How to Choose Perfect Images for Blog Posts

Find perfect images

Choosing perfect images for blog posts kills most of our time. Choosing images that are relevant to the topic and indirectly conveying a message to the readers are also effective.

For example, in one of my previous posts, I had listed some of the cool WordPress plug-ins. In that post, I have not used the image that denotes WordPress plug-ins. Rather, I used the image of a glass of cool Juice. This image denotes cool. I have used this image because I found it effective and I could not find the image that denotes cool WordPress plug-ins in one image.

Look at this…

Choosing perfect images example 1

Or this…

Choosing perfect images example 3

What can you notice? Is there any perfect relationship between the image and the topic? Nope. However, the above images are more effective than images that denote the exact topic.

In the second example, you can notice that I have used the image of the magnet to denote magnetic blog post titles. Most of the bloggers search images that perfectly denote magnetic blog post titles.

In the second example above, the magnet represents blog title and the nails represent visitors who are attracted to the magnetic blog post titles.
These types of images help to form an emotional bond between you and your blog readers. These images convey messages to your blog readers according to their angle of vision.

How to search that kind of perfect images?

Search for those images that represent a part of a title, but not the whole blog post title.

For example, while choosing the perfect image for the post, “magnetic blog post titles“, I simply searched for the magnet in Pixabay.

Google for any similar blog post as yours. Observe what kind of images they have used in their blog posts. Now you get an idea about what kind of images you can use in your blog post.

Conduct royalty free image search for the image idea that you have found in royalty free image search engines like Pixabay, Freestock.

Another example,
If you are writing a post on “Rock-solid tips to become a successful blogger”, search for some “rock” images that represent stability.
For this very post, I searched for the word “Perfect”.

Pro tip: Use the image by looking at which reader clearly understands the point you want to convince. Your image should shout out to readers, “This is the exact post you are looking for”.

Once the reader understands that your blog post contains the exact content they are looking for, they tend to read the entire blog post thoroughly.

I can’t still find the right image

I also witness the situations where I can’t get the right image for my blog posts.

In those cases, I use Canva.

Blog descriptions

I got no idea, what image I have to use for the post, Blog Descriptions: Tips to Create Effective Ones.

I grabbed a background, and simply typed the keyword of my post in it.

You can also present text on the image in the form of light-box to give your image a more professional look.

Like this one,


Isn’t it simple?

If you can’t find the perfect image, you can always take your own. This guide will teach you how to take beautiful pictures that you can use on your blog. You need to be creative and witty enough to create a good image that stands out of the rest and attracts audience via social media.

Edit the images if necessary

As you may already know that royalty images have no restriction on editing and republishing. So you can edit your image so that it suits your blog post and topic perfectly.

You can use any free tools like Paint.NET, GIMP or any premium software like Adobe Photoshop. You can also use tools like Canva or DesignBold to make kickass images for your blog.

If the image does not reflect the topic on which you are blogging upon, just edit the image, so that it sends an abstract message to the readers about what you want to convey.

Observe this image…

Choosing perfect images example 2


  1. Resize the image, so that it matches the layout of your blog perfectly and as well as decreases the size of the image.
  2. After resizing the image, compress the image using free tools such as RIOT or premium JPEGMini.

Final words
Now your image is ready for upload, just upload the image to your blog or site.

An image that sends abstract messages and captures readers’ attention has the true potential to get direct visitors.
It also shows your imagination power, the way of thinking and, of course, the quality of your blog posts.

Hope you enjoyed this unique article on choosing perfect images for blog posts. Do comment and share if it has really helped you.

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10 thoughts on “How to Choose Perfect Images for Blog Posts”

  1. Yes, the strategies to pick an image for a blog post as shared in this article are very much revealing. I love the fact that one can actually concentrate on word or phrase of the title to choose the right image.

    This skill may not be that difficult but it can help choosing the right image from the right website. However, when choosing images online we should not forget attribution and copyright issues!

    I have left shared this comment in kingged where I found and voted this post

  2. LOL! I can’t imagine a blog using the wrong image or using an image that doesn’t have to do with the topic.

    I do not believe that it’s tricky and time consuming. There are numerous free stock website images online and bloggers/writers should be creative enough. Use Canva and PicMonkey to spice up your image, you don’t have to use Adobe Photoshop Cs2,3 or 4 to look your image professional.

    I found this post shared on, the IM social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  3. I think I saw the word ‘impeccable’ somewhere. OH yes, I think it was on when it was linking to this post of yours.

    The first time I heard that word, I had no option than to head straight to my dictionary. Hahaha!
    Having the right image for a blog post is something which of course shuldn’t be taken for granted at all.

    I spend more time on having the right image for a post than writing the post itself. Hahahaha

    1. Hi Emmanuel, the main thing in which most of our blogging time is consumed is in searching for images. Images that arises the question WTF in readers’ mind are also effective in some angle. 😉 So just don’t be too much obsessive about images.
      Thanks for stopping by, keep visiting.

  4. Hi Akshay Hallur! Thank you very much for sharing useful advices! Really Choosing right images for blog posts play an important role in impressing and engaging readers. I will spend more time on choosing the right images for my posts than writing the post itself.
    Have successfull blogging journey!

  5. Hi Akshay,
    Its the first time i am visiting your blog. The title itself impressed me. Glad to read this post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Great post. All of those aspects are important, however one thing I have learnt is try not make the image out-do the content. The content has been the strength of my blog, in terms of text and I have noticed that a few images I have added recently have probably had a negative effect in time spent on site by the average user.

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