Crocoblock Coupon – 10% Exclusive Discount for Readers (Nov 2018)

Crocoblock coupon

In this blog post, I’m going to present you Crocoblock discount code for getting 10% off.

Crocoblock is the best addon package for Elementor page builder. It adds additional elements and features the both of the Elementor free and the pro versions, and enhance your page building experience.

Earlier, in one of my previous posts, I reviewed Crocoblock and explained to you each and every feature the Crocoblock has got to offer.

Click on the below button to reveal the readers’ exclusive coupon code.

Crocoblock 10% Discount - Reveal

Crocoblock is an ultimate addon package for Elementor. This deal saves you 10%, click to copy the coupon code.

Crocoblock 10% Discount - Reveal

Crocoblock is an ultimate addon package for Elementor. This deal saves you 10%, click to copy the coupon code.

In short, the Crocoblock package comes with multiple add-ons like Jet Elements, Jet Tabs, Jet Blog, Jet Reviews, Jet Woobuilder, Jet Tricks, Jet Blocks, Jet Menu, Jet Tricks, Jet Blocks, JetPopup, JetEngine etc, that adds tons of functionalities to the most popular page builder – Elementor. The package also gives you access to Crocoblock’s theme called Kava Pro that comes with dozens of templates to be usable with Elementor. As of writing this blog post, there were over 30 skins and templates that come with Crocoblock.

  1. Jet Elements: It adds dozens of new elements the Elementor page builder. Some of the notable elements are the timeline, animated text, inline SVG, portfolio, pricing table, table, drop bar, to name a few…
  2. JetTabs: This plugin adds the ability to create tabbed content using Elementor page builder. It is more versatile than the built-in tabs element provided by Elementor.
  3. JetBlog: This plugin adds some blogging-specific elements to the Elementor page builder like post grid, post navigation, advanced carousal, post pagination, much more.
  4. Jet Reviews: It adds a review element to the Elementor page builder and enables you to create great-looking review content sections.
  5. Jet Woobuilder: It adds WooCommerce related elements to the Elementor page builder like a shopping cart, recent products, featured products, best sellers, individual products and much more.
  6. JetTricks: It lets you add JSON animations to the Elementor sections.
  7. JetBlocks: It adds block elements to the Elementor like breadcrumbs, login form, registration form, search, nav menu, logo, etc.
  8. JetPopup: With this, you can create popups to be used on your WordPress site.
  9. JetEngine: It enables you to manage custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes without any coding skills.
  10.  Kava Pro: This is a WordPress theme that Crocoblock offers with the package

With any of these Crocoblock plans, you get access to use all these add-ons and theme on your sites.Crocoblock pricing

If you plan to use the Crocoblock is only one site, it costs you $49/month or $79/month for unlimited sites. If you wish to get the lifetime access to the tool, it costs you $299 one-time.

The features provided by the Crocoblock is great considering the price. There are tons of features for you to play with.

Hope you liked my post on Crocoblock coupon and discount.

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