5 Super-Easy Ways to Create Picture Quotes for Blogs

How to create picture quotes

For the people to read your quotes or important facts, it’s essential for you to present them in the unique possible way. The information that’s delivered to your readers via visual medium is read more. In fact, visual images are remembered by people for a longer period than textual information.

The whole blogging is turning towards the visual aspect. Power bloggers and marketers are now spending thousands of bucks monthly to create infographics and visuals for their blogs. Why? It’s because, it simply works.

Including visual content is the best way to build backlinks for your blog.

Here in this post, I’ll explain you 5 super-simple ways in which you can create stunning quote visuals for your blog. In the place of quotes, you can also include facts or other data.

Using Photoshop or GIMP

Quote image

Above is the quote presented on the top of the background.

It’s not a mere background. You can notice the effect at the top-right corner the image. The whole background looks orange, matching the brand Neil Patel.

How it’s done?

First off, select a base background image. The image should be related to the quote you are writing.

The background image should be related to the quote you are writing.

Here I’ve selected the image of a forest pathway for the quote, “Smart work is the way to success. I use Pixabay for royalty-free images.

Open the background image in Photoshop or any other softwares like GIMP which support layers.

Photoshop color overlay

Create a new layer.

With the help of “Paint Bucket Tool”, fill in your color of choice. Now reduce the opacity of the layer containing the solid color. I’ve used the color orange as an example.

Now, create a new layer and select text tool to type in the quote.

Quote text

The quote text is enclosed inside quotation marks. The text is in upper case and standing out. I advise you to choose narrow font families like ‘Impact’. For writing the author of the quote, I use handwriting fonts.

If the color overlay, does not highlight the quote text, consider trying the darker version of the color. As you may have noticed in the above screenshots.

You can also include a rectangle as background for the text and reduce its opacity by little.

Instead of using the solid color as the overlay you can also use blur backgrounds. Here is the resource for best blur backgrounds for your graphics.

Blur background solid

Now it’s time to reduce the opacity.

Blur background reduce opacity solid

You can also use the background surrounding the main text.

In order to show the text prominently, you may want to change the background color, opacity, or decrease the brightness and increase the contrast under the ‘Image’ menu. You can also apply ‘bevel and emboss’ for the text.

Use Canva

Design with Canva

For quote images, I suggest you choose “Social Media” in Canva.

Social media canva

After that, upload your background image to Canva, by just dragging your image file. Move it to the canvas.

Now, choose Shapes from the “Elements” section. Choose a shape. I’m selecting Circle. Choose the color as black to suit the background. Reduce the transparency of the circle down to around 70. Align the circle to the center of the background by making use of guidelines.

Canva quote

Now select the text tool. Type in the quote. Change the font family, and colors accordingly.

Canva is the best tool, designed to help graphic designers and bloggers.Canva layouts

You can also make use of ready made layouts to further work on it.

That’s the power.

Use Befunky

BeFunky quote

Photo Editor – BeFunky

This is one of the tool, that’s very easy to use. The interface is highly user-friendly. There are a lot of options, effects, touch-up features, font families.

In the above image, I’ve used the default image, that is greatly visible in spite of the slight bright background. There are a lot of text styles to choose from.

It’s one of the great online photo editors, especially in order to create  quotes or informative images. It’s quick and easy. You can download the image in varying formats and quality.


It’s the best tool for creating quote images easily without any hassles.


Just head over to ReciteThis!

Type in the quote. It will generate some of the images at the bottom. You can just select the one that is great for you. Use the image.

You can use those images in your posts. And also in social media. It’s one of the simplest tools that you can use to create good quote images on the go.

Here are some other tools and power tips

There are plenty of other tools that help you create quotes easily for your blog and social media. Especially for sharing in Instagram or Pinterest.

The tools are arranged according to the effectiveness. Best of them are listed first:

Here are some tips that will get you valuable ideas to create a  good quote and text image.

  • Blur the background to highlight the text.
  • Reduce the opacity of the background.
  • Use complementary colors. The text color opposite to the background color tends to stand out.
  • Blend both bold typefaces and handwriting italic font families for great design.
  • For text, consider adding the outline, to make them stand out. As we do with memes.

Use these quote images on your blog posts, share them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. These kind of images, make readers read your content fully. The blog content appears attractive with good visuals and quotes.


I hope this blog post helped you to create stunning quote images for your posts and social media. If you got any tips please do share in comments.

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  2. Hi Akshay, Thanks for sharing this. Just wanted to ask that if we will use any of the above mentioned sites or app and then use the image in our blog , will there be any copyright issue? Or do we need to mention the same in our blog?

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