral.

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The header tags that I’m talking here is about H2, H3 tags.

Headings should describe what your content is about in one line. You should tell your readers what your blog content is about and also for search engines.

Header tags play an important role in SEO. Including your main keyword in header tags play an important role.

Headings should be in hierarchical order.

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Content body

Contains the body of your blog post. The descriptive explanation about the title and the headings.

Goal is to make readers more involving and also to make blog content more useful and conversational.

In blog content, it is crucial to make proper use of formatting tags. Formative tags are speed breakers for speed readers and scanners.

Your content should be conversational as if you’re talking to a friend in person. You must interact with your readers, ask questions, crack jokes.

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Sharable quotes and share buttons

It’s also a good idea to make a phrase or sentence in your blog content sharable. There is a plug-in called RealTidBits PushQuote that allows you to do so.

It reminds your readers to share the useful blog content with their followers and friends.

Social shares conversion rate is very high in this case. People tend to share phrases and important sentences from your blog posts.

Getting more social shares is also very important. Including social share buttons both at the beginning and the end of your blog post content helps a lot. If you ignore social networking sites in promoting your blog post, then there will be no success.

Great conclusion

In other terms, wrap-up or final words.

These are the final words to tell in your blog post. It should contain the main points that you have explained in your blog post. It’s like takeaways.

It is the place where, you will place a strong call to action for your blog post. Whether it’s for commenting, sharing, subscribing, or others.

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Final words
Well, these are all the key essential elements of a perfect blog post.

Once again, the elements are: Catchy headline, great introduction, great image and visuals, great content, social buttons and sharable quotes and of course, a great conclusion. Proper use of these elements in your blog posts is very important.

If you’re including any other element in your blog post, which increases your conversions, shares, involve your readers to share.

If this blog post has really helped you, then share it and comment if you have doubts or questions.

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6 thoughts on “Elements of a Perfect Blog Post: Post with Infographic”

  1. Hi Akshay.

    Do believe it’s my first visit here. 🙂

    Nice to connect with you!

    You’ve shared some great tips that will benefit LOTS of bloggers struggling with blog post creation.

    Heck, I’ve been blogging 12 months now, and I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as ‘perfect post’.

    With that said, I always try to include the elements you’ve outlined to make my content as appealing as possible. I guess the rest is down to consistent practise.

    I dedicated months of time working on headlines – like you clearly pointed out, they’ll make or break your content.

    If our headlines don’t jump off the page and scream ‘Read Me’ – our content will go unread – period.

    Great post Akshay and your blog is looking awesome. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Have an awesome day!

    1. Welcome on your first comment, Kerry.
      As you said, Headlines make or break the content. With a ineffective headline, your content and hard-work will wash away.
      It’s also important to mention that content should also be upto the headline.
      Thanks for the appreciation. It made my way clear. Meanwhile your blog is awesome.

  2. Hi Akshay.

    That was a nice article. I think a key phrase was “ditch generic titles.” Yes, many are good, and provide great inspiration, but ideally our target audiences are not generic. We must speak directly to the reader.

    In fact, the idea of speaking directly to the reader inspired me this morning for the title of my next article, which I will write in the next day or two. There are too many generic titles online. It’s up to us to put them in the shade.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Great content with generic title, goes undiscovered. Content should live upto to the title.
      Best of luck for your next blog post. I liked your strategy to find topics to blog upon.

  3. Hey Akshay,

    Really good post. I agree with Kerry in that I don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a “perfect” post. What’s perfect to you may not be perfect to me and vice versa.

    I think we just have to write interesting content that appeals to our audience. Now, by far, I think the headline is the most important thing. I mean, that’s the thing that gets people to actually click on the post to see what you have to say.

    But as important as the headlines are the subheadlines because they help tell the story of the post … and it’s useful to alot of scanners out there who don’t read posts.

    Great share.

    – Andrew

    1. Hey Andrew.
      You are true that there’s no post called perfect post. It’s according to their perspective.
      Great headlines work great. Headings abdominal other subheadings should be arranged in a hierarchical structure.


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