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2 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi,

    I am interested to post an article on your blog My article will contain 1 or 2 backlinks.

    I am wondering if you accept paid articles and what will be the charges for this?

    Ritesh Garg

  2. Hi Akshay!
    Greetings.I am as at present a blogger having website https://
    I wanted to do affiliate marketing and monetize. I am unable to effectively do.
    The reasons 1. There is not enough traffic. 2. Affiliate product selection is not optimal 3. Site optimization is not there (meaning SEO practices and other errors in
    analytics-google search console .
    You are available for the services, I believe. I do not have big resources.Surely I can pump in whatever revenue I generate.If you can give me a solution great. Get in touch with me. Regards Rangan

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