EBoundHost Coupon Code Recurring 15% OFF with Review


EBoundHost is one of the best hosting providers out there. In this post, I will give an EBoundHost coupon code to get recurring 15% OFF with my honest review.

The strength of the hosting provider is based in its uptime.

EBoundHost boasts itself as offering hundred percent uptime.
It has maintained 100% uptime since 2000. (5,173 Days of Uptime).

The fact is that even the most reliable hosting service providers, experience downtime in bad times. Nevertheless, EBoundHost proves that the server can exist without downtime.

If there is 100 % uptime for your site, then it means that the Google rankings of your site will never decline due to server issues.

What are you waiting for? If you are searching for a reliable hosting provider EBoundHost is the best bet.

Select the best hosting plan that suits you. After adding the hosting plan to your cart, you’ll be offered to enter the promotional code as you can see in the snapshot below.



Use the click on the below coupon code and apply it to avail the offer.

Click on the above promo code or apply the coupon code in cart


Plans and pricings


There are several plans like unlimited, business, virtual private server, dedicated server hosting plans.

For starters, I recommend Web hosting unlimited plan as it is highly affordable.

Web hosting unlimited

Well, this plan is very suitable for starters who are at the beginning of the blogging career.

It offers you unlimited storage, websites per account and bandwidth.

You also get 24-hour free support and 90 Day money back guarantee.

As with any other popular hosting providers, EBoundHost also offers quick install services for various software and CMSs.


Above are the discounted prices for web hosting unlimited after applying the coupon code.

Business, Virtual private server, dedicated server-hosting plans

The same coupon is also available for all the above plans.


Business hosting plan is for you if you need anything more than that of web hosting unlimited plan.

In the unlimited plan, about 2000 websites are hosted on a single server. Whereas on the business plan server, only 120 websites are hosted. Due to this SQL queries, disk I/O, and e-mails are delivered RELATIVELY faster.

If you’d like to host your website on a private server rather than a shared server due to some reasons, then the virtual private server is the best bet.


Follow the same steps to apply promotional code.


If you own a huge website with a high amount of traffic, then dedicated server is a great deal for you.

Domain names are also available for registration in EBoundHost. The rate is too high. You can register a .com domain for $14.99 USD.


It offers 100% uptime and an awesome 24/7 customer support.

Before publishing this review, I contacted EBoundHost. They replied me blazingly fast within 10 mins.

However, there are helpline numbers and e-mails where the reply frequency is high. The support numbers and emails are (888) 554-9990, (847) 436-4678 and support[at]eboundhost.com.

You can also submit support tickets. You can set the priority of the ticket being issued by you. So that they can prioritize the tickets.

Promotional code: GOBLOGGINGTIPS

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Up to you

It’s up to you whether to choose EBoundHost hosting platform or not.

Well, I think I have provided my honest review and coupon code to avail a 15 % discount on all products of EBoundHost.

If you are an existing EBoundHost customer, then do share your reviews via comments.

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